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Soldiers of the Caliphate leader was a Kazakhstani
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, 09 2011

ImageGeneral Prosecutor’s Office confirms the organization’s involvement in the Atyrau terrorist attacks. Investigation reveals details about the Atyrau terrorists.

Today, November 9th, the General Prosecutor of Kazakhstan unveiled details about the Atyrau terrorists, Tengrinews.kz reports.

“Arrested were 25-year-old Meyrambek Usabekov, 23-year-old Mirhat Kalkamanov, and 28-year-old Alimzhan Sagenov,” reported an official representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office. “They confessed in full to committing acts of terrorism. Discovered at an address indicated by Usabekov were two improvised explosive devices, which sappers destroyed in a controlled explosion at a safe location. Investigation has established that the terrorist group was formed in 2009under the influence of jihadist ideas, including those of extremist preacher Sayeed Buryatsky, who was killed in the North Caucasus. Thegroup’s members harbored the intention of leaving for jihad abroad. In2009, the criminals put together five explosive devices. Thenecessary components were purchased from pharmacies and markets in the city of Atyrau. Tests of the devices were carried out in deserted areas. InSeptember of this year, the group established contacts with members of the terrorist organization ‘Soldiers of the Caliphate’, which was created in the summer of this year by Kazakhstan citizens Rinat Habidolla, Orynbasar Munatov, and Damir Znaliev for the purpose of unleashing jihad within Kazakhstan. These persons are now hiding in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region and are involved in fighting. OnOctober 25th and November 1st, Rinat Habidolla, the leader of the organization, issued a statement on the Internet making threats against Kazakhstan, and taking responsibility for the terrorist attacks in Atyrau. Weare reporting that investigation has confirmed the involvement of ‘Soldiers of the Caliphate’ in these bombings. According to testimony from the detainees, it was from members of that organization that they received instructions to carry out terrorist attacks in the (Kazakhstan) Republic. Atthe end of October of this year, the gang began to implement a plan of action to intimidate law enforcement and government agencies, in which they decided to carry out bombings near the Akimat and the offices of the Prosecutor General for the Atyrau region. Inthis case the organizers of the bombings were not trying for human casualties.”

On October 31st there were two explosions in Atyrau, one of which was a suicide bombing. Thesuicide bomber was 24-year-old Baurzhan Sultangaliyev, who was raised by a religious stepfather, according to a special correspondent from Tengrinews.kz. ‘Soldiers of the Caliphate’ took responsibility for the terrorist attack in Atyrau that same day. Investigation into the case was at first classified, but on November 7th, the General Prosecutor’s Office announced the arrest of the gang suspected in the bombings. Thegroup members, according to investigators, manufactured bombs for the purpose of “frightening law enforcement and other government members.” Sultangaliyev was a member of the above named group, and, according to prosecutors, he was killed due to an insufficient knowledge in the field of explosives, as well as careless handling ofsuch.

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