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, 09 2008

1On March 5th, 2002, the movie The Assassination of Russia, shot by French journalists, was shown in London. The'Liberal Russia' movement intended to air the film, which was about the 1999bombings of apartment buildings in Moscow and Volgodonsk. Actively participating in this was Sergey Yushenkov, a member of the Russian parliament. Themain purpose of the action, the MP emphasized, was to find out the truth, to attain an objective investigation of what happened in Moscow and Volgodonsk and was being prepared for Ryazan.

We can provide any Russian law enforcement authority in Russia with the facts and documents connected with the case. Weare ready to give these documents to every Member of Parliament, and during public hearings and a public inquiry we will once again raise the question of the role of the secret services in Russia, and their lack of control, said Sergei Yushenkov.

None of the official television channels has shown the entire film. Iam offering my readers a transcript of the film, which was published on the website September terror.

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A.Gasinova and S.Sabanova remind UN members about Beslan
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, 09 2008
Aleta Gasinova and Saneta Sabanova remind UN members about Beslan tragedy
Aleta Gasinova and Saneta Sabanova, victims of the terrorist capture of the school in Beslan, were at the UN headquarters in New York today, attending a symposium on support for victims of terrorism. Theytalked about the horrors they lived through, and the loss of relatives and friends. Saneta, the youngest participant at the symposium, stated that, in Beslan, there are still many victims who are in need of medical treatment, and she urged the UN to assist them.

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The General Assembly approved a resolution
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, 05 2008

5 September 2008 Member States of the United Nations have taken the lead in the fight against terrorism, forging ahead with implementing the first global and common strategy to tackle the scourge, General Assembly President Srgjan Kerim said today.

The President convened a meeting which kicked off yesterday to review the landmark 2006Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, with over 100Member States taking part.

The meeting concluded today with the Assembly’s adoption of a resolution reaffirming support for the Strategy; reiterating Member States’ strong condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations; and confirming that Member States have the primary responsibility to implement the document.

The Assembly also decided to review the implementation of the Strategy again in two years time and “to consider updating it to respond to changes,” according to the resolution.

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Russia remembers victims of the tragedy
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, 03 2008
Beslan remembers theslain
Little Arseny is four. Hewas born just after the Beslan tragedy (PHOTO). Hisolder sister died in the school gymnasium. Onlybecause of her son was Svetlana Margiyeva able to survive the loss of her daughter, who died in her arms inside the captured school. Since that time, Svetlana comes to the Beslan city cemetery every morning.
If Icould live here, Iwould. Sothat Icould always be nearby, said Svetlana Margiyeva on leaving the cemetery.

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Black August
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, 31 2008
The month of August was very eventful. First off, Russia carefully prepared for the Beijing Olympics, and then scrupulously counted every medal earned. Against this backdrop of general joy, everyone was too busy to remember the black days of August.
The following list is filled with the days of Operation Enforce Peace
August 1st, 2003: The Mozdok hospital building in North Ossetia is blown up. 50killed, more than 60injured.

August 7th, 2008: Blast on the beach in the village of Loo in the Lazarevsky district of Sochi. 2killed, dozens wounded.

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