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Moscow bids farewell to victims of the terrorist attack
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, 28 2011
On January 28th there will be a funeral for those killed in terrorist attack on Domodedovo airport. TheMoscow city government has asked the ‘Ritual’ funeral services company to organize the burial of the victims of the bombing with a payment rate of 38,380 rubles each (about$1,500 ed). Inaddition, the victims’ families will receive a one-time payment of 2million rubles each (about$80,000).
The Moscow Social Security Department is making payments to all victims of the terrorist attack at Domodedovo airport, except for residents of the outlying suburbs. TheMoscow regional government will pay these victims.
The amounts stated by the government of the Russian Federation will apply to the same extent to citizens of other countries as it does to Russian nationals. Itshould be noted that foreigners who were victims of the terrorist attack at Dubrovka received nothing. Backthen it was due to peculiarities of the Russian law, according to the head of the International Protection Center and attorney for the ‘Nord-Ost’ victims, Karinna Moskalenko:
“The law that defines compensation does not apply to foreigners, and that was the only explanation they were given. Since then Ihave dealt less with compensation for ‘Nord-Ost’ and more with situations such as ambiguous diagnoses and causes of death that were documented and recorded in resolutions and autopsies. Thiswas the subject of their appeal to the European court the violation of their right to life and the withholding information on the cause of death. Theapplicants whom we represent believe that their loved ones died as a result of the assault and the use of a chemical substance that the authorities still refuse to name but had apparently a toxic effect. Wehope to prove this and force the authorities to investigate the case properly.”
Tatiana Karpova, co-chair of the ‘Nord-Ost’ public organization and mother of one of the hostages slain during the terrorist attack at Dubrovka, said that relatives of those killed by the bombing at Domodedovo airport have not contacted her or her colleagues. TheState, without waiting for demands from the victims, allocated a significant amount. Families of the slain will receive two million rubles. Those with severe to media injuries will receive one and a half million, while those only lightly wounded will receive a million. According to Tatiana Karpova, this is the first time local and federal authorities have decided to provide significant benefits:
“This is the first time that the government has provided significant material assistance to families after a terrorist attack. Theauthorities have finally realized that these families are always in need of support, and material support in particular. After all, people who survived the bombing are in hospitals. Eventhough medical treatment in our country is free, half of the required tests and examinations are out of pocket.”
It is not just relatives of victims of the terrorist attack on ‘Nord-Ost’ who turn to the ‘Nord-Ost’ public organization, but also victims of other terrorist attacks that have occurred in Russia over the past ten years. Tatiana Karpova said that the ‘Nord-Ost’ public organization is also ready to help victims of the terrorist attack at Domodedovo airport. Thisalso applies to psychological assistance as well as assisting children who have lost parents with a boarding school in the city of Korallovo outside Moscow. Karpova is convinced that the authorities must act quickly:
“For more than eight years we have been trying to get either the Federal Parliament or the President to examine the issue of introducing a law governing the status of victim of a terrorist attacks. Thenthese people will not have to stand in long lines to seek the truth. Theywill automatically begin receiving benefits, because it was the fault of the State that they were put in this situation.”
In the meantime the Moscow city government has pledged a monthly stipend in the amount of 13,500 rubles (about$500) for Moscow children who have lost one or both parents,
By Elena Polyakov on ‘Radio Liberty’
January 28th, 2011

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