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Moscow city court begins trial for the murder of Markelov
Written by Курская областная аналитическая газета   
Вторник, 11 Январь 2011

ImageToday the Moscow municipal court began the trial in the murder cases of Stanislav Markelov, member of the inter-republic Moscow bar association, and Anastasia Baburova, freelance journalist for the ‘Novaya Gazeta’ publication.

Summoned before the court in this criminal case was suspect Nikita Tikhonov, accused of violations of paragraphs ‘a’, ‘g’, ‘k’, and ‘l’ of part 2 of article 105, part 3 of article 222, part 2 of article 222, and part 3 of article 327 of the Russian Criminal Code (murder, arms trafficking, forgery, and the manufacture or sale of false documents). Also summoned was Yevgeny Khasis, accused of points ‘g’, and ‘l’ of part 2 of article 105, part 3 of article 222, and part 2 of article 222 of the Russian Criminal Code (murder and arms trafficking).

The investigative team carefully examined video recordings from surveillance cameras on Prechistenka Street, where Markelov and Baburova were killed, as well as recordings from adjacent streets and the entrance to the Kropotinskaya metro station, where the gunman fled after the murder.

During the course of the investigation, investigators and detectives worked many on theories for the crime, and questioned a large number of witnesses as well as the victims’ friends and relatives. Investigators were set on the trail of Tikhonov and Khasis after painstaking study of data on individuals who had committed related acts aimed at inciting racial and national hatred.

According to the investigators, the defendants committed the crime because of Markelov’s active participation in the antifascist movement, as well as his professional activities protecting persons holding antifascist viewpoints. Baburova, as a witness to Markelov’s murder, was killed to conceal the crime.

Investigators are currently carrying out a series of measures aimed at establishing possible accomplices to the murders.

Stanislav Markelov was well known for engaging in cases involving war crimes, human rights, and environmental and military themes.

From 1997 to 1999, Markelov defended Andrei Sokolov, who was accused of terrorism for blowing up Romanov family memorials in the Vagankovskoye cemetery, as well as participation in the bombing of a monument to Nicholas II in the village of Taininskoye in the Moscow region, and placing explosives on a monument to Peter I. The later two cases were later transferred to a different case that did not involve Sokolov. Markelov managed to remove the cloak of secrecy from the trial, after which the charge was lowered to property damage and Sokolov received a fine. Markelov also defended Igor Gubkin at the beginning of the trail in the RVS case, but then dropped his client due to Gubkin’s clearly criminal nature.

In 1999, Stanislav Markelov was counsel for Altaf Galeev, the director of Ufa radio station ‘Titan’.

In 1999 he was Larisa Schiptsova’s lawyer in the ‘Krasnodar affair’ (she was accused of preparing terrorist attacks against governor of the Krasnodar region Nikolai Kondratenko). During this trail he expressed the opinion that gross violations of criminal procedure were being allowed, and that unprecedented pressure was being put on him. Markelov was preparing to defend Schiptsova in another case, but was summoned to trial as a witness, and thus unable to act as her counsel.

He was one of the lawyers for Elsa Kungayeva’s family in the Budanov case.

In 2004 he defended Lyudmila Yarlina, head of Vladimir Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers, who was accused of complicity in evading military service.

Since 2004 he had been defending former Chechen militant Zaur Musikhanov, who laid down his arms but refused to join Ramzan Kadyrov’s security service, and so was arrested and later convicted of unlawful imprisonment, robbery and illegal possession of arms and ammunition. Markelov brought the case before the Supreme Court, but lost and filed a lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights.

He represented the interests of victims in a case of mass police brutality in Blagoveshchensk, Bashkortostan in December 2004.

In 2005, in a trial held in Grozny, he represented the interests of victim Astemir Murdalov, whose son Zelimkhan Murdalov in 2001 was kidnapped and tortured, and then presumably killed. He managed to have illegally obtained evidence excluded from the case, resulting in a guilty verdict against SWAT policeman Sergei Lapin (“The Cadet”) not based on his confession, but on objective facts, which did not allow him to appeal. He also defended Anna Politkovskaya in connection with the case.

He represented a number of victims in the case of the seizure of hostages at the theater on Dubrovka, namely: Yahi Neserhoeva, who was suspected of collaborating with terrorists, but was later recognized as a victim. He also represented Lukasheva, whose daughter investigators refused to identify.

In 2004 and 2006 Markelov defended retiree Irina Baturina, who was accused of cultivation of plants containing narcotic substances, namely, oilseed poppy.

He was an advocate for Magomedsalah Masaev in litigation against the Chechen authorities for his long detention in an illegal prison, until Masaev disappeared in August of 2008. In the case Markelov also prepared a lawsuit to the European Court of Human Rights.

He was the lawyer for Mikhail Beketov, editor-in-chief of ‘Khimki Truth’, who on November 13th 2008 was set upon by thugs in the Khimki district of Starobeevo for defaming Khimki mayor Vladimir Strelchenko.

Markelov also represented Yegor Tomsky in the murder of anti-fascist Alexander Riukhin, and participated in the case of the attack on an environmentalist camp in Angarsk. He was also active in the murder case of Ilya Borodaenko, the murder of skater Stas Korepanov, and was an advocate for the anti-fascist Alexei Olesinov, who was charged with disorderly conduct.

On January 19th, 2009, Stanislav Markelov was killed by a shot to the head in downtown Moscow, near Prechistenka Street No. 1. Alongside Markelov was 5th-year journalism student and ‘Novaya Gazeta’ freelance Anastasia Baburova. She had previously worked at ‘Izvestiya’ and was an activist for the ecological movement. She may have tried to detain the murderer. Baburova received a bullet wound in the head and died later the same day in a hospital.

On January 19th, 2010, on the first anniversary of the deaths, commemorative rallies were held on the scene of the tragedy, and dozens of flowers were laid in front of Prechistenka Street No. 1.

In ‘Kursk district analytical newspaper’, January 11th, 2011

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Written by Никита Гирин website, on 06-05-2011 19:54
Тихонову – пожизненный срок, Хасис – 18 лет тюрьмы

Срок для Тихонова складывается из доказанных обвинений в убийстве, приобретении, хранении и незаконном ношении оружия, Хасис получила срок за убийство и хранение оружия. Таким образом, судья Александр Замашнюк практически полностью удовлетворил прошение прокуроров о сроках наказания для националистов: гособвинение просило пожизненного лишения свободы для Тихонова и 20 лет тюрьмы для Хасис.

Также судья постановил удовлетворить гражданский иск родителей Анастасии Бабуровой к Тихонову и обязал Никиту выплатить потерпевшим 40 тысяч рублей за судебные издержки (поездки из Севастополя в Москву на заседания) и 2 млн рублей в качестве компенсации морального ущерба. Отметим, что Бабуровы просили 5 млн рублей.

Срок отбывания наказания для Хасис исчисляется с 3 ноября 2009 года, для Тихонова – с 4 ноября 2009 года.

Адвокаты подсудимых намерены сегодня же подать кассационную жалобу.

Подробности и фоторепортаж из суда – в ближайшее время на сайте «Новой».

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