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Alexandra Letyagos memorials
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Welcome to Absurdistan, or three women and eightmen
Written by   
, 11 2008
Svetlana Margiyeva is exactly 7years younger than Putin: she was also born on October 7th. Svetlana, however, looks much older. Itis not her fault, though: for three days she was held hostage in the Beslan school, losing her 12-year-old daughter, her only child. Shewas also seriously injured in the terrorist attack. Twoyears ago she became a member of 'Voice of Beslan' in order to investigate the Beslan terrorist attack. NowSvetlana Margiyeva is accused of beating seven bailiffs and a judge in a Beslancourt.

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Written by RUpor   
, 17 2008
 Pavel Stroilov, a close friend of Alexander Litvinenko and the translator and compiler of Litvinenko's last book, Acceptance, gave an interview to one of the American scientific publications a year after the death of his comrade. Theentire interview can be read here (link: http://www.rupor.info/fokus/2008/01/17/kroti-putina/), while below is an excerpt.
- Is there anything new, known about the cooperation of the FSB with terrorists, as, for example, in the tragedy in the concert hall on Dubrovka?

Those who have gotten too close to the 'Nord-Ost' mystery paid with their freedom. Yevgeny Taratorin, an investigator at the Interior Ministry, is still in custody, while his colleague from the FSB, Mikhail Trepashkin, has only recently been released.

Taratorin was studying the origin of explosives used by terrorists, and was very close to tracing it to the FSB.

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Among the terrorists was a Muscovite from a well-off family
Written by NEWSru.com   
, 05 2008
Among the terrorists who attacked the Beslan school was a Muscovite from a well-off family

The criminal investigation into the terrorist act at the school in Beslan continues. Anew investigator is engaged in this, and there are some new facts. Alexander Torshin, the head of the disbanded parliamentary committee, discussed this in an interview with ‘Echo of Moscow’.

The dead body of another terrorist who had participated in the seizure of the school was identified, reported Alexander Torshin.

According to him, the young man is from Moscow, and from a well-to-do family.

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From an interview with Mikhail Trepashkin
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, 03 2008
Mikhail Trepashkin: The reason for my prosecution, of course, was that Iwas representing the interests of victims of the apartment bombings in Moscow and Volgodonsk. Thetrial was to begin in late October of 2003, in Moscow municipal court, and Iwas supposed to represent the Morozova sisters. Afew days before the start of the trial, a gun was planted in my car. Onthese grounds Iwas taken into custody.

In hiding me behind bars, the FSB did everything possible to ensure that Icould not participate in the judicial process, if it could even be called that. Exactly why the Russian leadership fears the truth about the 1999apartment bombings now that's the$64,000 question! Itshould be noted and that the apartment bombings in Russian cities in 1999led to the outbreak of the second Chechen war, and this has been stated repeatedly by senior Russian officials, including Putin himself. Eventhough not a single Chechen was ever named as a defendant, and, according to the Russian prosecutor's office and the FSB, the case of the bombings is still ongoing. There are some Karachay suspects, but no Chechens.

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