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Video dedicated to the 10th anniversary
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, 29 2012

Video dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Dubrovka tragedy

Every year on the website we list information appearing in the media on the anniversary of the tragic events. Thisyear we decided to depart from this tradition, since all national media outlets ran articles on the remembrance date. Thebelow is far from being a complete list of programs and articles linked to their original sources. Thisinformation is divided into three parts: video, film and audio.



“Nord-Ost 10years later” on the “Let Them Talk” television program, broadcast October 18th, 2012. ‘Nord-Ost’ hostages in the studio talk of whom they thank for their rescue and how they have lived over the last tenyears.
Experts on the show:Yelena Mizulina, chairman of the Duma committee for family, women, childrenYevgeniy Achkasov, member of the Russian public council,Natalya Karpovich, attorney and social activist,Sergei Goncharov, deputy chairman of the security committee for the Moscow city Duma,Franz Klintsevich, deputy chairman of the Russian defense committee,Anna Shafran, radio broadcaster,Viktor Erofeyev, writer,Alexei Filatov, vice-president of the ‘Alpha’ veteransgroup.


“Central Television”, broadcast October 21st, 2012.
The people who spent two days in the booby-trapped auditorium at the Dubrovka theatrical center bomb remember the horrors.


“Nord-Ost. 10years later. Eyewitnesses to the tragedy.” Program broadcast October 24th, 2012.
In the studio:Former ‘Nord-Ost’ hostages and relatives of deceased victimsIgor Trunov, attorney for the victims and relatives of the deceased victims,Alla Danko, announcer for “Central Television”,An ‘Alpha’ security force group veteran, as well as some OMON (SWAT) team policemen who participated in the storming of the theater,Andrei Baranov, deputy editor of the policy for Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The program includes exclusive footage and unique interviews with Joseph Kobzon, Italian journalist Roberto Scarfone, security force group veterans, and much more. Init we try to get answers to the main questions: was it possible to prevent the terrorist attack, why was an assault needed, and why people who survived ‘Nord-Ost’ are still searching for thetruth.


“THE DZYADKO 3” (Tikhon, Timofey, and Filipp Dzyadko) television program, broadcast October 25th, 2012: “Nord-Ost 10years later: questions without answers”. Journalist Mark Franchetti, witness to the tragic events at Dubrovka, enumerates the main questions that still remain unanswered.

“RAIN MAN” program, broadcast October 26th, 2012: “"Nord-Ost a mystery for Russia, just as the Kennedy assassination for the U.S.”
Svetlana Gubareva the former ‘Nord-Ost’ hostage lost her 13-year-old daughter on that day, as well as her fiancé. Inan interview with journalist Mark Franchetti, Svetlana tells how for 10years she has been fighting for the right to know the truth about the terrible tragedy: the terrorist attack at Dubrovka and guilt of the Russian security services in the incident.


“On the verge” program, broadcast October 22nd, 2012: “Who should answer for ‘Nord-Ost’?” Dmitry Milovidov, father of two Dubrovka hostages and activist for the ‘Nord-Ost’ organization, talks how relatives of the victims plan to continue to fight for the truth that has been covered up by the authorities.


“Beyond Nord-Ost”, broadcast October 24th, 2012.

One is struck by the lies in this unprofessional film, such as:
“From the top of this granite stele three swans soar into the heavens, taking with them the 135souls that perished in the terrorist attack on Dubrovka”
actually the stele depicts cranes, and there were 130dead.
“The single aim of their actions was the collapse of the nation” in reality, they stated that their goal was the end of the war; the war was ended anyway, but only muchlater.
“There were eighteen, eighteen female suicide bombers” even according to official data, there were 19(though Isaw with my own eyes 23female suicide bombers).
“Arbi Barayev didn’t want to talk with anyone” but how could he, if was killed on June 23rd, 2001, more than a year before the hostage-taking in Moscow?

There are plenty of other “pearls” in this video, but there is no point is listing them all. The“crowning creation” of this video could be considered the long ago refuted fabrication, that the hostages were slowly dying from the lack of food, water, andsleep.


In “Novaya Gazeta”

On RT RussianTV

On Moscow-24 municipal information web portal

Video from radio “Svoboda”:

“130 balloons in the sky over Dubrovka”, from October 26th, 2012

“10 years of tragedy at Dubrovka”, (a decade-long chronicle) from October 22nd, 2012



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