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Russian security services guilty in the deaths of Nord-Ost
, 20 2011

Strasbourg reaches a decision on ‘Nord-Ost’. OnDecember 20th, the European Court of Human Rights almost fully satisfied claims by victims and relatives of the deceased victims of the terrorist attack on the theatrical center at Dubrovka.

The applicants themselves consider today’s decision by Strasbourg to be a real victory, and had been waiting for several years. Nowthey hope that an objective investigation into the incident will take place. Thevictims and relatives of the deceased hostages filed their claims with the European Court back in 2003.

In their petitions, they demanded that those who planned the hostage rescue operation be brought to justice. Thesecurity forces at the time released a poisonous gas into the auditorium where the audience and actors of the musical ‘Nord-Ost’ were being held hostage. Information about the gas is still a secret. Theplaintiffs believe that the use of this gas killed and injured not only the terrorists, but a large number of hostages aswell.

They also state that the government was unable to organize necessary medical assistance to the victims. There were no measures taken to block off traffic so that ambulances could quickly reach the hospitals, and physicians at the hospitals simply had no idea how to treat people poisoned by an unknown gas. Intheir lawsuits, they also pointed out that there was no effective investigation into the incident.

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Secrets of the Nord-Ost tragedy 9yearslater
, 26 2011

, 26 2011
Vladimir Kara-Murza: About 200people remembered victims of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka on its ninth anniversary. Thismorning relatives and friends of those who never returned from the play ‘Nord-Ost’ gathered on the square near the theater center. Theylaid flowers and released 130white balloons one for each of the victims into the sky. After a traditional minute of silence, they read the full list of victims, and then a requiem concert washeld.

Speaking before the participants were relatives of the victims, as well as singer-parliament member Joseph Kobzon, who nine years ago participated in the rescue of women and children. Thenthe children's radio and television choir performed, as well as several well-known Russian musicians. After the commemorations, the abbot of the temple under construction near the theatrical center held a memorial service for the victims of the terrorist attack.

The organizers of the commemoration announced that they have put together a book dedicated to the victims of ‘Nord-Ost’. Thebook includes short stories about each of the one hundred and thirty who were killed during the capture of theater.

Secrets of the ‘Nord-Ost’ tragedy 9years later. Weare now talking on this subject with Svetlana Gubareva, a former hostage, Alexander Cherkasov, a member of the board of the ‘Memorial’ human rights organization, and Elena Milashina, a columnist for ‘Novaya Gazeta’. Please tell us about this book that you are holding in your hands and that you showed to participants of today's commemoration.

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The book We Will Not Die
, 26 2011

The book We Will Not Die is released in time for the 9th anniversary of the tragedy at Dubrovka

ImageIn October 2002, terrorists took hostage nearly 1,000 artists and spectators of the musical Nord-Ost. 130could not be saved. Flowers and wreaths were laid by the memorial plaque, while white balloons were released into thesky.

Today in Russia they remember the victims of the tragedy at the theatrical center on Dubrovka. Victims and the loved ones of those who perished gathered by the building in Moscow. 9years ago, nearly 1000artists and members of the audience of the musical Nord-Ost were held hostage by terrorists. 130died. Amoment of silence was observed in their memory, while flowers and wreaths were laid by a memorial plaque and 130white balloons were released into the sky. Inaddition, on the anniversary of the tragedy a book devoted to the victims of the attack was published. Among its authors is a hostage.

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Karinna Moskalenko
, 25 1999

Karinna Moskalenko: “Besides the European Court, we do not have anything else we can count on”

   Rosa Malsagova / RFIKarinna Moskalenko, the attorney representing the ‘Nord-Ost’ victims at the European Court of Human Rights, talks about the case’s progress in Strasbourg, which has become became her clients’ lasthope.

October 24th marks the 9years from the date of the seizure of hostages in the theater on Dubrovka in Moscow. 912people had come to see the musical ‘Nord-Ost’, and on October 26th, 2002, during the assault 130of them were killed, according to official figures. Theinvestigation into the terrorist attack was called off in 2007, but reopened again thisyear.

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Nord-Ost A unfinished play for 130people
, 21 2011

Written by Zviad Mchedlishvili
Friday, October 21st, 2011

‘Nord-Ost’ an unfinished play for one hundred and thirty people. Ithas been nine years since the tragedy at Dubrovka. Whohad something to gain from the terrorist attack? Wasit possible to avoid an assault? Whydid the Russian authorities not let the terrorists release hostages? Morequestions than answers.

Musa Taipov, Anzor Maskhadov, Maxim Shevchenko, and Svetlana Gubareva on ‘Pulse of the Caucasus’ (Russian only)

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9years of 'Nord-Ost', memory of the victims
, 24 2011
ImageIt has been 9years since terrorists seized hostages in the Moscow theatrical center on Dubrovka. TheRussian authorities are indifferent to the memory of the victims of terrorist attacks, says Svetlana Gubareva, a former hostage who lost in that terrorist attack her daughter and fiancé. OnOctober 23rd, 2002, during the musical ‘Nord-Ost’, a group of Chechen rebels led by Movsar Barayev seized more than 900people. Theterrorists 32men and 18women held them hostage for three days. OnOctober 26th, Russian commandos stormed the theatrical center and destroyed the terrorists. 130hostages died as a result of the use of a secret gas. Former hostage Svetlana Gubareva, now a member of the coordinating council of of the ‘Nord-Ost’ regional public organization, lost her daughter and fiancé in the theatrical center on Dubrovka.

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Dmitry Milovidov on Dozhd TV
, 25 2011

(Original title: ‘Nord-Ost’: Why the authorities are afraid of revealing the truth)



Dmitry Milovidov, a member of the coordinating council of ‘Nord-Ost’, spoke about what has changed in the 9years since the seizure of the theatrical center on Dubrovka. Hisdaughters were taken hostage, and one of them perished during the storming of the building.

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