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Terrorist attack in Ingushetia: three days of mourning
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, 20 2012

 REUTERS/ Russian Interior Ministry press service via Reuters TV/HandoutThree days of mourning were declared in Ingushetia after the August 19th terrorist attack on a police funeral in Malgobek. Theblast killed seven officers from the republic’s Interior Ministry, and injured another 15.

At about 10:40 pm on August 18th, on Oskanova Street in the city of Malgobek, unknown persons opened fire on Interior Ministry police precinct officer Ilez Korigov. A14-year-old girl, who was passing by, was also injured in the attack. Bothvictims were taken to the hospital.

The wounded policeman died during surgery on the morning of August 19th. 14-year-old Zalina Arsanova, however, was transferred to the general ward, as doctors found her wounds not life threatening.

Later that day in the village of Sagopshi, in the Malgobek district, a blast rang out at the officer's funeral. Abomb had been planted near the house hosting a farewell ceremony for the officer.

According to preliminary reports, that attack killed five and injuredten.
Law enforcement agencies determined that a suicide bomber caused the explosion: the head of the alleged perpetrator was found at the scene. Thepower of the explosive device was equivalent to about three kilograms of TNT, and it was filled with shrapnel.

The Ingush republic's Interior Ministry also stated that all the dead, except for the terrorist, were police officers who had come to their colleague's funeral.

Police determined that the bombing was a planned action directly related to the murder of precinct officer Korigov and aimed at his colleagues. Since the suicide bomber's remains were still identifiable, law enforcement agencies were able to make a list of suspects.

Also on August 19th, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, the head of Ingushetia, reported that families of the deceased had been given financial assistance in the amount of 100thousand rubles (about$4000), while wounded victims received 50thousand rubles (about$2000).

Later that day it was reported that the number of victims was 15. TheRussian Federation Investigative Committee office for the republic determined that the power of the bomb was actually about 10kilograms of TNT. Investigators initiated a criminal case under three articles of the Russian Criminal Code: assault on law enforcement officers, murder, and arms trafficking.

Later the Interior Ministry reported that the death toll was now eight, seven of whom were police officers.

On August 20th law enforcement agencies reported with 90% certainty the identity of the suicide bomber. Heappears to have been Khamzat Aldiev, a 25-year-old resident of the village Arshty, in the Sunzha district of the republic. Hewas wanted, along with his brother, for being in an illegal armed gang. Identification was made through photographs.

Also on August 20th, an aircraft from the Russian emergencies ministry was sent to the airport in Beslan, North Ossetia. Fourvictims injured in the funeral attack, as well as Zalina Arsanova, who was wounded during the attack on police officer Korigov, were to be flown to Moscow for treatment.

On that same day, the main directorate of the Interior Ministry for Stavropol put police in the region on heightened alert in connection with the attack in Ingushetia. Operational groups concentrated on areas bordering with the Republic.

Meanwhile, the investigating authorities denied that Khamzat Aldiev had been identified as the suicide bomber. Lawenforcement officials said that reports broadcast in the media were unfounded, and premature. According to specialists, Aldiev's close relatives had samples taken for genetic examination, and these results would prove or disprove the suspect's involvement in the attack.

The above material is based on information from RIA Novosti

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