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Panteleev, Denis
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, 03 2007
Age 26; Russia, Saint Petersburg.

On October 23rd, 2002, Denis was coming back from his latest business trip to Moscow. Healready had his tickets to Saint Petersburg, and had a few hours to kill before leaving. Aticket agent in a box office in the subway suggested a modern musical.

Everything, it seemed, was goingwell.

Denis called colleagues from work about the seizure of hostages, but he did not worry any of his relatives. Heis always that way protecting his lovedones.

He passed through life so easily, always accompanied by good fortune and everything he tackled turned out for thebest.

Denis read a lot, loved to sketch, and in school had been a swimmer in the Olympic reserve. Hegraduated from a special high school of mathematics and physics and the Admiral Makarov State Academy, and was a pors-graduate student. Hehad just finished defending his master's of science dissertation and was working as head of the new technologies department.

No one had any doubt about his great prospects.

Denis had bright, radiant eyes, and a kind and friendly smile, which remain in forever in many people's memories.

If you had only known how happy he was at the birth of his daughter and was always telling everyone: I have one beauty of a daughter! We all hoped that she would grow up to be clever, just likeDenis.

In his short life, Denis was in many lands, working on Russian ships and for foreign companies, and had been on business trips a lot recently.

We still cannot believe that our Denis is no more. Hesimply left for a long while, and will certainly return.

Written by the parents of Denis.

I remember Denis when he was still a cadet. Henever crept forward, but studied and studied extremely well. Wehad been meeting regularly lately about his dissertation, and it was very interestingwork.

You know, he was one of the few young persons Iwas able to talk with as an equal, and sometimes Ifelt that he knew much more than Idid.

Iremember how in September he came running to me, glowing with joy: Nikolai Ivanovich! Ihave a daughter! Iasked him then: You probably wanted a son, an heir? But he smiled and replied: Whatever do you mean? Adaughter is even better!

He had everything for a life full of happiness.

Written by N.I.Denisenko, professor, doctor of technical sciences, and Denis's science director.

It is very hard to speak (write) about Denis in the past tense: he lived, dreamed, knew, rejoiced and not so much because he tragically lost his life on that awful day, but more because it had just started!

All the important things were still awaiting him his work, which was interesting and needed by everyone, the happiness of being a loving father, son, brother, and true friend!

In his 26years he, perhaps, was able to do a lot he laid the foundation of work with good prospects in practical ecology, writing and bringing into practice a host of projects to reconstruct areas in various regions of our nation (including in the Chechen Republic). He actively worked in developing partnerships with colleagues in other countries, such as Finland, Sweden, and England.

His brilliant capabilities, outstanding education, intelligence, and humility, his ability to choose worthy goals in life all of this distinguished Denis from his peers. Thanks to this quality he turned out to be a true leader among his companions, and earned the respect of his colleagues at work.

All of this highlighted the horror of the tragedy at Dubrovka! Deniss life and many others were torn asunder

We share the grief of his family and loved ones. We will remember Denis and those who were with him during those fateful days and left us forever

P.S.At the request of the friends and colleagues of Denis, a new specialized vessel for cleaning up accidental oil spills in the port city of Saint Petersburg will be named for him.

Written by Evgeny Bugayev, ex-manager of the ecologic safety department of ECO Phoenix Holding, Inc.

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1. Written by website, on 13-03-200718:24
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2. Written by Stuart Paul, on 30-03-200719:02
Denis was a friend above all friends. Istill cannot believe he is not withus.
My first visit to the beautiful City of St.Petersburg came as a result of his invitation whilst working on ships in the Port of Falmouth, UK. Ifirst met Denis when he wanted to know where he could get a newspaper. Onhis return he invited me to see his work in the ship. Itwas as if we had known each other for yearsthat was the kind of person he was; and it started a friendship which was to last. Denis was a very caring and loving person. Hehad that rare gift to love everyone he met, which is heaven sent; and everyone loved Denis in return.
The arrival of a baby daughter brought so much happiness to him and Iremember his excitement on the telephone. Denis would call from time to time; just to keep in touch and to make sure Iwas alright. when are you coming to St.Petersburg again was at the end of nearly every call. Caring and interested to the veryend.

I agree with Denis's parentsthat he had bright radiant eyes and a very friendly smile which would remain in the minds of everyone who knewhim.

In losing you the world has lost a very special person but the memories of you will live forever in our hearts. Denis, my special friend in St.Petersburg; Iwill
remember you always stay close tous.
May God Bless you and keep you safe until we meetagain.
3. Written by The Mission to Seafarers, Falm, on 30-03-200722:17
May you rest in Peace and rise inGlory.

We will always remember the story of when Denis went on board a ship with Stuart and sold telephone cards to the Russians. Theysaid to him you speak russian well where did you learn They then asked him does he work for the Mission to Seafarers and how did he get the job. Iknow the right people said Denis. how much do they pay you they asked. 300. said Denis, a week or month they asked oh, said Denis, a week of course And another time when Denis went with Stuart to visit a ship at anchor. TheRussian Captain said to Stuart your friend has a bright future ahead of him Sadly, in 2002, that came to anend.
The Captain's son, Sergey, is a cadet at Admiral Makarov Academy.
4. Written by , , , on 29-12-200714:37
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5. Written by Sergey Morozov, on 13-03-200816:32
It would not be desirable to speak about Denis, that Iremember him, it would be desirable to tell, that Iknow him like a real friend. Acquaintance in the beginning of study in SMA, 5years of co-education, the further attitudes many things took place in our friendship: both pleasant events, and funny cases, and ridiculous situations which we could recollect with a smile long time after. Denis had mach to offer for others in friendship, demanding nothing in exchange. I, as well as each person, had secret ideas and feelings which Icould share only with him. Itis very important, that everyone has such friend in hislife!
Denis was very versatile person: he was like perpetuum mobile eternally hastened somewhere, ran, constantly was in whirlpool of events, affairs, ideas, and at the same time like easy intellectual interlocutor. There was a feeling, that he hurries up to live and afraids not to be in time to do something.
Nothing foretold to fast tragedy in our last meeting we perfectly spent time with our families; Denis shared his plans and hopes with me, inspiring me with optimism, and Idid not doubt, that it quite realizable. Itis a very pity, that such young, cheerful, perspective fellows leaveus.
Ihave got to know about Denis's death not right away; it was very difficult to believe in it at that time, and till now Ihave a feeling that it is necessary to ring up him once again since last time he has not pick up the phone for some reason.
Written by , on 25-01-201902:50
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