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Rozgon, Svetlana
Я твой партнер по спектаклю «Эй, кто-нибудь!». Вместе играли в Волоколамском ДК. Вместе репетировали и вживались в роль…...
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author Дмитрий

Kurbatova, Christina
Такие красивые, такие молодые,навсегда. Меня ещё не было,когда произошла эта трагедия. Помню,мама,рассказывала,её однокл...
20/01/23 19:55 more...
author Катя

Chernykh, Dmitry
Черных Дмитрий
Я познакомился с Дмитрием в 1980 году перед поступлением в институт в Туле. После поступления мы жили на квартирах по ра...
15/12/22 14:18 more...
author Соловьев Игорь

Borisova, Elena
Борисова Елена
Мы с Леной жили в одном подьезде, учились в одной школе - 512. Она было старше меня на два года, но мы дружили. Ходили д...
30/10/22 20:02 more...
author Елена

Zakharov, Pavel
Помню Павла
Помню Павла, учились вместе на военной кафедре МИФИ.
27/10/22 16:24 more...
author Михаил

All involved in Moscow subway attacks have been identified
Written by Лента.ру   
Вторник, 29 Март 2011
Цветы на месте теракта на станции "Парк культуры". Фото из архива ©APOn March 29th, 2010, terrorists Janet Abdurakhmanova (Abdullayeva) and Mariam Sharipova detonated bombs on trains at the Lubyanka and Culture Park stations of the Sokolnicheskaya subway line. Forty people were killed, and more than 90 injured.

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Write off and forget
Written by Барабанов Илья , Мостовщиков Егор   
Понедельник, 28 Март 2011
A year after the terrorist attack in the Moscow subway
A year ago, on, March 29th, 2010, blasts at the Lubyanka and Park Kultury subway stations took the lives of 40 people, and injured 88. Dmitry Medvedev laid flowers at the site of the tragedy. Prosecutor General Chaika took the investigation of the case under special control, while politicians and bureaucrats vied with each other to propose new measures to fight terrorism. All of this is the standard program worked out by the authorities following any major tragedy in order to reassure citizens and show them: “We’re on the job and we care about your safety.” For a week the state television channels reported on how much compensation the victims would be paid, what programs were to be set up, and they aired threatening speeches. Then the tragedy moved to second place in “electoral significance” (as the Kremlin puts it), and the media no longer brings it up. Just like every year, when together every TV channel fails to note the anniversary of the Beslan tragedy.

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Khloponin found time for Beslan mothers
Written by Заур Фарниев, Владикавказ   
Пятница, 25 Март 2011
Фото: Александр Миридонов / Коммерсантъ Presidential envoy met with school siege victims
In Vladikavkaz, presidential envoy to the North Caucasus federal district Alexander Khloponin met for the first time with victims of the September 2004 terrorist attack that took place at Beslan School No. 1. The nearly six-hour conversation ended with Mr. Khloponin confirming Dmitry Medvedev’s promise to meet with the Beslan mothers. According to the participants, it should take place in the coming months.
Alexander Khloponin’s meeting with the nine victims took place behind closed doors, but a participant in the meeting, Susanna Dudiyeva, head of the ‘Beslan Mothers’ organization, gave details to ‘Kommersant’. Mr. Khloponin admitted that he had been intending to hold a meeting for some time (during the anniversary of the tragic events last September he never spoke with victims), but he never could find the time.

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Patriarch of mayor of Moscow agree to build church
Written by Newsru   
Среда, 23 Март 2011
Патриарх и мэр Москвы договорились построить храм в память жертв теракта на Дубровке
Patriarch of mayor of Moscow agree to build church in memory of Dubrovka terrorist attack victims
An Orthodox church in memory of those killed in the terrorist attack on the theatrical center will be built on Dubrovka in Moscow.
“At your request, we selected sites (for churches in Moscow — Ed). We prepared documentation for 60 sites. We will mark the start of this great program by laying the stone together during construction of one of the churches,” said Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin on Wednesday, during a meeting with Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All of Russia. The ‘Interfax-Religion’ web portal reported the mayor’s words.

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Suspected Stavropol bomber sought in Moscow
Written by Лента.ру   
Среда, 09 Март 2011
Виктор Двораковский. Фото с сайта ГУВД по Ставропольскому краюIn Moscow, police are searching for a suspect involved in an explosion in the Stavropol region who could conceivably become a suicide bomber. This was reported on March 9th by the news agency Interfax, quoting a source in law enforcement.
The suspect is 23-year-old Viktor Dvorakovsky. He is a thin man of European appearance, and taller than 185 centimeters. Dvorakovsky has dark hair and eyes and could be wearing a beard.

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