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Poisoned by the government
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, 26 2008

Poisoned by the government Moscow commemorates 'Nord-Ost' victims


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Several hundred gathered in the square in front of Dubrovka to commemorate those who died during the terrorist attack. Among those present were many students who came with their teachers, as well as other youths.

On Sunday in Moscow they remembered victims of the attack on Dubrovka. Sixyears ago today was the tragic conclusion of the events of October 2326, 2002. Atheatrical center had been seized during a showing of the musical 'Nord-Ost'. 912people were held hostage. 130were killed, and more than 700were injured.

Organizers of the memorial event posted photographs of the victims on the wall of the theatrical complex, the former cultural palace of a ball bearing factory. People placed flowers and lit candles. Atprecisely 10am, the rally began with funeral music.

Co-chairman of the 'Nord-Ost' organization, Tatyana Karpova, the mother of a slain Dubrovka hostage, went up to the microphone:
It's very difficult to choose my words, it's difficult to stand here in this square, on these steps where, exactly 6years ago, our family and friends spent the last moments of their lives, where the surviving hostages were piled in heaps without determining whether they were living or dead. It's scary to stand here and see it all. Yes, the rescue operation went brilliantly, but can it be considered brilliant if we lost 130, among them 10children?

There was a minute of silence, and then the names of all 130victims were read. After that, 130white balloons were released into the sky.

Organizers of the rally never allowed bureaucrats and officials, also in attendance in the square by the Dubrovka theatrical complex, to approach the microphone. Dmitry Milovidov, a member of the 'Nord-Ost' organization's coordinating council and the father of two hostages, one of whom perished during the tragedy, explained why:

We aren't allowing government officials who were indifferent to the tragedy and the problems of people after 'Nord-Ost' (to speak). Havethem first solve the former hostages' problems. Thehostages need rehabilitation. Theyneed help. Seventy children who lost parents need help today. Theofficials overlooked them. Today is a Memorial Day, and those who want to help don't need to speak. Theymust prove by their deeds their relationship with the people, and their humanity.

It has been 6years since the deaths of the hostages, but victims still have not received answers to their many questions from the government. Whywere people not saved during the special op? Whyhave the results of the official investigation not been published? Whatwere the secret substances used during the storming of the theatrical center? Meanwhile, on the eve of the sixth anniversary of the tragedy, it has become known that the European Court of Human Rights made concessions to the Russian government to allow all confidentiality of all documents Russia sends to Strasbourg in response to complaints from the victims.

Sergey Karpov, chairman of the 'Nord-Ost' publish organization:

All our claims remain: there was negligence, carelessness, and our children were gassed. Theinventor of this killer gas was awarded the title 'Hero of Russia' for this wonderful operation. Allour claims remain. Theywere all made in Strasbourg. Weawait the start of our case. Wearen't allowed to speak. Lastyear they started making us sign non-disclosure agreements, and now the government of Russia approaches the Strasbourg Court, requesting that the 'Nord-Ost' hearings be conducted behind closed doors. Theyare shutting our mouths. Wealready know everything we need to know. Theonly thing we don't know is the composition of the gas. Thefact that it is poisonous and brought about people's deaths, this all is clear from documents in the case.

Who, in your view, bears the greatest responsibility for this tragedy?

Primarily the president. Whoever gave the order to use the gas, knowing that the gas was deadly and would affect children and adults and pregnant women. Theydidn't consider either the gas's composition, or its impact. Thepoint is the government poisoned its citizens. 130were killed there, but only 5from gunshot wounds. 125people were poisoned by the government.

About the situation now facing many who lost loved ones six years ago during the tragedy, attorney Igor Trunov said: At this time our claim against the government is, of course, for social assistance, social rehabilitation, and care. Thegovernment has neither been compelled by the courts, nor voluntarily offered, to provide anything. Prolonged assistance in situations where parents and breadwinners died, where children were orphaned, where people were disabled, is certainly needed. But, unfortunately, there is none. Elderly people who now must care for minors need financial assistance. Soquestion number 1is about social assistance and material support, treatment, supplemental medical care for those who were disabled as a result of terrorist actions.

The commemorative event on Melnikov Street ended with performances by singer-songwriters and poets. Thisis how those who came to the theatrical center on Dubrovka remembered this day on October 26th, 2008.

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