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Why did she shoothim?
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, 01 2003
Frame captures from a videoclip of the Nord-Ost assault, which were provided to the editors of Novaya Gazeta

A man in a black coat with a white armband is carrying another man
The laying figure is hand-cuffed. Heis face down
They continue to carry people out
A small gap is visible at times between the lying man's face and the pavement (struggling?)
A woman in a black coat with a white armband overtakes these two
The laying man is placed face down in the corner by the entrance
The man in the coat turns the lying man over.
The woman in the black coat raises a pistol
The woman in the black coat fires (a shot is audible on the tape)
The woman grips the pistol after recoil
The woman lowers the pistol
The man in black drags the body off by the handcuffs
The body is lying by along the wall
The man goes through the clothes of the lying figure. Thewoman walks away
The woman is doing something with the pistol. Everything is as if everyday. Afterwards she will lead the hostages out

These representative frames (and the entire tape with sound) do not explain anything about the Nord-Ost story. Theyonly add riddles.
This episode, and there are others on the tape, also demanding answers, give birth to a while row of questions.
If this was a live prisoner he was in handcuffs was it necessary to shoothim?
If it was necessary, why then? Hewas a witness, nevertheless.
If he was a witness, of whatthen?
If he was dead, why did they carry him from the building, when not all of the hostages had been evacuated from the hall visible on the tape and (if he was dead) why was it necessary to shoot himlater?
It's true, the were some who were carrying people out who wore camouflage, helmets, and carried assault rifles, the woman who fired was from a different group, in black coats with white armbands and pistols.
Forty years ago Zaprudor accidently filmed the Kennedy assasination. Itbecame evident that there were more shots that were officially declared, and more than one murderer. Thefilm showed that there was a plot, but nothing was ever proven.
It's possible that this tape will also never prove a thing, but it shows that in the official version, all was notso
Why did she shoothim?

Novaya Gazeta

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