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And also in terror
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, 27 2011
335In a majority of the responses to the terrorist attack on Domodedovo, many people have written about many things, but in my opinion, they forget about what is most important.
Most of all, they forget that terror was started by Russia, and Russia continues it to this day. Since 1999. InChechnya. Whatis going on in Chechnya cannot be called a war. Anattack by the well-armed army of a nation with a population of 140million on the poorly armed army of a country with a population of but ONE million this is something between terrorism and genocide. Andthis “war” began with the help of three terrorist attacks carried out by the FSB against its own populace: the bombings of apartment buildings in Moscow and Volgodonsk that were allegedly committed by the Chechens. Afourth bombing nearly took place in Ryazan, where the local authorities out of ignorance almost arrested two terrorists from the Lubyanka (FSB HQ building ed). Ialso remember that the third bombing, the one in Volgodonsk, was announced in the Federal Parliament by Speaker Gennady Seleznev three days before it happened.
After the victory over Chechen military units, this genocidal, terrorist war continued in the form of “simple” acts of terrorism by the Russian occupation forces and their Chechen collaborators. Kidnappings and subsequent murders of Chechen civilians are the most common types of attacks, and such attacks continue in Chechnya to this day.
Yes, since then the Chechen rebels have gone into hiding and responded in turn with terrorist attacks. Thesame retaliatory terror began in Dagestan and Ingushetia, where part of the Chechen underground has moved, and there have been breakouts of terrorism in a number of other North Caucasus regions. Thevictims of these attacks are usually the Russian military or local officials. During the hostage taking at the ‘Nord-Ost’ theater and in Beslan, the demand was for negotiations on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Chechnya. Imust remind you that, due to the actions of the Russian security forces, at these two tragedies a total of about 500were killed, including more than 150children.
Now in response to the bombing of Domodedovo most authors focus on the question of why Russia cannot stop North Caucasus terrorism they way the U.S. interrupted al-Qaeda after September 11th, 2001. Alot that is believable has been stated, but they remain silent about the most important tool withdrawing Russian troops from Chechnya, preferably taking with them a majority of their local collaborators in order to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.
An example: the retreat of France from Algeria, which the French regarded as their overseas territory. About a million Frenchmen lived there, most of them born in Algeria. These French citizens had to be evacuated to France, but since then terrorism by Algerians against the French in Algeria and in French cities has ceased. Inthis case North Caucasus terrorist attacks in Russia would certainly stop, as they had before the second Chechen war Putin’s terrorist war.
After the withdrawal of Russian forces, will Chechnya break away from Russia? Probably yes. Theway that Algeria did, and the right to such separation is in the UN Charter. Without leaving Chechnya, Russia is doomed to regular attacks, no matter how it strengthens vigilance. Perhaps after retiring from Chechnya there will be referendums on secession allowed in Dagestan and Ingushetia. Well, it would not harm Russia, especially since so many Russians have taken an active dislike to the large number of immigrants that come from the North Caucasus.
The author of this commentary, of course, understands that the current Russian government would never follow the French example, just as the Soviets would not before the arrival of Gorbachev at the Kremlin. Butthis must be stated all the time, especially by those who consider themselves the democratic opposition. Acountry from which there is no free exit cannot be free, democratic, and prosperous.
I am taking this opportunity to remind everyone that Russia conducts four types of terrorism against its own citizens: there is terrorism by the police, terrorism by government-nurtured neo-Nazis, terrorism by gangsters, and terrorism by gangster businessmen. Nocountry in the world has such a diverse menu of terrorist service! Butthese kinds of terrorism for some reason do not have the same resonance with the public as terrorism from the Caucasus.
One last important question: could the bombing of Domodedovo once again be the work of the FSB? Itseems that this time is not. Thistime they did not report 30minutes after the blast about who helped the suicide bombers and even where they came from, as the media did after the terrorist attacks on the subway last spring, but nothing about this act of terrorism can be argued with absolute certainty. OnlyPutin could categorically state (for the first time ever!), “the terrorist attack on Domodedovo has nothing to do with Chechnya.” So, he steps out and he knows exactly who had something to do with it? Oris he afraid that his deputy down there will separate Chechnya from Russia? After all, Kadyrov has already reached the point where he can demand that Zhirinovsky be removed from Parliament for insulting the Chechens. Kadyrov could be a bit worried, too, that the Chechens might have him removed for their long and humiliating subordination to Putin.
And so, also in terror we are ahead of the whole planet!
By Vadim Belotserkovsky, in ‘Grani.ru’
January 27th, 201111:20

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