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, 13 2013

 On February 21st, 2013, a heart stopped beating, the heart of OLGA BUTENKO the heart of a sweet, tender, golden, and precocious girl. Shewas a student at the Stary Oskol Medical College (SOMC) and participant in the 2011and 2012‘Nord-Ost’ requiem concerts.

“A good person is not one who knows how to do good, but one who does not know how to do evil” (V.O.Klyuchevsky)

They say that Olga was a little girl with a GREAT BIG HEART. Sheonly spent three semesters at SOMC, but you can write an endless chronicle about her life during this short period. Nota single college event went on without her. Shehad many talents, but her most important talent was LOVE. Sheloved her mother, friends, people, and her own life. While participating in the ‘Student Portfolio’ contest, Olga shared her dreams and spoke with admiration and deep respect about her idol Leo Bokeriya, stating with firmness that her dream was to become a heart surgeon like him. Olgawas also quite able to empathize and sympathize.

    26  2011 As an active member of the ‘Live for Life’ volunteer organization at SOMC, Olga was able to allow the pain of others’ tragedies pass through her heart and soul. Shewrote lyrics for the song “Memory”, which was performed at the requiem concert for the 9th anniversary of the tragic events at ‘Nord-Ost’, and also wrote the words to “My Guardian Angel” performed at the 10th anniversary requiem concert.

Olga lived life fast. Shewanted to grab it by the horns, as if somehow she felt that she, unbeknownst to all, would be granted just 19years in which to do it. Onher last day on earth, Olga bade her mother farewell she thought just for an hour with a smile and with joy as she hurried to rehearsal for the “Oskol Beauty” contest. Thisyear she had been entrusted by SOMC to represent it at the competition. During rehearsal, however, she suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

   No one could describe Olga better than she could. Ina presentation she prepared for submission to the contest, she stated: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players! ThusI play my small parts in this great, big world. Theroles of daughter, schoolgirl, musician, poet, theater-dancer, college student, one who laughs, one who cries, the best friend and the most dangerous enemy There have been many such roles, and it is nice to remember them! Youwish to be the best at each new character, the best for society, for your family, your friends and your loved one. Youdo the right thing so that there is never any shame in your life. Howgreat it is to achieve everything on your own, to break through locked doors, demolish bridges, bust through walls all on your own. Tofind a new role, new characters, to perform the next play, in short, to live!!! Butsometimes one just wants to be simply their parents’ child, to put their head on their mother’s lap and forget about it all. Don’t you agree? Let's step back from that lyric. After all, note that Iam now performing in front of you in the new role of a contestant. Ifwe simply get to know each other, Iam Olga, a 3rd-year medical student at Stary Oskol Medical College. Ilove my profession and Iam proud of it. Myfavorite hobby is cooking, which Iwill later demonstrate to you. Iwrite poetry and song lyrics. Ilove to sing. Iadore dancing. Igo through life dancing: here a passionate tango, there a perky Quickstep. Themain thing in my life is family; nothing could ever mean more to me. Mama, mama, and yet again mama, this is my Guardian Angel, my loved one who is always there for me, friends whose support is my keeps me going. Myvolunteer organization, ‘Live for Life’ at SOMC, in which Iam an activist, is very important to me. Ilove being among people, it’s an adrenaline rush, an indescribable feeling to meet new people. Sonow you have a small idea about contestant number such and such, Butenko, Olga. Thank you, Iam glad to meet you. Whoknows what this role for me will turn into!”

Fate never let Olga perform this role. Fondest memories, Olga!

ByO.V.Yesaulkova, director of the ‘Live for Life’ volunteer organization, OOAU SPO Stary Oskol Medical College

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