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Kurbatova, Christina
В этом году будет 20 лет со дня трагедии. Кристинушка, покойся с миром. Боль утраты с нами навсегда. Помним, любим, скуч...
07/02/22 12:16 more...
author Рена

Victims of terrorist attack on Dubrovka
I am a newspaper reporter and am seeking information about the Nord-Ost aftermath. Is it possible for someone with this ...
24/01/22 23:10 more...
author Gary Craig

Tyukachev, Alexander
Валентин Павлович, Ваша жена не является нашим родственником
11/12/21 20:54 more...
author Ольга Патрушевa

Показ фильма «Общее/ частное. Норд-Ост»
Фильм был доступен до 1 ноября текущего года.
01/11/21 22:30 more...
author Дирекция кинокомпании

Показ фильма «Общее/ частное. Норд-Ост»
Наша боль
Смотреть, как плачут мужчины-непросто. Трагедия "Норд-Оста" у нас общая и боль общая...Мы переживаем ее и проживаем эти ...
26/10/21 16:41 more...
author Алена

ECHR takes up claims of Beslan terrorist attack victims
Среда, 01 Июль 2015

ECHR takes up claims of Beslan terrorist attack victims against Russian government

ImageThe European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has accepted for review lawsuits filed by victims of the terrorist attack on the school in the Russian city of Beslan (North Ossetia), which occurred in 2004, according to a press release by the ECHR.

From 2007–2011, 477 Russian citizens filed complaints against their government. They are consolidated into a case titled «Tagayeva and others against Russia.» Plaintiffs believe that Russian authorities violated their right to life, right to a fair trial, and freedom of expression. In addition, the applicants accuse law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation of being unable to quickly and adequately respond to indications and warnings of the planned terrorist attack, and of failing to perform an effective investigation into the events. Some of the plaintiffs also argue that the deaths of many of the Beslan hostages were as a result of disproportionate use of force by law enforcement.

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Terrorist attack on Dubrovka: A case, but no answers
Среда, 17 Декабрь 2014


The reopening of the investigation into the October 2002 attack on actors and spectators at the musical ‘Nord-Ost’ 

On Wednesday, Russia's Investigative Committee (ICRF) confirmed several media reports on the resumption of the criminal investigation into the seizure of the Dubrovka Theater Center, which occurred October 23, 2002. In 2007, the Moscow city prosecutor's office suspended the investigation due to the fact that it was not possible to detain organizers of the attack. Six terrorist accomplices received sentences ranging from 8 1/2 to 22 years in prison. ICRF representative Vladimir Markin reported on the arrest of Chechen native Hassan Zakayev, who is suspected of organizing the attack. He was arrested in August, but information about this has only lately appeared in the media.

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'Nord-Ost' set the value of a citizen’s life
Пятница, 24 Октябрь 2014

'Nord-Ost' set the value of a citizen’s life, but it has yet to be indexed

Even after the decision of the European Court, no one wants to name those really responsible for most of the hostage deaths at Dubrovka

ImageThe twelfth anniversary of ‘Nord-Ost’ is this Sunday. Russia does not like to recall such dates, however. It seems high time all these Nor’easters to grow out of it. So what? All the terrorists involved in the hostage taking were killed, and all lawsuits — both in Russia and abroad — had their day in court. Some people were compensated… But relatives and former hostages still kick up a fuss, still looking for some kind of truth. But why?

To better to understand why, in a nutshell, let me remind you what ‘Nord-Ost’ means. Let me remind you what happened back then at Dubrovka, and that has been going for the last 12 years — because ‘Nord-Ost’ did not end with the assault and the death of 130 hostages. It has been continuing and I would even venture to say, still continues. It leaves open a route for further blood to be spilled in our Russian reality, and to some extent even justifies it by convincingly showing us all that when people die in the name of the abstract interests of the state, no one will, or should, be found responsible.

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«Здания отремонтировали, а людей — нет»
Вторник, 16 Сентябрь 2014
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Очевидцы теракта 1999 года в Волгодонске — о том, как изменился город спустя 15 лет после трагедии


В первой половине сентября 1999 года по стране прошла серия терактов: 4 сентября — у пятиэтажного дома в дагестанском Буйнакске, 8-го взрыв прогремел в Москве на улице Гурьянова, 13-го — на Каширском шоссе. Ранним утром 16 сентября в спальном районе Волгодонска взорвался ГАЗ-53. Накануне террористы купили машину у местного жителя якобы для перевозки на рынок картофеля. Документы купли-продажи договорились оформить утром, а ночь его попросили подежурить в машине. Автомобиль припарковали прямо напротив одного из подъездов. После пяти утра мужчине стало холодно в салоне, и он вернулся в квартиру. В 5:57 «картошка» мощностью в две тонны тротилового эквивалента взорвалась.

По степени разрушений этот теракт остается самым масштабным в стране. Взрывная волна полностью разрушила фасадную часть двух подъездов и перекрытия, вынесла стекла и рамы, скрутила двери. Всего в двух городских кварталах было повреждено 37 домов. Погибло 19 человек, более 15 тысяч — около 10% волгодонского населения — официально признаны пострадавшими в разной степени.

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Supervision of execution of judgments of the European Court
Воскресенье, 23 Март 2014

ImageIn accordance with Article 46 of the Convention as amended by Protocol No. 11, the Committee of Ministers supervises the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. This work is carried out mainly at four regular meetings (DH meetings) every year.

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Nuremberg within us (portion of article)
Пятница, 28 Февраль 2014

Episode 3:
killer fireworks from brotherly Russia

Ручная аэрозольная граната Дрейф-2, ручная дымовая граната, а также изделия «Заря-2», «Факел-С», «Пламя-М» производятся в Российской ФедерацииThe first load of «humanitarian aid» from the Russian to the Ukrainian interior ministry arrived the day before the (Russian) Cabinet of Ministers issued Decree Number 13. This is evidenced by a state export control permit dated January 22nd, 2014, stating the basis for customs clearance being waybill number TsB/2–1, dated January 21st, 2014.

It is interesting that concentrated tear and nerve paralytic gas grenades would be imported under the UKTZED (Ukrainian Foreign Economic Goods Classification) code 3604900000, fireworks (see website).

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Среда, 01 Январь 2014

ImagePresident Vladimir Putin unexpectedly arrived in Volgograd to hold a meeting on the fight against terrorism, reports Interfax. Putin declared: «Whatever could have motivated these criminals' actions, there is no justification for crimes against civilians, especially women and children.» He drew attention to the fact that «Russian security forces in carrying out operations do everything to ensure the safety of civilians, especially that of women and children… While here — it is the opposite,» said the president.


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