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1,561 have suffered terrorist attacks in Moscow
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, 25 2011
1,561 have suffered terrorist attacks in Moscow over the last 15years
The blast at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport on January 24th was the 26th terrorist attack to take place in the Russian capital since 1996, and the first to happen at a Moscow international airport. Since 1996, the targets of terrorists in Moscow have been various crowded locales: hotels, stations, shopping malls, concert halls, transport, and even apartment buildings. Atleast 627have been killed and 934injured. Suicide bombers carried out at least 10of these attacks. Theabove figures are calculations by ‘Caucasian Knot’, and based on open-source data*.
January 24th: Bombing in the international terminal at Domodedovo airport occurred at 4:32 pm. Thepower of the explosive device was about seven kilograms of TNT. According to recent reports, 35were killed and 110hospitalized. According to a preliminary theory, the explosive device was detonated by a 3040year-old stocky male who most likely was of European appearance.
March 29th: Two explosions on the Moscow metro. Thefirst was at the Lubyanka metro station and occurred at 7:56 am Moscow time. Thesecond explosion was at 8:40 am at the Culture Park (formally Gorky Park) metro station. According to the FSB, two Dagestan residents, a wife and a widow of Dagestan militants, carried out the attacks. DokuUmarov, the leader of the North Caucasus militant underground, assumed responsibility. According to Umarov, the attacks were revenge for Russian military actions in Chechnya. During these terrorist attacks 40were killed and more than 130received injuries of varying severities.
August 21st: An explosion at the Cherkizovsky marketplace in Moscow claimed 14lives. Morethan 60people were injured.
June 12th: 153km from Moscow, the Grozny to Moscow passenger train (No. 382) was derailed by explosives placed under the tracks. Thelocomotive and first railcar left the tracks and five coaches overturned. Nodeaths were reported, but 42passengers were injured.
February 6th: A blast in the Moscow metro inside the second car of a subway train on a stretch between the Paveletskaya and Avtozavodskaya subway stations. Asuicide bomber committed the terrorist attack. Thebomb was packed with nuts and bolts to increase its lethality. 41were killed and another 134wounded. Investigators identified the terrorist as 21-year-old Anzor Izhaev, a resident of Karachay-Cherkessia.
August 24th: Two passenger aircraft blown up in mid-air, a Tu-154 on the Moscow to Sochi route, and a Tu-134 flying from Moscow to Volgograd. Bothdeparted from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport. Inboth cases suicide bombers were able to board. 90killed.
August 24th: On the same day as the destruction of the passenger jets, an explosion at a bus stop near the Kashirskaya subway station in Moscow injured four. Nodeaths. Asin 2002, the crime was linked to organized crime.
August 31st: A female suicide bomber blew herself up at the Riga subway station in Moscow, killing 10and wounding more than 50. According to investigators, the explosion also killed the organizer of the attack, Nikolai Kipkeev, a native of Karachay-Cherkessia.
July 5th: Suicide bombers detonated themselves near the entrance to the ‘Wings’ rock festival at in Tushino, near Moscow, killing 16and injuring another 50.
August 10th: A female suicide bomber was detained at the restaurant ‘Imbir’ (Ginger) in the center of Moscow. During deactivation of the suicide bomber’s belt an explosion killed one person.
December 9th: A bombing at the Hotel National in central Moscow. Sixkilled and 14injured.
October 19th: A car was blown up near a McDonald’s restaurant by the Southwest subway station on Pokryshkin Street in Moscow. Police originally blamed the explosion on organized crime, but later declared it to be a terrorist attack. Oneperson killed and 8injured.
October 23rd: A group of terrorists led by Movsar Barayev seized the theatrical complex on Dubrovka, where the musical ‘Nord-Ost’ was being performed, and over 1000taken hostage. Thebuilding was stormed three days later, on October 26th. Morethan 130hostages were killed while the rest were released. Allthe terrorists were killed.
February 6th: A bomb exploded in the Belarusskaya-ring subway station during rush hour at 6:50 pm Moscow time. Thebomb was placed under a massive marble bench near where the first subway car halted. Nodeaths, but 9were wounded by shrapnel, including two children.
August 8th: During rush hour at about 6:00 pm Moscow time a bomb exploded in the pedestrian underpass beneath Pushkin Square by the entrances to the Tverskaya and Pushkinskaya subway stations. Thesuicide attack killed seven and injured 53. Manywere wounded by glass fragments blown out from the windows of small stores in the passageway.
April 26th: Moscow was shaken this year by a series of major terrorist attacks. Thefirst explosion of the year was in an elevator at an Intourist hotel. Nodeaths at the time, but 11were injured.
August 31st: Four months later, a bomb exploded on the third floor of the Okhotny Ryad shopping mall on Manege Square. Atthe time, one person was killed and 40wounded. Theexplosion was originally linked to organized crime, but later determined to be a terrorist attack.
September 9th: 10days later an apartment building on Guyanov Street in Moscow was blown up. 109were killed and more than 200injured.
January 1st: An improvised explosive device was detonated in the Tretyakov subway station. Theblast was of low power and there were no deaths, though three were hospitalized with wounds of varying severities.
June 11th: At about 9:00 pm Moscow time, on the Serpukhskaya subway line between the Tula and Nagatinskaya stations in Moscow, a bomb laid under a seat in the first subway car went off. Theexplosive device was equivalent to about 500grams of TNT. Fourwere killed and 12injured.
July 11th and 12th: Trolley buses on Moscow city routes #12 and #48 were blown up. Nodeaths, 8injured in the first explosion and 26in the second.
Moscow’s first terrorist is thought to be the bombing on its subway on January 8th, 1977, during the reign of the Soviet Union. Asubway train between the Izmailovskaya and May Day stations was blown up. Among the deaths were several families returning from a viewing of the New Year’s tree. Twomore explosions rocked Moscow on the same day. Thetotal killed were 7, and 37were injured.
According to the official investigation, Yerevan residents Stepan Zatikyan, Akop Stepanyan, and Zaven Baghdasaryan organized the bombings. During their studies at the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute they had formed the underground ‘National United Party of Armenia’ and called for the return of Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia. Allthree were sentenced to death and executed in 1979.
However, even during the 1970s not everyone considered the official investigation by the Soviet government objective and truthful. Itwas argued that the authorities deliberately linked the bombings to the activities of dissidents in order to discredit the latter. OnJanuary 12th, 1977, academician Andrey Sakharov suggested, “the bombing of the Moscow subway and the ensuing tragic loss of life is the newest and most dangerous provocation by the repressive government in recent years,” and later openly declared, “there is good reason to fear that in this case there has been a miscarriage of justice, or deliberate falsification.”
* When specifying the numbers of victims of terrorist attacks, as a rule we have used official data published in open sources. Onemust be aware, however, that if at first the authorities were not inclined to underreport the number of terrorist attack victims, since 2002official data on the number of victims of terrorist attacks may be understated.
In ‘Caucasian Knot’

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