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Dmitry Milovidov on Dozhd TV
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, 25 2011

(Original title: ‘Nord-Ost’: Why the authorities are afraid of revealing the truth)



Dmitry Milovidov, a member of the coordinating council of ‘Nord-Ost’, spoke about what has changed in the 9years since the seizure of the theatrical center on Dubrovka. Hisdaughters were taken hostage, and one of them perished during the storming of the building.

KAZNIN: We will begin with that for which you came here today. 9years have passed. You, however, never give up, as we understand, at trying to figure out what really happened, who is to blame, and soforth.

MILOVIDOV: We, as ordinary citizens, we cannot force the Russian judicial machine to work, yet again, as citizens, we are obliged to force them to do so. During all these years we have passed through a lot of courtrooms and received a lot of refusals. Thecase is pending before the European Court of Human Rights. Thanks to this court, we got access to all of the materials from the criminal case, and these confirm our position. Whathas been done during this time, and for what are we fighting now? Theterrorist attack left 70children orphaned. Manyof the problems the victims of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka are facing what the Beslan survivors are also facing, as well as victims of other terrorist attacks, which in Russia numbered 56in the year 2004alone. But, unfortunately, before we tried this, nobody ever tried to sue the state or tried to protect their rights. Wehad to start the whole thing, and we made mistakes, and stumbled. Butquite a lot got done. Whathas yet to be done? There is still no law on the status of a victim of a terrorist attack. There is a law on combating terrorism, which dates from 1998and spent several years under wraps, but when victims of the ‘Nord-Ost’ terrorist attack began to sue the government, it was immediately finalized and came out in a new version, which practically put all the responsibility for damages on the terrorists. Thank God that the new law is very well written as far as the rights of the families of fallen security service commandos. There it clearly states how much the salaries and pensions are to be and so forth. Victims of terrorist attacks, however, rate only a few general terms such as “at the discretion of the Government of Russia”.

KAZNIN: Who worked on thisbill?

MILOVIDOV: A large group of legislators.

KAZNIN: In the StateDuma?

MILOVIDOV: Of course. Thevictims of the terrorist attacks in Volgodonsk Remember, the whole city was a victim in the terrorist attack 15,200 people, think about this figure. Theytry to hush it up, but we remember. The‘Volgodonsk’ organization developed a draft law on the status of a victim of a terrorist attack, and gave it to the State Duma. Theresponse that was received stated that, firstly, the development of such legislation is a prerogative of the legislators, while at the bottom there was this little note: “We thank you for your citizenship.”

KAZNIN: Still, how about a name? Isthe Security Committee handling this in the first place, or some related agency?

MILOVIDOV: Ithink that no one is handling it these days. Dmitry Anatolievich Medvedev has repeatedly, so to speak, called on the carpet Deputy Minister Konovalov and others, demanding that they hold hearings on this law, and it is still not ready. IgorLeonidovich Trunov developed 11legislative projects, but he still cannot see any sign of the documents hesent.

ARNO: Have you ever appealed to the human rights advocates, to Mikhail Fedotov, for example, the president of the Foundation for Human Rights?

MILOVIDOV: We turned to Lukin once, but he said that our path leads only to Strasbourg. Thecommissioner for human rights of the Chechen Republic asked questions like this of the present, or rather, former minister Mrs. Golikova. Hepointed out to her the situation in Chechnya, and she also sent him to the European Court of Human Rights. Noone is a prophet in his own country.

KAZNIN: What kind of compensation has beenpaid?

MILOVIDOV: Compensation as such was never paid. Theypaid out 10thousand rubles (less than$400 ed.) for lost items. There was financial assistance, and we are very grateful for it, as it allowed us to bury our loved ones, but little else. There were foundations that provided some assistance, if you remember ‘Mosehnergo’ and ‘Sojuzplodoimport’, and the foundation of the deceased Volsky, who made a schematic of assistance for individuals suffering from the gas attack. Thatis, he provided assistance to those who could present appropriate medical documentation that they were hospitalized. Thiswas correct. Butsomehow, when the authorities list the assistance they provided, they list all of these foundations.

KAZNIN: These are public organizations.

MILOVIDOV: You can say that the state has a stake in ‘Mosehnergo’ and ‘Sojuzplodoimport’, but also listing the Volsky foundation, Ido not understandthis.

KAZNIN: What do other countries do in these situations?

MILOVIDOV: In 2006, at an OSCE session in Vienna dedicated to overcoming the aftermath of terrorist attacks, we reported to the attendees how it is done in Russia. Theyasked us to repeat it. Theywere surprised, astonished, and looked at the translators did they omit a zero or put a decimal place somewhere incorrectly? Could it really be that in Russia a grandmother left to care for her two orphaned grandchildren only receives 215rubles (about 8dollars ed.) amonth?

ARNO: So what are these books that you brought withyou?

MILOVIDOV: This is something that we managed to achieve a tiny fraction of what we need to do for the dead. Wehave released, finally, ‘The Book of Memory’. 130lives, 130people who live forever, as long we remember them. Thisis the fourth book of the ‘Nord-Ost’ organization. Wealso released our ‘Investigation Incomplete’ back in 2006. Thebook is not about our emotions, and there is no speculation it has only materials from the criminal case, which we are laying before the court of public opinion.

ARNO: With regard to the criminal case, in 2007it was closed and then reopened this year. Whyisthat?

MILOVIDOV: It has repeatedly been adjourned and resumed on formal grounds. Sometimes this is required in order to copy documents at the request of the European Court. Quite literally a half hour before the bombing at Domodedovo, we made a complaint to the Investigation Committee that some of the terrorists that the investigators declared to have been killed were, in fact, never properly identified. Thatis, the investigators were in such a hurry to send the case to the archives that they even turned a blind eye tothat.

KAZNIN: Memorial Day for you is the 26th. Whatwill happen?

MILOVIDOV: On the 26th at 10:00 am there will be a memorial ceremony on Dubrovka, at Melnikov Street, Building 7. Ithappens every year according to the same scenario: speeches by people and artists who care and who come to support the victims. There is a church memorial service and 130balloons are released into the sky in memory of the 130dead. Thisis a place for people whocare.

KAZNIN: Do government officials and members of parliamentcome?

MILOVIDOV: It used to be like this: an hour before our ceremony, which back then was held at 11:00, the authorities would come to the so-called “monument with the birds”.

ARNO: They came quietly, laid wreaths, andleft.

MILOVIDOV: Not very quietly. Kobzon sang something and Roshal talked about something. Onthat monument there is no list of the dead. Unfortunately, it was built for those who died here and in Beslan and in Riga and so on. There was a list only once on that night when President Putin came. Justfor him they shyly hung a list of the dead on a piece of cardboard, set up cameras and flowers, and took pictures. Inthe morning the list was gone, and it is still gone. Ourplace is hidden on a corner of the theatrical center building. There is a plaque, but now the authorities no longer come to our so-called open-air memorial altar, which still seems to require additional victims. Theystand by us, but this, we believe, is a goodsign.

On the TV channel ‘DOZHD’
Broadcast dates: October 24th, 2011at 22:53, October 25th, 2011at 01:52

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