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Kurbatova, Christina
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Victims of terrorist attack on Dubrovka
I am a newspaper reporter and am seeking information about the Nord-Ost aftermath. Is it possible for someone with this ...
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Tyukachev, Alexander
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Moscow bids farewell to victims of the terrorist attack
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, 28 2011
On January 28th there will be a funeral for those killed in terrorist attack on Domodedovo airport. TheMoscow city government has asked the ‘Ritual’ funeral services company to organize the burial of the victims of the bombing with a payment rate of 38,380 rubles each (about$1,500 ed). Inaddition, the victims’ families will receive a one-time payment of 2million rubles each (about$80,000).
The Moscow Social Security Department is making payments to all victims of the terrorist attack at Domodedovo airport, except for residents of the outlying suburbs. TheMoscow regional government will pay these victims.

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The colonel listens to noone
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, 27 2011
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During yesterday’s news conference, Vladimir Putin made a statement that is unprecedented in its inadequacy, and forces me as the citizen of a belligerent country to take an unprecedented step. Whatfollows is almost the entire text of an article Ipublished about seven years ago, a few days after a terrorist bombing in Moscow. Itquite lucidly describes the nature of the enemy that had thrown down the gauntlet in challenge to Russia back then.
An adequate understanding of its nature is absolutely necessary for the political and military leader of our nation, which is what Mr. Putin really is. Perhaps his advisors could find some way to acquaint him with the text.

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Putins fatal weakness
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, 27 2011


Iam shocked by the tragedy. Igrieve for the victims of this terrorist attack, and Iexpress my deepest condolences to all the victims, as well as their families and friends. Ibelieve it to be necessary to declare a national day of mourning: to mourn for the victims in the whole of Russia. Grief unites all of us from St. Petersburg to the Caucasus.
Everything that has been happening in Russia in recent years gives me grounds to expect that this terrorist attack will be perceived by the Russian people as just another stage in the war waged by Russia against terrorists from the North Caucasus. Eleven years ago, a Chechen incursion into Dagestan and the bombings of Moscow apartment buildings prompted an aging and ailing Yeltsin to transfer power early to a young and energetic Putin, making him a virtually uncontested candidate in the 2000presidential election. Putin came to power as the representative of the power bloc (the leadership of the intelligence and security services, as well as the armed forces ed). Hepromised the restoration of public order, security, and stability. Muscovites were able to appreciate the success of this work on January 24th.

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And also in terror
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, 27 2011
335In a majority of the responses to the terrorist attack on Domodedovo, many people have written about many things, but in my opinion, they forget about what is most important.
Most of all, they forget that terror was started by Russia, and Russia continues it to this day. Since 1999. InChechnya. Whatis going on in Chechnya cannot be called a war. Anattack by the well-armed army of a nation with a population of 140million on the poorly armed army of a country with a population of but ONE million this is something between terrorism and genocide. Andthis “war” began with the help of three terrorist attacks carried out by the FSB against its own populace: the bombings of apartment buildings in Moscow and Volgodonsk that were allegedly committed by the Chechens. Afourth bombing nearly took place in Ryazan, where the local authorities out of ignorance almost arrested two terrorists from the Lubyanka (FSB HQ building ed). Ialso remember that the third bombing, the one in Volgodonsk, was announced in the Federal Parliament by Speaker Gennady Seleznev three days before it happened.

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Was Moscow saved from disaster by a text message?
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, 26 2011

‘MK’ was in the terrorists’ lair to find out why the New Year’s Eve attack failed

A terrorist attack on Moscow had been planned since the beginning of November, security service sources told ‘MK’. Ablast was planned for the night of December 31st-January 1st, at the scene of the most popular New Year’s Eve celebrations, but the blast took place early, within a few hours of the festive midnight. According to one theory it was by shear luck: Spam A Happy New Year greeting from the phone company was sent to the suicide bomber’s cell phone. Theblast killed the suicide bomber, and her accomplices fled the scene. Afterwards they planned (and implemented) an attack on Domodedovo. ‘MK’ visited the house where the security services supposed the terrorists had gone into hiding.

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