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How a Muscovite became a terrorist
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, 30 2013


The sounds of explosions have already been heard in Volgograd this year. InOctober, a female suicide bomber named Naida Asiyalova blew herself up on a public bus, killing seven. Another bomb went off near a highway patrol station. Those guilty of blowing up the bus have been named, but in order to understand why Volgograd has once again become a target for terrorists, it is worth knowing about the investigation and who these peoplewere.

Until this fall, it had been a long time since Volgograd had reports of incidents related to terrorist attacks. Thelast time was in 2004, shortly before Beslan, when a female suicide bomber blew up an airplane in route to Volgograd from Moscow.

Just this last October 21st (2013) bus number 29in Krasnoarmeysky region was driving along at full speed when an explosive device went off. Literally within a few hours, law enforcement agencies mentioned the name of suicide bomber: Naida Asiyalova, a native of Dagestan. Thefederal broadcast channel first showed her undamaged passport (photo), dressed in a hijab. Thenext day, however, the document was presented showing a different photo, which was singed by fire. Atthe time there was information that Asiyalova was literally torn to pieces, and a bit later that the organizer of the terrorist attack was her husband, Dmitry Sokolov, a young Muscovite who had converted to Islam and gone with Asiyalova in Dagestan, where her relatives lost track of him. Thisstory bears the marks of the Russian security services as we have come to know them over the past tenyears.

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Volgograd city oftears
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, 30 2013

: /Reuters

Suicide bombers committed recent terrorist attacks in Volgograd. There were three attacks over the past three months killing 37and injuring 143. Itis with a high degree of probability that we can state that the last two terrorist attacks were connected.

On Monday the second terrorist attack in two days was made on Volgograd the third in the last three months. Citizens are in a panic. Immediately after Monday's bus explosion, false information about a terrorist attack on a tram and on bus routes appeared on social networks. Inaddition, the Volga emergency center received several false calls about threats. Cityauthorities urge people not to panic, but celebrations involving children for December 31in the city are cancelled, and Volgograd Region Governor Sergei Bazhenov declared five days of mourning in the region, from December 30to January 3rd.

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New terrorist attack in Volgograd
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, 29 2013

New terrorist attack in Volgograd: 15killed in blast at railway station

ImageEmergency Situation message was received on Sunday, December 29th (2013). At12:45 pm a blast occurred inside the train station building in Volgograd. Theexplosion took place while someone was passing through a turnstile at the entrance. Theblast was so strong that all windows on the first and second floor were completely smashed.

Inside the train station at the time was a huge number of people Volgograd residents traveling on New Year's Eve some as guests, others heading home. There were additional crowds because several trains were delayed.

According to recent reports, 15people were killed and 27injured. Allemergency services are working on-site, and there are dozens of ambulances. Nochildren are among the dead, but a 9-year-old girl is severely injured. Police officer Dmitry Makovkin was killed. Theyare saying that he stepped toward the suicide bomber when she tried to run inside.

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November 2009wreck of the Nevsky Express
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, 27 2013

ImageOn November 27th, 2009, at 9:35 pm Moscow time, at kilometer 284along the Aleshina to Uglovka section of the Moscow to St. Petersburg rail route, an explosion derailed three cars of the high-speed Nevsky Express.

At the time of the accident there were 682people aboard the train 661passengers and 21railroad personnel.

The engineer stopped the train and immediately reported the incident to his controller, but assistance did not arrive until and hour and a half to two hours later because of its remote location.

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Is it realistic to believe that we aresafe?
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, 21 2013

ImageI cannot say that Isuffer from weak nerves these have been steeled after more than 10years in journalism. During this time Ihave lost track of how many crisis situations Ifound myself in, but nothing truly scary has ever happened.

I have never been so frightened for my life, or that of those Ilove, that Ihad to scrutinize the inside of a bus or subway car for explosive devices. Although for almost half a year since active preparations for the World Student Games began they have been calling on us to do this on public transport.

Trucks still park right next to public places without causing worry. Forgotten packages on the porch do not frightenus.

Right now there are so many alarming reports from Tatarstan, and so little reliable information, that putting together a coherent picture about what is going on, or believing that the situation is under control, is more and more difficult.

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