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Svetlana Gubareva's description
Written by NovayaGazeta.Ru   
, 21 2004
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Svetlana Gubareva's description
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A woman journalist finally got through, and repeated Igor's words that they needed a neurosurgeon. Theydemanded to know information on the state of the patient. Igortook the phone and explained that the woman had penetrating injuries, which probably did not hit any internal organs, but the man, if Iam not mistaken, had been shot through the left side of the head and needed an immediate operation. After some time he finished his conversation, and they gave the phone tome.

Icalled the embassy; so Iknow exactly what Iam talking about. Itwas not right before the assault on the theater. Wetalked after 1A.M, and then sometime around 2A.M. right up to the moment of the assault.

When we called the embassy back, Sandy at first talked to an embassy representative named Barbara. Later they asked him to give me the phone. Hehanded it over, and someone named Andrey talked with me. Thiswas on the night of October 2526. Itold him that Barayev wanted to release the American hostages, and wanted an embassy representative to come. Andrey asked me: What time? Iwent to Barayev and gave him the phone. Theyagreed to 8in the morning. After this conversation, Barayev gave the phone back to me, and Andrey started asking questions, but all around me the other hostages started yelling: That's enough, you've been talking a long time. Later they asked for Sandy again, Igave him the phone, but the people shouted: Shut up! That's enough! You've been talking a long time already. The phone was taken from us after this, and we never talked with anyone after that. Thepublic was worried about any kind of provocation. People from the Kazakhstan embassy told me later that our ambassador had talked to Barayev, and had agreed to our release at 8A.M. on October 26th, 2002.

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