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Impotence after the acts of terror
Written by /Natalya Fomina   
, 09 2005
            130       .
'Noviy vestnik'

Former 'Nord-Ost' hostage Svetlana Gubareva's, together with women from Beslan, took part in a protest in front of the Russian Attorney General building, during which the participants were arrested.

Last week Svetlana Nikolaevna returned from Moscow. Shehad gone there to take part in memorial activities dedicated to the tragic events at Dubrovka, where her daughter and fianc perished.

            130       .Traditionally, on the anniversary of the terrorist attack on 'Nord-Ost', we travel to all the cemeteries, said the Karaganda resident. Then we go to Dubrovka. Atthe remembrances we walk past a tablet with the names of those who were killed. Ibarely saw anyone walk by the monument that the Moscow city government erected. Among ourselves, we call it a monument to impotence. It’s like the joke: one has to go somewhere while the cake is still fresh. InOctober of 2002, it had been a year that the musical ‘Nord-Ost’ was on the stage. Agroup of sculptures had been planned to celebrate this anniversary, but then the tragedy occurred. Themoney had already been budgeted, so they edited the monument a little and dedicated it to the hostages who died. Thecity government refused to put a plaque on the monument, so it turned out to be a faceless one. Fora long time we tried to get a plaque, and though Moscow refused to budge, the region where Dubrovka is located decided to make a concession. Amemorial plague was created, but it would hang on the building itself. Thisis why all our remembrances were held at the Dubrovka building, and not by the monument. Weread a letter to Putin at the observances. Wedemanded that they finally put an end to the lying and conduct a fair investigation, so that the guilty are punished. There are several sites on the Internet that collected signatures. WhenTatiana Karpova read our letter to Putin, it was funny to observe the administration's representatives.

A woman official was handing out carnations. Theydescended the steps, walked around our large company and headed single file to the monument to lay down their flowers. Theyhad to do this at the government's monument. Nevertheless, all the attention was on us"

After the remembrances at Dubrovka, on October 27th, Svetlana Gubareva together with others victims from 'Nord-Ost' went to the Russian Attorney General's building in support of a protest by Beslan residents. Thiswas the first protest by the 'Voice of Beslan' committee. Thewomen had recently quit 'Mothers of Beslan', which suffered internal strife because some of the women who lost children had joined a religious sect by the faith healer Grabovoi, who was promising to resurrect the Beslan children. The new organization 'Voice of Beslan' has less than 50members, and besides the mothers now includes men who lost loved ones at School No. 1in Beslan.

  ( )  -,    -     .On the 27th, at 12noon, Iarrived at Bolshaya Dmitrovka, continued Svetlana Nikolaevna. The Beslan people were already there with picket signs. Iespecially liked one that read: The Russian people, not Putin, should know the truth about the terror acts. Ioffered to hold this long placard with Pavel Finogenov (who lost his brother at the Dubrovka tragedy author), since we think a lot alike. Wewere standing next to the Beslan people, near the fence around the Attorney General's office. DimaMilovidov (whose daughter died at Dubrovka author) was alsothere.

We stood there for a half-hour. ThenI noticed that the policemen were making a fuss, and Iknew something would happen soon. Apoliceman came up to us, and he started to ask who give us permission, who organized the protest. EllaKesayeva had filed for a permit from the very same Attorney General's office, but it was explained that we were only allowed to hold the protest somewhere else, by the Investigations Directorate, which is far from the Attorney General's office itself. TheBeslan people, however, weren't told about this. There were eight people in the protest, and a lot more journalists. Itwas amusing when the policeman with his bull-horn walked up to our little group, turned it on and tried to say something. Wewere deafened, and couldn't make out a single word, just a roaring in our ears. After this the police got more active; they weren't ashamed to arrest us. Pavel stood at the very edge, followed by myself, Ella Kesayeva, and the other Beslan people. Theystood holding placards and were responding to the reporters' questions. RenTV asked me why Icame. Iexplained that Ibelieved that Beslan resulted from there never having been a real investigation into 'Nord-Ost', and that they were trying to silence Beslan in the same manner, and that no one is insured against something like Nalchik happening, or even worse. Apoliceman told us that we had to roll up our signs, and Itold him that Icouldn't even lower my arm: he was standing so close, while the journalists jostled me from behind. Hestepped back two paces, and we rolled up our poster. After this, he demanded Pavel's papers. Pavel produced his passport. Thepoliceman took it and led Pavel to a police car. Thenhe walked past me to Ella Kesayeva. Hetook her, another woman, and Dima Milovidov and set them in the vehicle, four in all. Iremained standing on the street; Ididn't know why. Atfirst Ithought that it wasn't fair that Iwas singled out, but later Idecided that Ireally didn't want go to the police station. Icalled my lawyer and explained the situation. Atabout 2P.M. we found the four being held at the Tverskoy police station.

At the station they filled out criminal complaints against the arrested persons, but afterwards they apologized to the protesters and released them.

Now 'Voice of Beslan' and 'Nord-Ost' are joining with other organizations of victims of Russian terrorist attacks. Therelatives of the dead from the apartment blasts and assaults on 'Nord-Ost' and Beslan wish to fight for their rights, and obtain from the Kremlin the truth about these tragedies.

Natalya Fomina

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