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Domodedovo terror trial will be closed

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A person is alive, so long as we remember...

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Gerasimov, Arkadiy
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Supervision of execution of judgments of the EuropeanCourt
, 23 2014

ImageIn accordance with Article 46of the Convention as amended by Protocol No. 11, the Committee of Ministers supervises the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. Thiswork is carried out mainly at four regular meetings (DH meetings) everyyear.

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Nuremberg within us (portion of article)
, 28 2014

Episode 3:
killer fireworks from brotherly Russia

   -2,   ,    -2, -ѻ, -̻    The first load of humanitarian aid from the Russian to the Ukrainian interior ministry arrived the day before the (Russian) Cabinet of Ministers issued Decree Number 13. Thisis evidenced by a state export control permit dated January 22nd, 2014, stating the basis for customs clearance being waybill number TsB/21, dated January 21st, 2014.

It is interesting that concentrated tear and nerve paralytic gas grenades would be imported under the UKTZED (Ukrainian Foreign Economic Goods Classification) code 3604900000, fireworks (see website).

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, 01 2014

ImagePresident Vladimir Putin unexpectedly arrived in Volgograd to hold a meeting on the fight against terrorism, reports Interfax. Putin declared: Whatever could have motivated these criminals' actions, there is no justification for crimes against civilians, especially women and children. He drew attention to the fact that Russian security forces in carrying out operations do everything to ensure the safety of civilians, especially that of women and children While here it is the opposite, said the president.


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Volgograd city oftears
, 30 2013

: /Reuters

Suicide bombers committed recent terrorist attacks in Volgograd. There were three attacks over the past three months killing 37and injuring 143. Itis with a high degree of probability that we can state that the last two terrorist attacks were connected.

On Monday the second terrorist attack in two days was made on Volgograd the third in the last three months. Citizens are in a panic. Immediately after Monday's bus explosion, false information about a terrorist attack on a tram and on bus routes appeared on social networks. Inaddition, the Volga emergency center received several false calls about threats. Cityauthorities urge people not to panic, but celebrations involving children for December 31in the city are cancelled, and Volgograd Region Governor Sergei Bazhenov declared five days of mourning in the region, from December 30to January 3rd.

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Media portal Radio Spot presents
, 15 2013

Media portal ‘Radio Spot’ presents a radio show based on Thorsten Buchsteiner's play 'NORD-OST'

First part of the radio show, 'Beginning': http://www.radiotochka.kz/news/full/1264.html
Second part of the radio show, 'Hostage-taking': http://www.radiotochka.kz/news/full/1317.html
Third part of the radio show, 'Negotiations': http://www.radiotochka.kz/news/full/1358.html
Fourth part of the radio show, 'The End': http://www.radiotochka.kz/news/full/1379.html


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Is it realistic to believe that we aresafe?
, 21 2013

ImageI cannot say that Isuffer from weak nerves these have been steeled after more than 10years in journalism. During this time Ihave lost track of how many crisis situations Ifound myself in, but nothing truly scary has ever happened.

I have never been so frightened for my life, or that of those Ilove, that Ihad to scrutinize the inside of a bus or subway car for explosive devices. Although for almost half a year since active preparations for the World Student Games began they have been calling on us to do this on public transport.

Trucks still park right next to public places without causing worry. Forgotten packages on the porch do not frightenus.

Right now there are so many alarming reports from Tatarstan, and so little reliable information, that putting together a coherent picture about what is going on, or believing that the situation is under control, is more and more difficult.

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, 26 2013

ImageKSENIYA LARINA: Good afternoon. Thisis Kseniya Larina at the mike and we are starting the program “Culture Shock”. Every year for the last 11years we here in the studio mark those tragic days, because it was on that day that the awful situation at Dubrovka was tragically resolved, 11years ago was this operation to liquidate a hotbed of terrorism and in the process killed 130hostages. Onehundred and thirty hostages. Children, actors, and theater workers, all killed at a performance of ‘Nord-Ost’ at Dubrovka, and now a part of history. There was an attempt to resurrect the play, to somehow extend its existence, but this did not work out. Today in our studio we have Dmitry Milovidov, a member of the ‘Nord-Ost’ (organization) coordinating council, and the father of two hostages, one of whom perished. Hello, Dmitry.

DMITRY MILOVIDOV: Good afternoon.

LARINA: Alexandra Rozovskaya is an actress, a leading actress from the Russian Academic Youth Theater. Hi, Sasha.


LARINA: At that time, 11years ago, Sasha was part of the cast of ‘Nord-Ost’, part of the children’s troupe, and she spent all those days at Dubrovka. Marina Litvinovich is a social activist, a journalist, and a human rights activist. Welcome and hello, Marina.

LITVINOVICH: Good afternoon.

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