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Life is a moment, set in a frame
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, 28 2008
2On October 24th at Stary Oskol Medical College, there took place the final stage of the 'My Pain' campaign, which was dedicated to children killed in terrorist attacks. Medical students remembered the events of October 2002when terrorists captured Dubrovka during the second act of the musical 'Nord-Ost'.

Friends on the day of remembrance
Came as brothers to recall
Those who tragically, instantly
Had their lives ended.
ImageThe event, 'Life is a moment, set in a frame', completes the second phase of the 'My Pain' campaign, which was launched September 3rd at the Day of Solidarity in the fight against terrorism. Atthe same time there was a competition of creative works, attended not only by students of our Stary Oskol Medical College (SOMC), but also by secondary specialized educational institutions, students, and schoolchildren from our city. Themost active participants in the contest were students from group 224Pharmacology, 137z/t of SOMC, and Secondary School #21. Thestudents wrote poetry, essays, arguments, made up songs, drew posters, shot films, and made presentations of the great human pain that settled in our hearts. Thissincere feeling moved all. Andthe tears were genuine. Andthe words. About life and pain.

Our event is about children who were killed in the storming of 'Nord-Ost', and we dedicate it to them, as well as to their parents, relatives and friends

Directors Svetlana Radko and Kristina Ovsyannikova discussed the fate of each of the slain children.

1. Kristina Kurbatova, born November 22nd, 1988. 13years old
2. Arseny Kurylenko, born June 16th, 1989. 13years old
3. Alexandra Letyago, born July 16th, 1989. 13years old
4. NinaMilovidova, born February 8th, 1988. 14years old
5. Darya Olkhovnikova, born November 7th, 1990. 11years old
6. Yelizaveta Starkova, born June 15th, 1986. 16years old
7. Yekaterina Ustinovskaya, born December 12th, 1990. 11years old
8. Yaroslav Fadeyev, born November 18th, 1986. 15years old
9. Darya Frolova, born December 2nd, 1989. 13years old
10. Alexander Zabaluev, born August 19th, 1986. 16years old

The auditorium froze when poems dedicated to the children were read while home movies flashed on the screen. Intheir letters, the parents of the slain children recalled the most touching moments in the short lives of their children, who would never grow old.

Poetry, music, and choreographic compositions were all permeated by the tragic events of 6years ago. Students of the college, especially little Veronika, tried to convey the tragedy of what happened to those present, and to help young people understand that the duty of every honest and decent person is to join the fight against evils such as terrorism, that this is the highest purpose of mankind and the meaning and purpose of his existence, and that family is the preserve and protector of human happiness, while within it the child is the most sacred of all.

Friends stand, tears have cooled
Vision is sadly clouded
And on the graves are roses, roses
That burn with ruby fire
2At the conclusion of the memorial event, an Alley of Roses was set up in the college's botanical garden, dedicated to the memory of the children killed in the assault on Dubrovka.

We share the pain of separation
From friends, relatives and loved ones.
So let the earth they rest in be soft asdown
1And the memory of them kind, sounded from the lips of Olga Khmelinina, 3rd semester pharmacy student. Intothe sky gradually rose white balloons with the cranes, while those present, some hiding their tears, and some not ashamed to cry, accompanied them with their eyes.

Students of the college once again made it clear that people cannot feel uninvolved in another’s plight, thinking that it is none of their concern, that the blasts will ring out somewhere far away, that among the hostages will never be their relatives and friends, and that nothing depends on us.

May the memory of those killed during the storming of 'Nord-Ost' be forever bright.

Written by Natalya Bocharnikova, student.

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