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Закон о социальной защите граждан, пострадавших от...
соц. защита пострадавших в терактах
Мой сын работал в Норд-Осте в оркестре, теракт был в его смену. Никаких ежемесячных и ежегодных компенсаций не получа...
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author Марина

Korablev, Vladimir
Похоронены на Хованском кладбище, северная территория
12/12/19 03:07 more...
author Павел

Radchenko, Vladimir
Спасибо , Сергей
Сергей , не случайно мы заходим сюда...На страницы памяти жертв Норд-Оста , на страницу памяти Вашего папы...Воистину Св...
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author Валя

Skopstova, Evgeniya
16 и 17 ноября 2019 года в подмосковном городе Дубне, на базе спорткомплекса «Волна», состоялся турнир по фехтованию сре...
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author Сергей

Simakov, Aleksandr
Спасибо, Илья Гинзбург
Регулярно читаю книгу памяти жертв Норд-Оста с огромным благоговением , слезами и скорбью. Удивительно , сколько замечат...
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author Валя

1,561 have suffered terrorist attacks in Moscow
Written by Кавказский узел   
Вторник, 25 Январь 2011
1,561 have suffered terrorist attacks in Moscow over the last 15 years
The blast at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport on January 24th was the 26th terrorist attack to take place in the Russian capital since 1996, and the first to happen at a Moscow international airport. Since 1996, the targets of terrorists in Moscow have been various crowded locales: hotels, stations, shopping malls, concert halls, transport, and even apartment buildings. At least 627 have been killed and 934 injured. Suicide bombers carried out at least 10 of these attacks. The above figures are calculations by ‘Caucasian Knot’, and based on open-source data*.

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Why bombings continue to shake Russia
Written by Олег Антоненко   
Вторник, 25 Январь 2011
Then explosion at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport, which claimed the lives of more than 30 people, is the latest in a series of similar attacks being committed in Russia.
After every such event, especially if it takes place in Moscow, politicians, experts, and ordinary people try to figure out why it happened and if they can trust the authorities who want to catch and punish the guilty, but do not promise to prevent the recurrence of such crimes.
After September 11th, 2001, there were no attacks carried out by radical organizations or fanatical loners in the U. S. The American authorities were able to prevent similar crimes, most often during their preparation and organization stages.

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An explosion at Domodedovo airport
Written by Эхо Москвы   
Понедельник, 24 Январь 2011

24.01.2011 17:15: At least 10 killed and 20 injured in an explosion at Domodedovo airport

Reported by the Interfax citing physicians. Other sources say there are only two deaths and dozens injured. The blast was at 4:32 pm in the baggage claim area of the international terminal. The cause of the incident is now being investigated.

Investigators and criminologists from the investigative committee of the prosecutor's office have gone to the scene.

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Televnoy was shocked by ‘Nord-Ost’
Written by РИА Омск-Информ   
Понедельник, 24 Январь 2011
On Saturday there was a performance of the play ‘Nord-Ost’ at Omsk’s ‘Fifth Theater’. Vladimir Televnoy, cultural minister for the Omsk region, attended the premiere, but flatly refused to comment on what he had seen.
Omsk hosted a premiere of ‘Nord-Ost’. Seen at the premiere was Omsk regional Minister of Culture Vladimir Televnoy.
The play’s authors used the most modern methods to put brutal psychological pressure on the audience, including a black-clad and veiled actress who periodically strolled through the hall, giving the illusion of the presence of real terrorists in the hall.
At the end of the play, ‘Omsk-Inform’ decided to ask Vladimir Televnoy his impressions on what he had seen, but the minister flatly refused to comment, saying only one thing: “I went to the theater!” Clearly implying that he was here only as a private person.

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‘Nord-Ost’: fragments of memory
Written by Светлана Кычанова   
Среда, 19 Январь 2011
Кадры из спектакляA play about the terrorist capture of the Moscow theater goes onstage in Omsk
[Video of the rehearsal]

There is a minimum of decoration: just three red chairs, their backs resembling the contour of a man-shaped target. There are three women in black, three widows whose lives fate entwined on October 23rd, 2002: Zura, the terrorist; Olga, the accountant; and Tamara, the physician.

“I’ve been to this show eight times. Before this, I had never been to the theater, and I even cried while watching this show.” One gets goose bumps from the recollections of ‘black widow’ Zura, who was at Dubrovka with the captors during a performance of ‘Nord-Ost’ in 2002.

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