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2011/11/12. CityofTaraz
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, 15 2011


         At 10:30 am on Saturday, November 12th, according to official information from a briefing given at the Zhambyl regional office of the Interior Ministry, Kariyev was driving a Mazda automobile that he had seized from its owner, a Mr. Zabirov.

From there the terrorist proceeded to the Makeh sporting goods store, located on Kazybek-bi Street. Apparently he drove rather slowly, because he spent about an hour covering a distance that general takes about 10minutes. Hearrived at Makeh, according to police, at 11:20 am.

It was here that first blood was spilled: using a sawed-off 16-gauge shotgun, the offender first shot Vyacheslav Fedosenko, the store’s security guard, then mortally wounded Nurgali Nurazbekov, a customer in the store, with a shot to thechest.

From here the killer headed toward the train station, but at a railroad bridge he abandoned the Mazda and continued on foot along railroad tracks until he arrive at a store called At Uncle Vitya’s Place, still known to local residents by its previous name, Volna, located at number 2Prmanova Street (formally known as Technical Street). Herehe took a VAZ 21099car owned by a Mrs. Sadykova, and drove it to his home at number 34Lukmanov Passage.

Approximately 800meters from his home, Kariyev somehow “made out his tail” a surveillance team from the Zhambyl regional office of the Kazakhstan Security Service, made up of officers Sergey Kasyanenko and Mukhtar Haliyev and shot them from his vehicle, apparently using the weapon that he had taken from the sporting goods hunting store, which investigators determined from three bullet wounds the security service officers received. Itwas not clear if this occurred before or after he managed to return home and grab a grenade launcher.

Police did not state the exact time of the attack, but at about 12:00 to 12:10, Kariyev was already writing the next paragraph of his murderous path he was at the intersection of Lukmanov (on which he was driving) and Baitursynov (formerly Gresovskaya), and, according a salesman at a nearby store known as Dulat, he opened fire on two police sergeants Polat Ayankulov and Zhaksybek Bayseytov using the sporting goods store Saiga hunting rifle literally riddling them with bullets. Theterrorist here was rewarded with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a Makarov pistol.

According to witnesses, the terrorist then aimed the assault rifle at the crowd, and then his bazooka at a passing, passenger-laden bus. Apparently he decided not to shoot, and instead drove to the regional department of the Kazakhstan Security Service, located on Koshenek Batyr Street (formerly Kolkhoz, and later Sukhe-Baatar). Thebuilding is a only stone’s throw from the city main square.

It is possible that this was one of the main targets of the terrorist. Using the grenade launcher, he fired twice on the second floor of the Security Service building. Thiswas about 4050minutes since after had stolen the car, rearmed himself, and killed six people.

Leaving the empty grenade launcher by the Security Service building, he got back into the car and drove towards the district Akimat, but near the Theater of Drama (in the very center of the city of Taraz), just past the Triumph store, the culprit left the car and continued on foot. Ahorse-mounted police patrol soon caught up withhim

It was now 12:45. According to witnesses, the “young, husky, beardless Asiatic man in blue coveralls aimed an assault rifle at the two mounted police officers.” He fired. Ahorse and rider tumbled to the ground. Theoffender demanded that the second police officer provide him with the other horse. Again a shot Fortunately, both police sergeants Kurmanbayev and Moldakasov survived. Allof this took place on Radishchev Street near the district council building.

At about 1:00 pm the terrorist continued. Afew minutes later he was at the intersection of Abay (along which was proceeding on foot) and Kazybek-bi. Herethe traffic police overtook him. There was more gunfire, during which a Sergeant Alash was wounded. After firing several times, Kariyev pulled out a grenade. Atthis point, Police Captain Gaziz Baytasov, commander of 1st platoon of a detached traffic police battalion, jumped him, knocking him to the ground. There was an explosion

By Galina Vybornova in ‘Vremya’

 Captain Gaziz Baytasov (date of birth April 3rd, 1971)
He was commander of the 1st platoon of the detached traffic police battalion, Interior Ministry. Hebegan his service in 1992as a highway patrol inspector in the city of Dzhezkazgan. Hisrecord lists 25commendations and a medal “for meritorious service with the Interior Ministry”. Heleaves behind a wife and three children.
For his heroism, Captain Baytasov has been nominated for a national-level award by the leadership of the Interior Ministry.

 Senior Sergeant Polat Ayankulov (date of birth February 25th, 1983)
He was a senior platoon sergeant in the Zhambyl region police rapid response team with six years of service in public safety. Heattempted to block Kaliyev on the road and died from the terrorist’s bullets. Heleaves behind two children.

 Sergeant Zhaksybek Bayseytov (born April 27, 1980)
He was a platoon sergeant in the Zhambyl region police rapid response team, but only managing to serve two years. Never received a commendation from the service. Heattempted to block Kaliyev on the road and died from the terrorist’s bullets. Zhaksybek leaves behind a daughter.

Senior Lieutenant Sergei Kasyanenko
He served with the Zhambyl regional office of the Kazakhstan Security Service. Hewas conducting surveillance of Kariyev and was shot by the terrorist. Kasyanenko leaves behind four children, the oldest of which is not quite 5, while the youngest twins are not even onemonth.

Senior Lieutenant Mukhtar Haliyev
Served with the Zhambyl regional office of the Kazakhstan Security Service. Hewas conducting surveillance of Kariyev and was shot by the terrorist.

 Vyacheslav Fedosenko (born in 1949)
He was the security guard at the Makeh sporting goods store. Thismodest and good-natured fellow had long been one of the Zhambyl region's top hunters, and lately had been working in store. Hewas gentle, kind, and sympathetic. Hewas shot dead during the terrorist attack on the store, and leaves behind a 21-year-old son, Maxim.

Nurgali Nurazbekov
He was a customer at the Makeh sporting goods store. Hewas mortally wounded in the chest during the attack on thatstore.

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