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Ярослав Фадеев
Спи спокойно, ангел. Светлая память Ярославке!
07/06/20 18:07 more...
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Kiselev, Anatoly
Об однокласснике
Год назад, осенью 2019, мы одноклассники Маинской средней школы (г. Саяногорск р. Хакасия) собрались посидеть, вспомнит...
24/05/20 18:17 more...
author Геннадий Белошапкин

Закон о социальной защите граждан, пострадавших от...
соц. защита пострадавших в терактах
Мой сын работал в Норд-Осте в оркестре, теракт был в его смену. Никаких ежемесячных и ежегодных компенсаций не получа...
18/12/19 17:52 more...
author Марина

Korablev, Vladimir
Похоронены на Хованском кладбище, северная территория
12/12/19 03:07 more...
author Павел

Radchenko, Vladimir
Спасибо , Сергей
Сергей , не случайно мы заходим сюда...На страницы памяти жертв Норд-Оста , на страницу памяти Вашего папы...Воистину Св...
26/11/19 17:51 more...
author Валя

In the name of the Constitution
Четверг, 15 Март 2007
ImageRussia awaits high-profile trials on the 2005 militant attacks on Nalchik
Prosecutor General of Kabardino-Balkaria, Yuri Ketov, announced yesterday that criminal cases regarding the militant attacks on Nalchik in October of 2005 will be transferred to one of the national courts as early as this May. The trial this year will not be the only one associated with those memorable events. An investigation into the circumstances of the attack that occurred two years ago will take place in the Constitutional Court of Russia, as well as at the European Court of Human Rights.

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How much an act of terror costs
Пятница, 02 Март 2007

By Gennady Savchenko, Alexander Sidyachko, poll conducted by Alexander Sargin.
Materials published 27.02.2007 in 'Gazeta' #35.

Osetian members of parliament demand a law covering the victims of terrorists

Soon the Parliament and government will act on an appeal signed today by Northern Osetian member of the Russian parliament, Larisa Khabitsova, which requests a federal law to govern social support for those suffering as a result of acts of terror. It is unclear, though, if this appeal will lead to a specific legislative initiative and a government resolution, or if the matter will be limited to a lot of hot air. Russia, however, still reels from the effects of the 1999–2003 wave of terror, and, paraphrasing Suvorov, no act of terror is over until all its victims have received assistance and rehabilitation.

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Families of those who died at Dubrovka show terror films
Written by Елена Петровская   
Понедельник, 26 Февраль 2007

By Elena Petrovskaya, http://www.lenizdat.ru, February 26th, 2007.

Families who lost loved ones at the now sadly famous ‘Nord-Ost’ have decided to remind Russians about acts of terror and their aftermaths. Within the framework of the ‘Citizens against Terror’ project, they are traveling from city to city showing documentary films and handing out books with collections of the most frank and terrible documentary evidence on the ‘Nord-Ost’ and Beslan tragedies. For two days they were in Saint Petersburg, or more accurately, they were at the Memorial Society’s building here, and were seen by the Lenizdat.ru correspondent.

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Patrushev, the FSB, and NAK saved Russia from 300 terror attacks
Written by kasparov.ru   
Вторник, 13 Февраль 2007


In 2006 more than 300 terrorist acts in Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, and the Stavropol region were prevented, Federal Security Service (FSB) director Nikolai Patrushev declared at a meeting of the National Anti-terrorism Committee (NAK). Patrushev, according to ITAR-TASS, said that last year 900 persons were convicted of crimes connected with terrorist and extremist activities.

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Not free, but with a clear conscience
Written by Андрей Ъ-Козенко, Юлия Ъ-Таратута   
Четверг, 01 Февраль 2007
By Andrei Kozenko and Yuliya Taratuta, in ‘Kommersant
‘Freedom House’ evaluated Russia at North Korea’s level
 In 2006, Russia became a much less free country — this was the conclusion reached in the annual “State of Freedom in the World” report published by the international human rights organization, ‘Freedom House’.

For the first time Russia received the minimum possible score in civil liberties. Similar assessments were made of Cuba, Libya, and North Korea. Russian officials admit that Russia’s level of freedom may not the greatest in the world, but they disagree that she should be considered an outcast.

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