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Khloponin found time for Beslan mothers
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, 25 2011
:   /  Presidential envoy met with school siege victims
In Vladikavkaz, presidential envoy to the North Caucasus federal district Alexander Khloponin met for the first time with victims of the September 2004terrorist attack that took place at Beslan School No. 1. Thenearly six-hour conversation ended with Mr. Khloponin confirming Dmitry Medvedev’s promise to meet with the Beslan mothers. According to the participants, it should take place in the coming months.
Alexander Khloponin’s meeting with the nine victims took place behind closed doors, but a participant in the meeting, Susanna Dudiyeva, head of the ‘Beslan Mothers’ organization, gave details to ‘Kommersant’. Mr. Khloponin admitted that he had been intending to hold a meeting for some time (during the anniversary of the tragic events last September he never spoke with victims), but he never could find thetime.
Only when Dmitry Medvedev at the ‘City of Angels’ memorial promised activists from ‘Beslan Mothers’ such a meeting, did (Mr. Khloponin) find the time. According to Susanna Dudiyeva, the victims told the envoy that they were going to discuss with the president an objective investigation into the 2004terrorist attack (when 333people died, including 186children). According to the victims, despite the past six and a half years since the terrorist attack, the investigation was only marking time, and the criminal case of the attack on the school in Beslan keeps being renewed every six months. “There is still no answer to questions, such as how the terrorists managed to freely capture the school, why during the assault heavy weapons were brought to bear, and why have they not named the leaders of the operation. Wehave been asking these questions for many years,” said Ms. Dudiyeva.
Victims also intend to raise the issue of adopting the law, titled: ‘On Social Protection of citizens affected by terrorist attacks’. Asalready reported by ‘Kommersant’, a draft of the law was developed the ‘Voice of Beslan’ and ‘Volga-Don’ organizations. According to the document, the bereaved families and survivors are entitled to free medical care, exempt from military service, given free medications, provided annual permits to sanatoria including travel, as well as residences from the state (‘Kommersant’ reported this on January 27th). “Now, many have begun to have wounds showing up that they previously did not pay attention to,” explained Ms Dudiyeva. “Some of the children who were hostage have shrapnel within their bodies that is now coming to the surface.” She says that now, while the fragments are motion, local hospitals cannot cope with the influx of patients, and some require complex operations that cannot be done in North Ossetia.
Following the meeting, the participants gave Alexander Khloponin documents about the investigation and a video with recordings from the trial of the sole surviving terrorist, Nurpasha Kulayev, and the trials of the leadership of (Beslan’s) right bank district police station. “It seemed to us that Khloponin reacted to what we showed him,” said Susanna Dudiyeva, adding that if “the president’s team really wants to build a lawful society, an honest investigation into this terrorist attack should be the starting point.” According to her, the envoy noted that the rule of law is not possible to build in a single day. Atthe same time, Mr. Khloponin also wants “legal reform, independent courts, and dreams of living in a democratic society, in which there is the ‘Beslan Mothers’ and soldiers’ mothers, and they are not afraid to talk about problems and seek solutions.” At the end of the meeting, the envoy reiterated Dmitry Medvedev’s intention to meet with the victims, and said that the meeting should not become a mere formality, but “an impetus to move forward.” According to Susanna Dudiyeva, the conversation with the president may be held “in the coming months.”
In ‘Kommersant’
What a victim of a terrorist attack in Russia can count on
Over the past ten years, victims of various terrorist acts on Russian territory have received compensation and benefits in very different amounts.
Apartment buildings in Moscow along Guryanov Street and the Kashirsk Highway were bombed in September 1999. Families of the 218slain each received 10thousand rubles (about$350 at the time). Survivors received compensation for lost assets (apartments) of up to 75thousand rubles (about$2700). After the terrorist attack in Volgodonsk the same month, relatives of the 19victims received 16thousand rubles (about$570), and survivors with serious injuries received 8thousand rubles (about$285).
In 2002, the capture of the theatrical center on Dubrovka (‘Nord-Ost’) left 129* dead. Families of the dead received 100thousand rubles in compensation (about$3500), while survivors received 50thousand rubles.
In 2004, after the school siege in Beslan, the Russian government allocated 100thousand rubles for each of the 330dead (about$3600 at the time), as well as an additional 18thousand rubles ($640) for funeral expenses. Survivors with severe to moderate injuries were paid 50thousand rubles (about$1800), while those with minor injuries were compensated 25thousand rubles (about$900). Allother hostages received 15thousand rubles (about$535).
On August 13th, 2007, a bomb on the tracks derailed the ‘Nevsky Express’ near Malaya Vishera. There were no deaths, but sixty passengers received injuries of varying severity. TheMoscow city government announced a payment of 50thousand rubles (about$1750 at the time) for each Moscow victim, while other residents received payments from the Railways Association insurance company of up to 12thousand rubles (about$420) out of mandatory insurance (automatically added to the ticket price) and up to 500thousand rubles (about$17,500) for voluntary insurance (optional supplemental travel insurance). OnNovember 27th, the ‘Nevsky Express’ was derailed a second time, killing 28people and injuring 90. Aggregate payments to families of each of the dead (from the Russian government, regional authorities and the Russian Railways Corporation) were 1.1 million rubles (about$38,500). Surviving victims received from 300thousand to 500thousand rubles ($10,500 to$17,500).
It is worth noting that in 2008the Russian government set the size of compensation paid to victims of terrorist attacks from the government reserve fund. According to the Decree of October 13th, 2008, families of terrorist attack victims are supposed to receive 300thousand rubles (about$10,500) for each death. Survivors who receive heavy or moderate damage to health 100thousand rubles, lightly injured 50thousand rubles. Persons taken hostage who remain uninjured are to receive 30thousand rubles (about$1,100). OnAugust 17th, 2010, the government increased payments amounts to up to 1million rubles for the deceased, up to 400thousand rubles for seriously or moderately injured, up to 200thousand rubles for slightly injured, and up to 100thousand rubles for having been a hostage.
By Yevgeny Belov, in ‘Kommersant Vlast’
* In July 2003, ‘Kommersant’ was among the first to write about the discovery of a 130th victim of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka.

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Demonstration in defense of Beslan residents rights

In Vladikavkaz, victims of the Beslan terrorist attack demand social protection

Today in the capital of North Ossetia there was a demonstration held to protect the constitutional rights of Beslan residents who demand an objective investigation into the September 1st, 2004terrorist attack, as well as effective justice and social protections.

As stated by the organizer of the picket, Ella Kesayeva, leader of the Voice of Beslan organization, at 4:00 pm about fifty people gathered near the Lenin monument in Vladikavkaz. Among them were lawyers and victims of the Beslan terrorist attack.

Kesayeva also said that on March 25th, during a meeting with Alexander Khloponin, the Russian presidents envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District, they voiced questions about the absence of effective legal hearings on acts of terrorism that have been committed, and legally mandated social assistance programs.

According to Article 19of the Federal Law, titled: On Combating Terrorism, the state must provide social guarantees to victims of a terrorist attack. Thisarticle does not work, because it does not indicate who is responsible for providing social assistance. Weare demanding this not only for ourselves, but for all victims of terrorist attacks in Russia, explained Kesayeva.

According to her, participants in the demonstration are planning to sign a declaration addressed to the President of Russia, in which it will be stated that the Beslan terrorist attack is not being investigated because of an ineffective justice system.

In Caucasus Knot, April 1st, 201105:30

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