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Major terrorist attacks in the North Caucasus in 2012
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, 19 2012

  On August 19th, a suicide bomber attacked the funeral of a police officer killed by gunfire the previous day. Theblast killed seven and injured another 11. Allof the dead were employees of the Interior Ministry, while the wounded were civilians who found themselves near theblast.

On the evening of August 18th, two masked men entered a Shiite mosque in the Dagestani town of Khasavyurt and opened fire on the congregation. Eight people were hospitalized, two of them in intensive care. Later, one of two bombs planted in the mosque went off. Asecond bomb was successfully deactivated.

On August 9th, unidentified persons fired at police in the Botlikh region of Dagestan, killing three officers and wounding one. According to the press service of the Interior Ministry, bandits fired on police from a forested area after police went there to check information on armed men in the vicinity of the village.

At 12:40 pm on August 6th in the October district of Grozny, two explosions took place at the entrance to the Voentorg military store. Twosuicide bombers had set off devices of as yet undetermined power. Theblasts killed three soldiers from the Russian Interior Ministry, and wounded another three. Parts of a suicide belt were taken from thescene.

On May 3rd two powerful explosions rocked the Dagestani capital of Makhachkala. Atabout 10:20 pm Moscow time, a suicide bomber blew up his vehicle bomb near a police post on the outskirts of Makhachkala, towards the Stavropol Territory. Theblast took place when a Lada Priora was stopped for document checks. Theexplosion set fire to the police post and surrounding area. Atabout 10:45 pm a second bomb went off. Itwas assumed to have been planted in a parked Gazelle van near the highway patrol post, and went off while rescuers were providing medical care for the victims and firefighters were containing the blaze. Thedouble bombing killed 13, including 7police and 2firemen, while another 109persons were wounded.

On April 28th, on the outskirts of the town of Malgobek in Ingushetia, a mine destroyed a police car. Theblast killed two officers on the spot, while another officer was seriously injured and taken to a district hospital. Thebomb was presumed to have been planted not in the vehicle, but along the officers' route.

On March 23rd in Buynaksk (Dagestan), a bombing took place at the intersection of Shamil and Chkalov streets, killing the imam of the Buynaksk central mosque, Gitinomagomed Abdulgapurov, as well as his guard an officer from the local police station. Thebomb was radio-controlled, homemade, and filled with shrapnel in the form of ball bearings, and had a capacity of 1kg ofTNT.

On March 6th near the entrance to a police post in the village of Karabudahkent in Dagestan, a suicide bomber set off her device. Fivepolicemen receiving shrapnel wounds died at the scene, while two others were taken to hospital. Theexplosive device was of an unknown type and was worn by a female suicide bomber. Ithad a capacity of about 2kilograms of TNT, and was packed with metal shrapnel. Animat Ibragimova, widow of militant Zaur Zagirov, who was killed in February, committed the terrorist attack.

The above material is based on information from RIA Novosti

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