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Putin's course led tocourt
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, 22 2007
Ella Kesayeva, co-chairman of the 'Voice of Beslan' organization, has been brought up on administrative charges. Thereason was a November 7th rally organized by 'Voice of Beslan' and 'Mothers of Beslan'.

According to the indictment protocol, Ella Kesayeva is accused of putting up a road sign without coordinating with traffic authorities. Mostly women attended the rally, relatives of hostages slain in the assault (on the Beslan school). OnlyElla Kesaeva was indicted, however, since she was the chief organizer of the rally. Kesayeva believes that the delay in the indictment is connected with orders from above. If it was only the initiative of local police or local prosecutor, she noted. It would have been done in only a few days.

On November 7th the women set up a sign with the inscription Putin's Course next to the Beslan grammar school, with an arrow pointing in the direction of the school. Participants of the rally were protesting against an expanded advertising campaign in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his policies.

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Today is a memorialday
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, 16 2007
Today is a memorial day for those slain in the explosion of the apartment building in Kaspiisk
On November 16th, 1996, in the Dagestani town of Kaspiisk, an 82-unit apartment building was blown up. Thefamilies of officers and warrant officers from the Kaspiisk district Federal Border Service lived alongside civilians in the 9-storey building. Officers from an aviation squadron and the 'Makhachkala' operational unit of the Caucasus border district were also living there.

The Order of Courage was awarded posthumously to 21service members, including the head of the Caspian border guard, Lieutenant Colonel Valery Morozov, and his wife, Svetlana Morozova.
As a result of the terrorist attack 68persons were killed, including 21children.

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Putin's Plan in Beslan
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, 10 2007
. 3  2004 .The 'Voice of Beslan' and 'Beslan Mothers' organizations held an anti-Putin rally near School No. 1in Beslan, which in 2004was seized by terrorists.
According Ella Kesayeva, the co-head of 'Voice of Beslan', protesters set up a poster on the road near the school that read 'Putin's Course', with an arrow pointing to the school. Susanna Dudiyeva, chairman of the 'Beslan Mothers' committee, said that the rally lasted about two hours. The government does not want to see its mistakes and blunders, said Dudiyeva. We have lost our children. Wehave the right to show the authorities that their way is wrong. Passersby who stopped their cars to take part joined the silent picket.

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Bus bombing in Tolyatti
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, 31 2007
There was a city bus explosion on Wednesday morning in Tolyatti. Asa result, 8people were killed, including a child. Inaddition, 51other people received injuries of varying severity, three of them children.

According to the Samara regional health department, five adults were transported to a burn center, and 41to hospital No. 2in Tolyatti. Thewounded received mainly head injuries and concussions in the explosion. Fourof the wounded are in serious condition and are currently being operated on.

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'Nord-Ost' is five yearsold
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, 27 2007
Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of the 'Nord-Ost' tragedy. Meeting by the theatrical center building on Dubrovka were former hostages and relatives of the slain, as well as Muscovites, altogether about a thousand people. Politicians of all persuasions came: Yabloko Party leader Grigory Yavlinsky, SPS leader Nikita Belykh, National-Bolshevik ideologue Eduard Limonov, Russian People's Democratic Union chief Mikhail Kasyanov, and United Russia MP Josef Kobzon. Theywere, however, not trying to attract attention. Onthe steps of the building were portraits of the dead and burning candles. People came and laid red carnations next to them. Onthe wall of the theatrical center hung a large poster with the photos and names of all the victims. Nearby, on another wall, a granite plaque with the same names had been hung a few years ago. Thechairman of the ‘Nord-Ost’ regional public organization, Tatyana Karpova, opened the memorial service.

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