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, 07 2011

Pity her children, who are left motherless.

Pity those who lost their friend.

Pity those whom she cannothelp.

Pity her loved ones, and those who lovedher.

Pity ‘Novaya Gazeta’, which lost an honest and courageous comrade.

Pity the now defenselesstruth.

Iam very sorry about Anya Politkovskaya.

Why did they kill her? Whydid they kill Yuri Schekochihin? Whydid they kill Igor Domnikov?

Those who ordered the deaths of these journalists, of what were they afraid?

They were not afraid of being unmasked.

They do not react to facts and proofs.

They ignore opinions and arguments.

They despise dissenters.

They spit on public opinion.

Why did they kill Anna Politkovskaya five years ago in the stairwell of her home on Lesnaya Street?

Because they heard herwords.

By her own efforts she defied the omnipotence of the existing government.

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Remember Politkovskaya thebrave
, 06 2011

ImageOn the anniversary of the death of my colleague Anna Politkovskaya, Isuddenly discovered that Ihad forgotten whether or not they ever caught her killers

I only remember the pompous, yet bungled goings on. There were the prosecutors, rushing to calm a hysterical West (“We found them! Wefound the evil doers and now we’ll put them away!”), as well as the lawyers juggling myriads of dissonant theories all covered with unpronounceable Chechen surnames. Ohyes, Iremember how, in the end, the jury decided that it was not the guilty who had been arrested, and how the public spat and headed home, grumbling: “Serves 'em right, they can’t do anything right! Evenwhen they really try they just can’t get it right, and that’s that!”

Once again investigators are dragging the very same suspects into court, and probably with the same half-grief as last time they will try to put them away. Itis possible that whoever ordered them to do this crime will be introduced to the public and they will turn out to be some shadowy Chechen criminal figures who, of course, for no reason whatsoever suddenly decided to kill a Moscow journalist. Veryfew people, of course, will buy it but Iam thinking about somethingelse.

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Subway 'mined' by is own security service
, 29 2011

ImageOfficers from the Moscow metropolitan security service (OSB) planted a fake bomb on the premises of the 7th precinct of the Moscow metro during an exercise, according to the website for the Moscow directorate of the Interior Ministry.

According to the report, the results of the exercises were not satisfactory, because “department staff and managers did not observe the proper sequence of actions during an emergency situation.” In connection with this, some members of the unit received disciplinary actions, and the chief of the unit is to receive a severe reprimand.

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Manifest of the Victims of Terrorism
, 22 2011

ImageTerrorism is a global phenomenon affecting all societies. Itis never justified. Terrorist organizations will find their own way to commit crimes. Theywill use various methods of action. Theywill act against different objectives. But, whatever the chosen course of action, terrorism will always be an unjustified and unfair, cruel, abominable crime as it seeks to undermine the most elemental human rights of people and communities.

But whatever the course that terrorists choose to manifest themselves, its victims are the same. Regardless of the country, the socio-political situation, the motivation or criteria by which its victims are selected, they are all created equal: innocent human beings, by no fault of their own, and owing to what some may call fatal destiny, become victims of assassination, kidnapping, torture, extortion, blackmail and threats. Theyare violently altered by terrorist action. Andvictims are the whole society, a society that feels the never-ending threat and the risk of terrorist action, and are ultimately altered by the reality of their possibility any day, anyhour.

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Terrorism Insurance
, 24 2011

On September 15th, the 7th Congress on Victims of Terrorism will be held in Paris. Three hundred relatives of terror victims, as well as politicians and representatives of the security services, will try to find some new ways to counteract terrorists. Human suffering, however, is but one of the faces of terrorism the other being its huge financial cost. Insurance companies are combining into pools to provide compensation for damages from terrorist attacks, while for ten years France has been the world leader for this type of insurance.

France was the first country to set up a universal pool for damages from terrorist attacks on a large scale. Already back in November 2001, two months after the attacks on the World Trade Center, an insurance pool by the name of Gareat appeared, supported by unlimited government guarantees. Ayear later, in September 2002, a similar pool also appeared in Germany. TheGerman Extremus, like its French counterpart, is based on government guarantees, but is limited to 10billion euros, and nuclear, biological, and chemical risks do not fall within the scope of this pool. Anti-terrorism insurance is not compulsory in Germany, either, so for now only about thirty percent of German companies have this type of insurance.

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Terror victims and their families should not be abandoned
, 21 2011

ImageIn Paris the 7th International Congress on Victims of Terrorism is underway, under the sponsorship of Nicholas Sarkozy

The Congress was attended by 450delegates from 35countries worldwide, all of them having once suffered from the acts of extremist groups.

The opening ceremony was conducted by French justice minister Michel Mercier, who thanked participants for their courage and noted the importance of psychological and medical support to victims of terrorist attacks, as well as to their families:

“We all know that terrorism is a global evil. Thepurpose of an act of terror is to affect the State and its politics, but civilians are always its victims, as they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Itis our common duty to honor victims of terrorism, those who died as a result of a terrorist act, and Ican tell you how important it is for us to listen to the opinion of these victims. Itis a courageous act to speak as a witness. Yetit is a required act, in order that our anti-terrorism work never falters and so that our support and respect for those who have suffered from this senseless violence never weakens.

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What is a victim of terrorism?
, 21 2011

     ""  " " Today's society has a great moral and legal responsibility to remember victims of terrorism. Theyears that these people spent in the fight against terrorism, as well as the radicalism that leads to terrorism, and their work on the consequences of terrorism, have benefited society, which, today more than ever, is subject to these cruel and barbarous terrorist attacks.

What does it mean to be a victim of terrorism? Inthe world there are states that cannot answer this question and do not wish to answer it. Anneta Gadiyeva is a survivor of the terrible events in Beslan, in North Ossetia, Russia, where on September 3rd, 2004, thirty-two armed militants seized a school. Gadiyeva's speech to the 450participants of the VIIInternational Congress on Victims of Terrorism was one of the most heartbreaking ever. InBeslan, she lost Melina, her one year-old daughter. TheRussian government does not consider these people victims of terrorism, and does not provide them any assistance. Moscow does not know what might be a victim of terrorism.

Another victim of a terrorist attack in Russia is Irina Halay, who also was in Paris. OnSeptember 16th, 1999, a vehicle loaded with explosives blew up next to an apartment building in Volgodonsk. Halay reiterated Gadiyeva's speech: no one listens to the victims of terrorism in Russia. Theyfeel alone, and forgotten. Noone shows them any sympathy, and even wounded children are not provided specialized medical care. Theyare not considered victims, but simply injured persons.

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