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A bureaucrat demands a dead persons autobiography
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, 20 2007

by Andrey Sergeev

  Workers for Mr. I.Togaibayev, the Karaganda akim (mayor) were very attentive when Svetlana Gubareva asked about a memorial plaque to be placed at the school where her daughter studied, and demanded the autobiography and work papers of the girl, 13-year-old Sasha Letyago, who died almost five years ago during the terrorist attack at Dubrovka

Without further commentary, we provide a copy of Svetlanas letter:

To Mr. I.Togaibayev, Akim of the city of Karaganda

On July 18th, 2007, Iturned to a representative of the Karaganda city monuments commission with a request that she study the question of placing a memorial plaque in honor of my daughter, 13-year-old Alexandra Letyago, who perished during the terror act in the Moscow theater on October 26th, 2002. The plaque was to be placed on the school building #38 in Karaganda, where she had attended school.

In reply, Ireceived letter G-279, dated August 6th, 2007, from a certain Abenova, who requested that Iprovide the following documents:

1. Apetition and protocol from an organizations general assembly, referencing points 1, 2, and 16of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, titled Nomenclature of administrative properties in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and in 2languages.

This law regulates questions on naming and renaming regions in a cities, squares, boulevards, prospects, parks, bridges, and other constituent parts of a city, and the changing of the transcription of their names, and points 1and 2referenced in the document are necessary in order to decide questions on the nomenclature of administrative properties. I am not petitioning for the establishment of a memorial plaque that will affect the nomenclature of administrative properties in the city, nor am Iasking that any constituent part of the city be renamed. In addition, the law does not require documents be provided in two languages. According to the law on languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan: in government organizations and local administrative agencies, Russian is to be used officially on an equal basis with the Kazakh language. Thus, it follows that the demand for the provision of documents in two languages is without authority, and violates of Article 5of the indicated law.

2. Anautobiography in two languages.

As Iindicated in my appeal, my daughter is dead, thus, it follows that she cannot provide her autobiography. The demand for documents in two languages, as Istated above, violates the right to communicate with local administrative agencies in Russian.

3 & 4. Copies of materials concerning a special service to the Republic, and a copy of work papers.

Alexandra lived but 13years. All that she managed to do in her life, her entire biography, can be stated in but a few words: she was born, she went to school, and she died. And this was clear in my appeal. Employees of the akimat (city hall), however, formally approached the examination of the request without even trying to understand the matter, so their bureaucratic reply has caused me additional suffering by reminding me yet again that Sashas life was so short that she never even was able to have work papers, or to do accomplice a service to the Republic.

Such an approach to the examination of my appeal bears witness to indifference bordering on cynicism, and is a display of bureaucratism. This violates of Point 2.4 of the Honor Code for government workers in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which states: not to allow the display of bureaucratism and red tape when examining appeals.

Does one need to mention how important the role of the public is in the struggle against terrorism? A memorial to what happened, solidarity with the victims of terror acts this is one of the important questions that will be discussed at a high-level meeting in Vienna this coming September, a meeting that was organized by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and to which Ihave been invited to participate. Visitors to the memorial site at http://www.nord-ost.org/ understand this they have left remarks on an article dedicated to Alexandra, calling for such a plaque. As an example, examine the actions of the local government officials in the Ukraine: at one mayors initiative, a plaque was placed at the school where 21-year-old Vladimir Savinkin studied before immigrating to the US. He died on September 11th, 2001, in one of the Twin Towers. His relatives never had to break through a wall of indifference and bureaucratism.

Mr. Togaibayev, Iam hoping very much that you will understand my problem. I beg that you intercede in this bureaucratism and red tape. Otherwise, Iwill be forced to appeal to higher agencies.

Your decision will decide whether Iwill have a chance to report to members of a worldwide organization the leadership of the OSCE, representatives of the UN and EU, members of government delegations from 56nations, and representatives of non-governmental organizations from various countries about cooperation or interference by bureaucrats.

Hoping for your understanding and assistance,

Svetlana Gubareva, former hostage.

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