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Памяти Сергея Карпова
Наш дорогой Сергей
Наш дорогой Сергей, Ты оставил нас, став жертвой пандемии Ковида 19, почти в ту самую дату, когда мы планируем собрат...
09/10/20 19:13 more...
author Kristian Maton - Robert Prospe

Памяти Сергея Карпова
Памяти Сергея Карпова
Светлая память замечательному человеку. Царствие Небесное. Не смогу сказать без слез нас обьединило огромное горе 18 лет...
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author Екатерина

Памяти Сергея Карпова
Отпевание Сергея Карпова состоится 8-го октября в Храме на Дубровке в 11-30
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author Светлана Губарева

Памяти Сергея Карпова
Памяти Сергея Карпова
10/10/20 15:29 more...
author Ирина Халай

Shifrina, Anna
Как тепло написано о маме, друге, коллеге, учителе. Я по вашим воспоминаниям, представляю воочию, какой она была! Собо...
21/09/20 14:25 more...
author Ольга

Anniversary of Moscow subway terrorist attacks
Written by Лента.ру   
Четверг, 29 Март 2012

ImageThursday marks exactly two years since the terrorist attacks on the Moscow subway. The Investigation Committee of Russia continues to investigate the circumstances of this tragedy.

At this point investigators have identified all the direct perpetrators and organizers of the blasts.

It was also determined that members of the militant group were trained in the use of explosives while in the Khasavyurt district of Dagestan, where they built improvised explosive devices.

Vladimir Markin, official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia, stated: “The organizer of the bombings of the Moscow subway stations was Magomedali Vagabov, (who is) one of the leaders of the subversive and terrorist underground that is active in the Republic of Dagestan.”

According to investigators, in February 2010 Vagabov formed and headed a gang called ‘Novokosteksky Jamaat’ in order to carry out attacks in the Russian Federation. Using a host of operational investigative activities, investigators were able to infiltrate Vagabov’s gang. During their arrest, the more active gang members demonstrated desperate resistance and were killed together with the leader of the gang.

It was earlier reported, the terrorist attacks on subway stations ‘Lubyanka’ and ‘Park Kultury’ took place on March 29th, 2010. The tragedy claimed the lives of 40, and more than a hundred people were injured.

In ‘Lenta.ru’

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