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The number of terrorist crimes in Russia has decreased
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, 15 2012

The number of terrorist crimes in Russia has decreased by more thanhalf

 .  The number of terrorism-related crimes in 2011fell by more than half, according to National Antiterrorist Committee chairman and FSB director Army General Alexander Bortnikov. Hestated this on Wednesday at a meeting of theNAC.

The National Antiterrorist Committee's decisions on applying integrated security and preventive measures have reduced the level of terrorist activity in Russia. In2011 there were 365crimes with a terrorist orientation. In2010 there were 779, hesaid.

He added that in 2011security forces prevented 94crimes with a terrorist orientation. This, in particular, includes an attack on the 'Peregrine' high-speed train, an attack on the central mosque in Makhachkala, as well as attacks on a shopping center in Khasavyurt and on a number of critical infrastructures in the regions of Russia, hesaid.

According to Bortnikov, many large-scale crimes were solved, including the terrorist attack at Domodedovo airport, the shooting of tourists in the Baksan region of Kabardino-Balkaria, the bombing of a Volgograd police station with an improvised explosive device, and the murder of head of the Dagestan presidential press service. Those who organized and carried out these attacks were established, and a majority of them have been detained or killed while resisting arrest.

Forty-nine former terrorists renounced these activities in the past year, said the head of the FSB. According to Bortnikov, the authorities in some of the North Caucasus republics have organized work on commissions to assist former bandits adapt to civilian life. At present, the commissions have more than 90persons falling into this category, and their work is continuing, said Alexander Bortnikov.

According to the FSB director, despite the measures being taken, the level of the terrorist threat in the Russian Federation, as well as in the rest of the world, remains still quite high.

RIA Novosti

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