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Grishin, Alexey
Памяти Алексея Дмитриевича Гришина
Светлая память прекрасному человеку! Мы работали в ГМПС, тогда он был молодым начальником отдела металлов, подающим боль...
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author Бондарева Юлия

Panteleev, Denis
Вот уже и 21 год , а будто как вчера !!!!
26/10/23 12:11 more...
author Ирина

Ustinovskaya, Yekaterina
24/10/23 17:44 more...
author Аноним

Bochkov, Alexei
Терракт в Палестине, Сектор Газа
Сегодня в гражданскую больницу Палестины прилетела ракета, погибли до 1000 человек, весь мир взбудоражен. И я оказался н...
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author Андрей

Radchenko, Vladimir
Дядя Володя, я тебя помню и буду помнить всегда!
04/09/23 22:05 more...
author Елена

Law will require Russian citizens “not to tell tales out of school”
Written by Григорий Нехорошев   
Понедельник, 16 Июль 2007

By Grigory Nekhoroshev

Совок жив? Not all Russian citizens trust the courts for justice. Russians occupy 4th place worldwide in the number of appeals to the European Court in Strasbourg, and in order to satisfy cases brought by our fellow citizens in Strasbourg, the Russian government in the first half of 2006 had to pay plaintiffs more than 12 million rubles (about $500,000).

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Sasha Letyago’s memorials
Written by Марина Дайнеко   
Пятница, 13 Июль 2007

By Marina Daineko

July 13th, 2007



The face of a little girl who will never grow up.

But who will answer for this and many other broken lives?

Bright is her memory. Hers, and the memory of all who died at Dubrovka.

The face of a little girl, for whose death old men received medals.

"Happiness is a philosophical concept, and every family has its own happiness. Happiness in our family was Sashenka.” So wrote her aunt, Roza Ishchenko. Look at the Memorial Book, reader. Look at the bright face of this little girl who will forever remain 13. The face of a little girl, who, perhaps, while still alive, was tossed onto the steel floor of a medical service UAZ van by her so-called rescuers, and then covered by the bodies of 12 other hostages.

She was born in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, in 1989. The web site created and maintained by her mother, Svetlana Gubareva, has a memorial book with a page dedicated to every hostage of the Dubrovka theatrical center. Sasha’s address is: http://nord-ost.org/kniga-pamyati/letyago-aleksandra.html.

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The next black PR technology
Written by Валерий Копотин   
Четверг, 12 Июль 2007

By Valery Kopotin


On Wednesday, in the central Journalism Union building, members of the ‘Nord-Ost’ organization held a press conference. Present were co-chairmen Sergey and Tatiana Karpova as well as the organization’s activist Dmitry Milovidov. The ‘Nord-Ost’ people spoke about their intentions to bring to justice high-ranking officials who, in their opinion, are guilty of the deaths of people as a result of the terror act in the theatrical center on Dubrovka in 2002.

The press conference’s participants did not report anything new, as the arguments they made have been broadcast several times before. This time, however, the organization’s members announced that they were petitioning the Prosecutor General’s office, “with the goal of bringing the guilty to justice”. By the way, on that same day Tatiana Karpova answered questions in an online news conference for the New York Times publication.

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The Prosecutor General is reminded about ‘Nord-Ost’
Written by Ольга Алленова   
Четверг, 12 Июль 2007

By Olga Allenova

In Kommersant

Victims of the terror act accuse Nikolai Patrushev of negligence

The ‘Nord-Ost’ public organization yesterday petitioned the Prosecutor General’s office with a demand that criminal charges be brought against members of the operational headquarters responsible for the rescue of hostages from the Dubrovka theatrical center. They are accused of negligence and hiding information on the dangerous gas used by the special services.

According to the ‘Nord-Ost’ terror act victims, they were only now appealing to the Prosecutor General because they had spent the last five years “collecting proofs, questioning witnesses, and studying materials from the criminal case while under constant resistance from the prosecutor’s office”.

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Dubrovka versus the Lyubyanka
Written by Грани.ру   
Среда, 11 Июль 2007

In Grani.ru

‘Nord-Ost’ organization demands criminal charges against the hostage rescue headquartersТраур на Дубровке в третью годовщину Норд-Оста. Фото Граней.РуThe Russian public organization ‘Nord-Ost’ has petitioned the Prosecutor General’s office, demanding that a criminal case be initiated against members of the operational headquarters for rescue of the hostages (at Dubrovka). Heads of the organization declared this on Wednesday at a press conference, according to a correspondent from Grani.

They are accusing FSB director Nikolai Patrushev, his deputy, Vladimir Pronichev, and the chief of the special operations center, Alexander Tikhonov, as well as former Security Council secretary Vladimir Rushailo. “We won’t even rule out the president,” declared ‘Nord-Ost’ coordinator Tatiana Karpova.


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