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Grishin, Alexey
Памяти Алексея Дмитриевича Гришина
Светлая память прекрасному человеку! Мы работали в ГМПС, тогда он был молодым начальником отдела металлов, подающим боль...
14/11/23 18:27 more...
author Бондарева Юлия

Panteleev, Denis
Вот уже и 21 год , а будто как вчера !!!!
26/10/23 12:11 more...
author Ирина

Ustinovskaya, Yekaterina
24/10/23 17:44 more...
author Аноним

Bochkov, Alexei
Терракт в Палестине, Сектор Газа
Сегодня в гражданскую больницу Палестины прилетела ракета, погибли до 1000 человек, весь мир взбудоражен. И я оказался н...
18/10/23 02:13 more...
author Андрей

Radchenko, Vladimir
Дядя Володя, я тебя помню и буду помнить всегда!
04/09/23 22:05 more...
author Елена

Beslan. The memory is more terrible than forgetfulness
Четверг, 05 Сентябрь 2013

On September 3rd, during the ninth anniversary of the tragic events in Beslan, an exhibition opened in the Arts Center on Michurin Street. This “upside down” exhibition was devised by a Samara artist named Frol Jolly, who became both curator of the project and one of its authors.


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«People have learned to live with the pain»
Пятница, 30 Август 2013

Nine years ago terrorists seized a school in the North Ossetian town of Beslan. The hostages were held for three days. Nine years later, Susanna Dudiyeva, leader of the 'Mothers of Beslan' public organization, spoke with 'Vlasti' correspondent Zaur Farniyev on how the former hostages and their relatives have been living these years, and why they continue to believe that the truth is being hidden from them.

Image'Vlasti': The investigation into the Beslan terrorist attack continues. What has changed? Do you have any hope that it will end soon?

Susanna Dudiyeva: They have even stopped notifying us, the victims, of extensions to the investigation. Personally, for the last year I have not received a single letter about the investigation being extended, which was the case during the previous eight years. During this same year, neither my friends nor I have received a single summons to see the prosecutor, nor have we gotten any answers to the questions we asked. I am to understand that the investigation is at a standstill. There is complete silence. I think that the investigation team is called «the investigation of the Beslan terrorist act», but it has apparently been busy with any and all the other chores and errands.

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Anna Politkovskaya. 55
Пятница, 30 Август 2013

August 30 is the birthday of our beloved Anya, Anna Stepanovna


— On October 7th we will place a plaque dedicated to Politkovskaya on the (‘Novaya Gazeta’) building located at #3 Potapovskiy.
 — On September 8th there will be an awarding of the Anna Politkovskaya Kamerton (‘Tuning Fork’) national prize in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.

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Golden Heart
Среда, 13 Март 2013

Ольга БутенкоOn February 21st, 2013, a heart stopped beating, the heart of OLGA BUTENKO — the heart of a sweet, tender, golden, and precocious girl. She was a student at the Stary Oskol Medical College (SOMC) and participant in the 2011 and 2012 ‘Nord-Ost’ requiem concerts.

“A good person is not one who knows how to do good, but one who does not know how to do evil…” (V. O. Klyuchevsky)

They say that Olga was a little girl with a GREAT BIG HEART. She only spent three semesters at SOMC, but you can write an endless chronicle about her life during this short period. Not a single college event went on without her. She had many talents, but her most important talent was LOVE. She loved her mother, friends, people, and her own life. While participating in the ‘Student Portfolio’ contest, Olga shared her dreams and spoke with admiration and deep respect about her idol Leo Bokeriya, stating with firmness that her dream was to become a heart surgeon like him. Olga was also quite able to empathize and sympathize.

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March 11th is the European Day of Victims of Terrorism
ImageEurope today is observing the Day of Victims of Terrorism. This day commemorates over 5,000 people who were victims of terrorist attacks that occurred in the European Union.
In his speech before the European Parliament (EP), EP chairman Jerzy Buzek noted: “terrorists have declared war against the civilian population and carry, out their acts in places where people used to feel safe. This is shameful, deceitful and cowardly. This is why terrorism can never be justified.”
According to European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Cecilia Malmström, the threat of terrorism in the European Union is real, and therefore the efforts of EU member states should focus on preventing new terrorist attacks.
“An important aspect of this work is combating the radicalization that is conducive to terrorism. This has been defined as one of the key objectives of the European strategy of internal security. The issues of radicalization can only be solved together with local communities. In this regard, this year we will set up a system of radicalization prevention and prophylaxis among vulnerable populations,” said C. Malmström.

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Пятница, 08 Февраль 2013

ImageCommittee of Ministers

Memorandum on implementation of judgment of the case "Finogenov and others v. Russia» (№ 18299/03 and № 27311/03)

1. Introduction

We turn to you with a request to take measures to urge the Russian Federation to follow its obligations under the European Convention of Human Rights. The Convention, ratified by the Russian Federation, creates an obligation for the state to fully implement ECtHR judgments (Art. 1 and Art.46).

On December 20, 2011 the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) passed the judgment in the case "Finogenov and others v. Russia” (№ 18299/03 and № 27311/03). On June 4, 2012, the judgment became final.

In the judgment, the Court stated a violation of the right to life of the hostages and their familiesby the State by way of inadequate planning and conduct of the operation to rescue the hostages, as well as by failing to conduct an effective investigation of the incident:

“Holds that there has been a violation of Article 2 of the Convention on account of the inadequate planning and conduct of the rescue operation,

Holds that there has been a violation of Article 2 of the Convention on account of the authorities’ failure to conduct an effective investigation into the rescue operation”.

The applicants submit that full implementation of the Court's judgment would require the initiation of criminal proceedings, which according to the judgment (§§ 273-282) were not conducted in accordance with the principles of an effective investigation.

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Публикации, посвященные 10-й годовщине трагедии на Дубровке. Часть III
Вторник, 30 Октябрь 2012
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Калининградские новости. Без формата.ру

"Вдова погибшего на «Норд-Осте» калининградца Максима Михайлова: «Спустя 10 лет у меня еще больше вопросов к власти». 23.10.2012 г.

…Трое суток в плену оставались 916 заложников. При штурме погибли 130 человек. Среди них – директор «Общественного калининградского радио», 34-летний Максим Михайлов. Он был в зале вместе с женой Аленой…


«Три страшных дня в октябре» Дмитрий Виноградов. 26.10.2012
Сергей имел представление, как силовики штурмуют захваченные здания, и поэтому проинструктировал детей: «Девочки, если будет газ, то вот бутылка воды. Мочите платочки и ложитесь на левый бок», – проинструктировал он Иру и Ксюшу. Вскоре так и произошло: над кулисами появился дымок. Сергей помнит только, как сидевший на сцене боевик стянул с головы шапку и закрыл лицо. Сам Будницкий только и успел намочить носовой платок минеральной водой. После чего «вырубился и очнулся только в Склифе».

Новое время (The New Times)

«Место преступления — Дубровка». Айвазян Анна, Осипова Ольга, Светова Зоя. 22.10.2012 г.
«Влaдимир Путин приезжает на Дубровку, как на место преступления»… The New Times попытался вместе с ними восстановить события этих десяти постнордостовских лет (стр. 15). Те, кто был в заложниках, по-разному пытались выживать после того ада, из которого им удалось вырваться…

Пермь, информационно-аналитический проект Несекретно

«О Норд-Осте“ помнят люди. У власти отшибло память». Елена Веселкова. 29.10.2012
… Потом в течение дня смотрела по телевизору новости. Но о событиях, связанных с 10 годовщиной теракта в «Норд-Осте» говорили кратко. Зачем на мероприятии присутствовало много журналистов и операторов – не понятно. Снимали много, а показали только возложение цветов, освещение куполов и шарики в небе. Думаю, что снимали для истории. Будут показывать свои материалы, когда можно будет говорить правду о «Норд-Осте»…

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