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Once upon a time in America
Written by prime-tass.ru   
, 11 2007
Once upon a time in America. World mourns victims of September 11th attacks
 At another anniversary of the September 11th, 2001, bombings (sic), the entire progressive world is focused on a debate on just how effective are modern methods of combating international terrorism, and what must be done to ensure that the events in America of 6years ago do not recur. There is no doubt that the fight against extremism has left its mark in the politics of the leading nations of the world some under the banner of struggle against Islamic radicals began massive military companies in the Middle East, while others cleansed legislation allegedly to protect citizens from improper political choices. Allthe measures taken, however, seem to be invain.
Immediately after the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, witnesses to the events declared in one voice that the attacks would be repeated in the future. Unfortunately, they were right.

There will be ceremonies held to mark the 6th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks on America. Amemorial ceremony for the victims will be held in a park near Grand Zerro (ed: Ground Zero) the place where the skyscrapers the Twin Towers once stood. Inaddition, Defense Secretary Robert Gates met at the Pentagon with relatives whose loved ones were killed there in the bombing (sic). LastSaturday a memorial museum inside the Pentagon, located in the same corridor where the terrorists crashed a hijacked airliner, was open to all comers. 184were killed as a result of the blast (sic) at the U.S. military facility six years previously.

More than 3thousand people from 75counties around the world lost their lives because of the September 11th tragedy. Alltheir names will be read during the ceremony, which will begin at 8:46 am, local time; the moment the first plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center. Recall that the second skyscraper, the South Tower, was attacked at 9:03 am, less than 17minutes after the first explosion (sic). Itis known that the second skyscraper collapsed first. Justa few minutes before this, 8thousand people had been evacuated from the building. Itended at 10:28 am, when the North Tower collapsed into ruins. Another airliner a fourth crashed in Pennsylvania, though it was later alleged that the purpose of this aircraft was to attack the American White House.

Over the years, the events of September 11th, 2001, have received maximum coverage in books and film. Inmemory of the Pentagon victims of the September 11th attacks, the Pentagon in conjunction with historical organizations published the book of Pentagon 9/11, which describes in detail everything that happened 6years ago. Inaddition, in 2003, a book by French author Frederic Begbeder was published, Windows on the World, in which the author wrote the whole truth about the events, providing a narration full of unflattering comments about the U.S. leadership, which, according to F.Begbeder, suffered from chauvinism and an untenable idea about its his own infallibility. TheFrench writer's book became a bestseller and was published in many countries, including in Russia in 2004. But, in America, F.Begbeder was declared a persona non grata. Moreover, his criticism of the current U.S. administration's policies had the opposite effect: in 2003the U.S. launched a war in Iraq under the slogan of combating terrorism and Saddam Hussein, who allegedly raves about his planned nuclear strike against all infidels.

Today America is divided into supporters and opponents of the military operations in Iraq. About 49percent of U.S. citizens believe that the current policy the Bush administration in this country, which calls for increased forces in that country, will not yield results. Itis unclear what motivated a statement the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, that by the summer of 2008the number of American troops (in Iraq) could be reduced to 130thousand soldiers. Perhaps, according to the principles of American democracy, the government allegedly took into account public opinion, which miraculously coincided with the political objectives of the major players during of the approaching presidential elections in the autumn of 2008.

By the way, during the four and a half years of their military presence in Iraq, the Americans suffered casualties comparable to the number of victims of the September 11th tragedy 3,769 have been killed.

The war in Iraq is just one of a few illustrations that show the U.S. seems not to have learned the appropriate lessons from this tragedy. Theimpression one gets is that the country's leadership, led by hawks at the Pentagon, solves its internal problems without regard for its people or the rest of the world.

In the 6years since the September 11bombings, the world has changed dramatically. However, any hope that ideological and political opponents seated at the head of the civilized nations of the world will unite in the fight against international terrorism is in vain. Theworld is once again split between the progressive West and the marginal East, while Russia painfully seeks its own path of further development.

One would think that the intelligence agencies of many countries would have agreed to enhance exchange of information, but from the soap opera known as the Litvinenko case, we can conclude that Britain's unclear ambitions have forced it to threaten Russia with a downsizing information exchange programs in the fight against terrorism. Returning directly to the tragic events of September 11th, however, it should be noted on this anniversary that the problems of domestic politics have come to the fore.

Today in the U.S. one can quite clearly hear questions addressed directly at the current U.S. administration in general, and George Bush in particular. Thepolling service Zogby International showed that the tragedy of 2001is still alive in the memory of the vast majority of U.S. citizens, and 81percent of Americans said the event had a most profound impact on their lives. About 61percent of U.S. residents recall the events at least once a week, and 16percent of the U.S. thinks about them every day. Avast majority of Americans 91percent believe the United States will again be subjected to terrorist attacks on its territory in the future, while 47percent expect an attack within the next 5years.

In addition, the poll showed that the American public has many questions about the intelligence services of the country, which were called on to investigate and disclose the whole truth about the events of September 11th. Inparticular, 67.2 percent of the respondents believe that the commission studying the circumstances of the 2001terror attacks should have investigated the still unexplained collapse of a third New York skyscraper, the 47-storey Tower Seven of the World Trade Center.

Recall that this building housed the New York offices of the CIA, Secret Service, IRS, Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as the operations center and bunker of the New York Stock emergency center. Aswe know, this 47-story skyscraper was not subjected to a strike by a terrorist-hijacked airplane, but, nevertheless, it completely collapsed vertically downward. Ithappened eight hours after terrorists hit the neighboring Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

According to some experts, in particular 130U.S. engineers and architects, the WTC towers were blown up by America itself, which implies the assumption that the September 11th attacks were a domestic plot. Today they will announce their petition of the U.S.Congress. Itis not excluded that the verdict of these experts about the undermining of the towers from the inside might be the bomb in the upcoming U.S. presidential election campaign.

Once again Ihave to admit that the fight against terrorism, designed with the ideal of protecting the lives of common citizens, has become a powerful weapon of a mass political destruction. Recall the string of bombings in Russia that began with the blasts (sic) in Volgodonsk in 1999, and then subsequent attacks on the apartment buildings in Moscow on the Kashirsk Highway and on Guryanov Street. These increased the heat of the 19992000political campaign, and contributed to the rise to power of new thinking politicians, who could be called the antipodes of their predecessors in the Kremlin, who had been there since the early 1990s.

In Russia today there will also be ceremonies to commemorate the events of September 11th. Russians know firsthand about terrorist acts, and they relate to the problem of international terrorism very seriously. According to a survey by Bashkirov and Associates, about 70percent of (Russian) respondents said they remain wary of terrorist attacks, while only about 20percent said the opposite. 10.7 percent of Russians see it most likely that terrorism will occur in crowded streets and squares. Among the most dangerous places named were railways (8.5%), subways (7.4%), airports and aircraft (5.9%). Atthe same time, about a third of respondents believe that all these places are equally dangerous. Inaddition, residents of large cities experience a greater level of anxiety than those of rural areas.

In conclusion, it should be noted that, regardless of whether those who truly ordered the September 11th attacks will become known to the public, the main lesson of this tragedy must be learned as soon as possible. Onewould prefer to see politicians and the intelligence agencies develop violent activity not only on the eve of important dates in the life of the country and international events, but to also develop programs to combat terrorism and for everyday and public use, i.e., to ensure the safety of ordinary citizens who are the targets of the various fringe groups and kamikazes.

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