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A person is alive, so long as we remember
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, 31 2011
130   -

Ihasten to bring you good news the collected materials have been submitted in preparation for printing, and so soon, very soon, you will not only be able to read the Memorial Book on our site, but browse through it in hard copy as well.

Many thanks to those who responded to our request and told about loved ones who died at Dubrovka, and thanks as well to those journalists who wrote about the lives of these people. Without your help this book would never have been written.

Thanks to public and political figures all who tried to save the hostages back then, and who now support our project:

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, 26 2011

 Nord-Ost. Memorial Book Of Lost Hostages

, 2011. 480. ., . .
ISBN 978-5-7493-1595-0
323/ 324(470+571)

The Book of Memory is but a small fraction of what we have been able to do for the 130persons who were killed at Dubrovka, October 2326, 2002. Aperson lives on in the memories of friends, relatives, colleagues.

We have collected their reminiscences, as well as the stories of sympathetic journalists.

The victims were diverse: from the very young to gray-haired elders; funny, talented, busy, dreaming of a career or finishing one with dignity. Theyall still live in the pages of this book and in the memories of the survivors. Wehope they will live in your memory aswell.

This book was published with the assistance of the Office of the Mayor of Moscow.

Cover photograph by Angelos Fasoulis, Greece.

You may download the book in.pdf format here.

To obtain a printed copy of the BOOK OF MEMORY, contact representatives of the coordinating council of the 'NORD-OST' regional public organization. Contact numbers:

(Moscow) Tatiana and Sergey Karpov (495) 7043702, Dmitry Milovidov 79036186194;

(Kazakhstan) Svetlana Gubareva +77053150484.

The materials published below were not included in the book for various reasons.

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Supervision of execution of judgments of the EuropeanCourt
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, 23 2014

ImageIn accordance with Article 46of the Convention as amended by Protocol No. 11, the Committee of Ministers supervises the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. Thiswork is carried out mainly at four regular meetings (DH meetings) everyyear.

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Nuremberg within us (portion of article)
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, 28 2014

Episode 3:
killer fireworks from brotherly Russia

   -2,   ,    -2, -ѻ, -̻    The first load of humanitarian aid from the Russian to the Ukrainian interior ministry arrived the day before the (Russian) Cabinet of Ministers issued Decree Number 13. Thisis evidenced by a state export control permit dated January 22nd, 2014, stating the basis for customs clearance being waybill number TsB/21, dated January 21st, 2014.

It is interesting that concentrated tear and nerve paralytic gas grenades would be imported under the UKTZED (Ukrainian Foreign Economic Goods Classification) code 3604900000, fireworks (see website).

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, 01 2014

ImagePresident Vladimir Putin unexpectedly arrived in Volgograd to hold a meeting on the fight against terrorism, reports Interfax. Putin declared: Whatever could have motivated these criminals' actions, there is no justification for crimes against civilians, especially women and children. He drew attention to the fact that Russian security forces in carrying out operations do everything to ensure the safety of civilians, especially that of women and children While here it is the opposite, said the president.


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