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9years of 'Nord-Ost', memory of the victims
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, 24 2011
ImageIt has been 9years since terrorists seized hostages in the Moscow theatrical center on Dubrovka. TheRussian authorities are indifferent to the memory of the victims of terrorist attacks, says Svetlana Gubareva, a former hostage who lost in that terrorist attack her daughter and fiancé. OnOctober 23rd, 2002, during the musical ‘Nord-Ost’, a group of Chechen rebels led by Movsar Barayev seized more than 900people. Theterrorists 32men and 18women held them hostage for three days. OnOctober 26th, Russian commandos stormed the theatrical center and destroyed the terrorists. 130hostages died as a result of the use of a secret gas. Former hostage Svetlana Gubareva, now a member of the coordinating council of of the ‘Nord-Ost’ regional public organization, lost her daughter and fiancé in the theatrical center on Dubrovka. SVETLANA GUBAREVA That day Iwent with my family. Thiswould be my daughter, 13-year-old Sasha Letyago, and my fiancé, a citizen of the U.S., Sandy Booker. Wehad gotten a visa and were in a very good mood, so we decided to continue the celebration. Weleft embassy and bought tickets. Thehostage taking took place after intermission, at the beginning of the second act. Ofcourse, for a very long time Ijust did not want to believe it, because to simply come to Moscow for a week and plunge into this for the rest of your life Sandy was one of the nearly 70hostages who did not receive any medical care. Thiswas written in the conclusion of the medical examination. Butmy daughter was crushed. Ifyou were following the events back then, you may have seen how people were loaded onto buses when they were taken to the hospital. Shewas in one of those buses, lying on the bottom. Thebus carried 32people. Right on top of my daughter were three adults. “The authorities stubbornly refuse to acknowledge their guilt in the deaths of people,” says Svetlana. SVETLANA GUBAREVA They want to erase this story from people’s memories. Lookand see if every September 11th the U.S. president speaks about the grief and losses of September 11th. Haveyou ever heard the Russian president say anything in memory of those killed in Beslan or ‘Nord-Ost’? Noteven once. Acomplaint for violation of the ‘Nord-Ost’ victims’ right to life is pending before the European Court of Human Rights.
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