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Svetlana Gubareva's description
Written by NovayaGazeta.Ru   
, 21 2004
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Svetlana Gubareva's description
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The Chechens at one point found some military identification cards, and tried to find their owners in the hall. Theyfound a general up on the balcony, but Icould not see what happened there. Ionly heard how Barayev said gladly: I've always dreamed of catching a general!

On October 25th, Barayev walked down the aisle next to us, and was talking on the cell phone. Judging by the tone, he was talking with some boss. Iheard him speak apologetically: Yes, we made a bit of a mess here in the hall, but well pick it all up before we leave. After this, black plastic bags turned up, and the hostages had to pick up thetrash.

At that time practically everyone in our section could talk on the cell phone. AChechen woman of about 45stood next to us, and gave anyone who wanted a cell phone, in spite of the prohibition. Shetold me how her husband had been killed, and her brothers, and how they had taken her 12-year-old son from school, never to be seen again. Thewoman told how she could not live this way anymore, and so she left her 5-year-old daughter with her sister, and came to the theater. There were two sisters, one 16and the other 18. Their relatives had no idea where they had gone, they just decided on the spur of the moment. Theradio broadcasts stated that the theater hall was full of the widows of dead Chechen fighters. Thiswas not so: there were a lot of young girls, 1618years old, who had never been married. Theywere amused at the fact that they were being called widows.

As far as Iknow the Chechens killed no hostages. OlgaRomanova, the girl they shot, was not a hostage.

On the evening of October 25th a man came in from the street. Justlike Olga Romanova, they dragged him into the hall and brought him to Barayev, who asked: What are you trying to do? Whydid you come? The man answered: I came because there is no information. I'm worried. Myson Roma is here. 'Yassir' said that there was a 10-year-old on the balcony named Roma. Theman answered that that wasn't his son, that his was older. Thenthey were shouting in the hall, looking for Roma. Theysaid his surname, but Ido not remember it. Since no one answered, the man was taken out of the hall. Iguess that they shot him, because there were shots heard rightaway.

At that time they moved the bomb right under the balcony. There was another bomb on the balcony, and they put them on the same fuse. TwoChechen women were sitting by the explosives. Itwas quiet in thehall.

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