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20years ago, terrorists seized the theater in Dubrovka
Written by .ru   
, 23 2022

Exactly 20years ago on 23October 2002terrorists seized the Dubrovka Theatre Centre in Moscow. Inthe terrorist attack 130civilians were killed and all the terrorists were destroyed by the special forces.

A group of approximately 40terrorists took hostage an audience, performers and staff members of the Theatre Centre located in Dubrovka, which had previously been known as the Palace of Culture for the First State Industrial Plant.

At the time when the hostage situation occurred, the second act of the musical Nord-Ost was taking place in the building.

In total, 912individuals were taken hostage, including 100children under the age of 18.

The leader of the terrorist group, Movsar Barayev, has demanded that the Russian authorities cease the counter-terrorist operation (KTO) by federal troops in the Chechen Republic.

The militants planted explosives in the auditorium, and positioned female suicide bombers, wearing shahid belts, among the audience.

Russian politicians, parliamentarians, public figures, representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and other organizations engaged in negotiations with the terrorists over a period of two days.

As a result, from October 23to 25, approximately 60of the hostages left the building or were able to escape without assistance. Theremaining hostages remained in the room for this entire period without access to food or water.

On the morning of 26October 2002, President Vladimir Putin authorized a special operation by the FSB's special forces to rescue the hostages. Theraid, during which special forces used gas, lasted approximately 40minutes.

During the assault, 130hostages were lost, including five who were shot dead by the militants prior to the start of the operation. Ofthe remaining 782, more than 700sustained injuries ranging from minor to serious.

During the special operation, all of the militants within the building 21males (including Movzar Barayev) and 19females were eliminated. Explosive experts recovered 15submachine guns, pistols, one grenade launcher, 25suicide devices, and two explosive items each weighing 40kilograms of explosives. Thebuilding of the Theatre Center was damaged at a cost of 60.7 million Russian rubles.

In Russia, October 28, 2002was declared a day of mourning for the victims of Dubrovka.

The criminal investigation into the seizure of the Dubrovka Theater Centre was initiated by the Prosecutor's Office in Moscow on 23October 2002, under Part 3of Article 30of the Criminal Code, together with Parts 3and 4of Article 205of the same code, which refer to attempted terrorist activities and the taking of hostages, respectively.

According to the prosecution's statement, the organizers of the terrorist incident were the leaders of the Chechen gang Shamil Basayev, Hassan Zakayev, and Gerikhan Dudayev. Thecase against those responsible for the assault on the center was dropped due to the death of the accused. In the period 2003to 2017, six other individuals involved in the terrorist activity were sentenced.


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