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Закон о социальной защите граждан, пострадавших от...
соц. защита пострадавших в терактах
Мой сын работал в Норд-Осте в оркестре, теракт был в его смену. Никаких ежемесячных и ежегодных компенсаций не получа...
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author Марина

Korablev, Vladimir
Похоронены на Хованском кладбище, северная территория
12/12/19 03:07 more...
author Павел

Radchenko, Vladimir
Спасибо , Сергей
Сергей , не случайно мы заходим сюда...На страницы памяти жертв Норд-Оста , на страницу памяти Вашего папы...Воистину Св...
26/11/19 17:51 more...
author Валя

Skopstova, Evgeniya
16 и 17 ноября 2019 года в подмосковном городе Дубне, на базе спорткомплекса «Волна», состоялся турнир по фехтованию сре...
24/11/19 05:20 more...
author Сергей

Simakov, Aleksandr
Спасибо, Илья Гинзбург
Регулярно читаю книгу памяти жертв Норд-Оста с огромным благоговением , слезами и скорбью. Удивительно , сколько замечат...
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author Валя

Appeal to the Chairman of the Government of the RF
Written by Ирина Халай   
Среда, 05 Ноябрь 2008
1Honored Vladimir Vladimirovich,

September 16th, 2008, was the 9th anniversary of the largest terrorist attack in Russia, in the town of Volgodonsk, the Rostov region. Officially more than 15,000 were injured, 1000 of them children, while the aftermath of that terrible tragedy still affects our children and us.

On July 11th, 2002, the Council of Europe Committee approved 'Guidelines on human rights and the fight against terrorism', in which Article XVII 'Compensation for victims of terrorist acts' states:

«If damages cannot fully be recovered from other sources, particularly through the confiscation of property belonging to the perpetrators, organizers and sponsors of terrorist acts (such as in our case), with respect to such acts committed on its territory, the State must contribute to the compensation of victims for their losses and injuries.»

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Moscow railway blast: E-train almost derailed
Written by Хаирбек АЛМАКАЕВ, Елена ШЕРЕМЕТОВА   
Вторник, 04 Ноябрь 2008
1An electric train full of passengers was less than an hour from arriving at the station platform when the engineer of a passing locomotive warned of potential disaster. He saw the explosion, stopped his train, and reported the incident.

The blast on the railway track near the 'Biryulyovo-Tovarnaya' station happened at 4:20 am, damaging four railroad ties and tossing aside the rails. Fortunately there were no victims, but the first train from Moscow to Domodedovo airport was supposed to arrive at the platform at 5:15 am — an hour after the explosion.

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«Life is a moment, set in a frame»
Written by Наталья Бочарникова, студентка   
Вторник, 28 Октябрь 2008
2On October 24th at Stary Oskol Medical College, there took place the final stage of the 'My Pain' campaign, which was dedicated to children killed in terrorist attacks. Medical students remembered the events of October 2002 when terrorists captured Dubrovka during the second act of the musical 'Nord-Ost'.

Friends on the day of remembrance
Came as brothers to recall
Those who tragically, instantly
Had their lives ended.

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Poisoned by the government
Written by Мумин Шакиров   
Воскресенье, 26 Октябрь 2008

Poisoned by the government — Moscow commemorates 'Nord-Ost' victims


Интервью с заложницей Светланой Губаревой
Интервью с Светланой Губаревой. (12 Mb)
Several hundred gathered in the square in front of Dubrovka to commemorate those who died during the terrorist attack. Among those present were many students who came with their teachers, as well as other youths.

On Sunday in Moscow they remembered victims of the attack on Dubrovka. Six years ago today was the tragic conclusion of the events of October 23–26, 2002. A theatrical center had been seized during a showing of the musical 'Nord-Ost'. 912 people were held hostage. 130 were killed, and more than 700 were injured.

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Event of the week — the anniversary of Nord-Ost
Written by Бунтман Евгений , Дзядко Тихон   
Воскресенье, 26 Октябрь 2008
T. DZYADKO: Under the heading of «Event of the week» we are talking about the 6th anniversary of the terrorist attack at Dubrovka, the terrorist attack during 'Nord-Ost'. There was today a memorial action launched, you've heard about it from our station, material from our correspondents. Today we have on the phone Tatyana Karpova, co-chair of the 'Nord-Ost' regional public organization. Good afternoon, Tatyana.
T. KARPOVA: Good afternoon.

E. BUNTMAN: Good afternoon.

T. DZYADKO: Can you tell in a few words about today's action?

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