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Domodedovo terror trial will be closed

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A person is alive, so long as we remember...

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Gerasimov, Arkadiy
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Manifest of the Victims of Terrorism
, 22 2011

ImageTerrorism is a global phenomenon affecting all societies. Itis never justified. Terrorist organizations will find their own way to commit crimes. Theywill use various methods of action. Theywill act against different objectives. But, whatever the chosen course of action, terrorism will always be an unjustified and unfair, cruel, abominable crime as it seeks to undermine the most elemental human rights of people and communities.

But whatever the course that terrorists choose to manifest themselves, its victims are the same. Regardless of the country, the socio-political situation, the motivation or criteria by which its victims are selected, they are all created equal: innocent human beings, by no fault of their own, and owing to what some may call fatal destiny, become victims of assassination, kidnapping, torture, extortion, blackmail and threats. Theyare violently altered by terrorist action. Andvictims are the whole society, a society that feels the never-ending threat and the risk of terrorist action, and are ultimately altered by the reality of their possibility any day, anyhour.

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Terrorism Insurance
, 24 2011

On September 15th, the 7th Congress on Victims of Terrorism will be held in Paris. Three hundred relatives of terror victims, as well as politicians and representatives of the security services, will try to find some new ways to counteract terrorists. Human suffering, however, is but one of the faces of terrorism the other being its huge financial cost. Insurance companies are combining into pools to provide compensation for damages from terrorist attacks, while for ten years France has been the world leader for this type of insurance.

France was the first country to set up a universal pool for damages from terrorist attacks on a large scale. Already back in November 2001, two months after the attacks on the World Trade Center, an insurance pool by the name of Gareat appeared, supported by unlimited government guarantees. Ayear later, in September 2002, a similar pool also appeared in Germany. TheGerman Extremus, like its French counterpart, is based on government guarantees, but is limited to 10billion euros, and nuclear, biological, and chemical risks do not fall within the scope of this pool. Anti-terrorism insurance is not compulsory in Germany, either, so for now only about thirty percent of German companies have this type of insurance.

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Terror victims and their families should not be abandoned
, 21 2011

ImageIn Paris the 7th International Congress on Victims of Terrorism is underway, under the sponsorship of Nicholas Sarkozy

The Congress was attended by 450delegates from 35countries worldwide, all of them having once suffered from the acts of extremist groups.

The opening ceremony was conducted by French justice minister Michel Mercier, who thanked participants for their courage and noted the importance of psychological and medical support to victims of terrorist attacks, as well as to their families:

“We all know that terrorism is a global evil. Thepurpose of an act of terror is to affect the State and its politics, but civilians are always its victims, as they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Itis our common duty to honor victims of terrorism, those who died as a result of a terrorist act, and Ican tell you how important it is for us to listen to the opinion of these victims. Itis a courageous act to speak as a witness. Yetit is a required act, in order that our anti-terrorism work never falters and so that our support and respect for those who have suffered from this senseless violence never weakens.

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What is a victim of terrorism?
, 21 2011

     ""  " " Today's society has a great moral and legal responsibility to remember victims of terrorism. Theyears that these people spent in the fight against terrorism, as well as the radicalism that leads to terrorism, and their work on the consequences of terrorism, have benefited society, which, today more than ever, is subject to these cruel and barbarous terrorist attacks.

What does it mean to be a victim of terrorism? Inthe world there are states that cannot answer this question and do not wish to answer it. Anneta Gadiyeva is a survivor of the terrible events in Beslan, in North Ossetia, Russia, where on September 3rd, 2004, thirty-two armed militants seized a school. Gadiyeva's speech to the 450participants of the VIIInternational Congress on Victims of Terrorism was one of the most heartbreaking ever. InBeslan, she lost Melina, her one year-old daughter. TheRussian government does not consider these people victims of terrorism, and does not provide them any assistance. Moscow does not know what might be a victim of terrorism.

Another victim of a terrorist attack in Russia is Irina Halay, who also was in Paris. OnSeptember 16th, 1999, a vehicle loaded with explosives blew up next to an apartment building in Volgodonsk. Halay reiterated Gadiyeva's speech: no one listens to the victims of terrorism in Russia. Theyfeel alone, and forgotten. Noone shows them any sympathy, and even wounded children are not provided specialized medical care. Theyare not considered victims, but simply injured persons.

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European terror victim network France-Europe-Beslan
, 20 2011

      Rosa Malsagova / RFIThe final working day of the 7th International Congress on Victims of Terrorism was held in Paris's Grand-Palais. Representing Russia were Irina Halay, victim of the September 1999Volgodonsk terrorist attack, Aneta Gudiyeva, co-chair of the 'Beslan Mothers' committee, and Svetlana Gubareva, herself a hostage at 'Nord-Ost' and lost her husband and 13-year-old daughter in that attack.

Russians never noticed that their country ended up sharing company with Israel and Iraq these countries are places where more frequently than anywhere else in the world there are reports of terrorist attacks. Evenapart from the regular excesses in the North Caucasus, the subway bombings, seizures of concert halls, and attacks on airliners would be enough to make Russia a world leader in terrorism. Thatit is “international” which the authorities oftentimes proudly report does not make it any easier on the Russians.

The government has turned out to be incapable either unable, or unwilling to protect its citizens from terrorists. Whenpeople are affected by these troubles, their loving country denies any responsibility and even worse denies them rehabilitation and compensation.

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Mekhriban Aliyeva: Terrorism is a threat to all nations
, 17 2011
ImageOn September 15th Paris hosted the 7th International Congress on Victims of Terrorism. Attending the opening of the Congress was First Lady of Azerbaijan, Mrs. Aliyeva.
According to 1news.az with reference to AzerTaj, the Congress took place at a military academy in Paris’s 7th district, and the director general of the French Association of Victims of Terror, Guillaume de Saint-Marc, met First Lady Mrs. Aliyeva.
Participants of the event took photos for record.
Then a moment of silence was observed to remember victims of the terrorist events throughout the world.
The Congress was implemented with the support of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and by an initiative of the French Association of Victims of Terror and the International Organization of Victims of Terror. Guillaume de Saint-Marc opened the Congress.

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The value oflife
, 12 2011

ImageTomorrow is the twelfth anniversary of the blast that destroyed an apartment building on the Kashirskoe highway in Moscow, which claimed 124lives. OnSeptember 8th, there was a requiem in the capital for the 106victims of the blast on Guryanov Street who were also killed the same way in 1999. Those who suffered in these and many subsequent terrorist attacks in Russia are still in pain. Thepain is caused not only by the loss of their loved ones, but by the insults these terror victims receive instead of assistance from the state. People who lost apartments are yet to received replacements, and those who lost their health must get treatment at their own expense. Commemorative events are subdued, and almost never attract the attention of the officials. Atthe same time, however, the U.S. observed the 10th national day of remembrance for the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Observations began all over the country, even a week before the anniversary of the terrible terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, which claimed the lives of nearly three thousand. There are still, however, a few hundred who believe that their government has failed to help them, but an absolute majority of the victims received decent compensation, and so the U.S. authorities are not afraid of the public paying attention to the victims of these tragedies.

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