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The assault was illogical and criminal
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, 22 2007
-...Relatives of the hostages still do not agree with the official point of view on the operation in the theatrical center. Dmitry Milovidov, one of the leaders of the ‘Nord-Ost’ organization, told Olga Allenova why he believes the assault was a crime.

Five years ago, the authorities claimed that they did everything possible to rescue the ‘Nord-Ost’ hostages. Thevictims believed that the hostages died because of the actions of the authorities. Doyou still believe that the assault was unjustified?

Let us examine the facts. Inthe materials from the investigation there is testimony from experts at the FSB Science and Technology Directorate, and they claim that some of the explosives were not in working order. Manydid not have initiators installed, or had no batteries. Theinvestigators found that there were only three batteries suitable to cause detonation. Thisis all noted in the crime scene survey report.

So, do you think that terrorists were not going to blow up anything?

It is not what we believe, but what the facts say.

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Nord-Ost: 5years
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, 21 2007
Presenter: Evgeniya Albats

Guests: Dmitry Milovidov, Marat Abdrakhimov, and Konstantin Sirotkin

E.ALBATS: Good evening. Itis 7:06 and 35seconds in the evening. Thisis radio station ‘Echo of Moscow’ broadcasting on a frequency of 91.2 FM. Hereat the microphone is Evgeniya Albats. Iwill start our traditional Sunday program dedicated to the key events of the week, events that could have lasting effect and influence policies over the next weeks and months. Today we will talk about an event, a tragedy that affected Russian politics in a most radical fashion. Itis ‘Nord-Ost’. Letme remind you that on October 23rd, 2002, only 8kilometers from the Kremlin in Moscow, gunmen seized a theater on Dubrovka Street. Dubrovka, where they were showing the then-super popular musical ‘Nord-Ost’, based on Kaverin’s novel, ‘Two Captains’. Thistragedy lasted 57hours. Theterrorists’ demands were the withdrawal of our troops from Chechnya, and a stop to the war. Theytook 912people hostage the audience and the troupe of the show. 5people were shot at once, or almost at once. Thehostages asked for anything possible, except for an assault. Tomorrow in the journal '’he New Times’ we will publish detailed, never before published transcripts of conversations by private television station REN-TV with two hostages, Mariya Shkolnikova and Anna Andrianova.

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RDX, and the truth, are notsweet
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, 24 2007

In ‘Novaya Gazeta’, September 12th, 2005

What took place behind the scenes of the broadcast of ‘Ryazan Sugar’, and how the FSB tried to disrupt the ‘Independent Investigation’ show

‘Novaya Gazeta’ first uncovered the Ryazan exercises and the FSB’s unconvincing excuse that the bags they had planted under an apartment building on Novoselov Street were merely sugar. Inearly 2000, our correspondent went to Ryazan and spoke with the explosives expert. Hewas one of the first to arrive at the scene, and found that the bags contained RDX (see ‘Novaya Gazeta’ editions #6 & #8, 2000). Soonour staff member managed to find a paratrooper in a Ryazan military unit, who was assigned to protect an RDX warehouse where the explosives were actually packed in bags like sugar (see ‘Novaya Gazeta’ #10, 2000). Thesoldier’s testimony was recorded on a Dictaphone.

A huge scandal erupted after this was published. Theexplosives expert and the entire warehouse guard detachment were sent to Chechnya, while official government television channels launched a campaign. Generals gave speeches. Atfirst, the military men denied that there ever was such a soldier or such a warehouse. Thenthey acknowledged that the soldier and the warehouse were real, but denied decisively that RDX was stored in sacks there.

The story received an even more interesting continuation after NTV and Nikolai Nikolayev conducted their independent investigation.

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Speech of the permanent representative of Russia to the OSCE permanent council
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, 20 2007


Mister chairman,

The inter-regional public organization “Russian-Chechen Friendship Organization” was dissolved on October 13th, 2006, after the court in Nizhny Novgorod found it guilty of activities openly encouraging terrorism. The Russian Supreme Court affirmed this decision in January of 2007.

In accordance with Point 16, Subpart IVof the 1992Helsinki Document, organizations and persons who openly encourage terrorism cannot be permitted into OSCE events or take part in their activities. After 1992this rule has been reflected many times in many OSCE documents. It was affirmed by last week’s Council Resolution #803, concerning modalities of conducting this high-level meeting on victims of terrorism.

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OSCE pulled into a scandal
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, 19 2007

By Valery Kopotin

In Dni.ru

Last week’s conference, “A high-level meeting with victims of terrorism”, held under the aegis of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), did not pass without incident. Related to this were the activities of certain Russian “human rights” organizations.

The first collision occurred concerning the participation of the so-called “Russian-Chechen Friendship Organization (RCFO)”, which had been dissolved in Russia less than a year ago after a court decision.

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