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A book about Anna Politkovskaya is published
Written by Мы — родные, близкие и коллеги...   
Пятница, 04 Май 2007

Анна By us – her relatives, loved ones, and colleagues…

May 4th, 2007

One thousand pages: Politkovskaya’s articles, the recollections of her relatives and loved ones, and unique photographs. From mid-May on the best book stores in the country will be selling it. This is the first book about Anna Politkovskaya that has been published after her death. We – the relatives and loved ones of Anna Politkovskaya, as well as journalists from Novaya Gazeta — have put this book together. We took various pieces, or more accurately, pieces on various subjects.

She rarely wrote any lyrical materials, and only acknowledged true, sanitary journalism. She occupied herself with a business, and that business saved people. It was hard work, which no one else wanted to do, but Anna Politkovskaya figured that she had to. She made more than 60 trips to Chechnya. ‘Nord-Ost’. Beslan. And it all penetrated her heart.

Her abilities – her exceptional feeling for words and her dry humor – allowed her to write about anything at all. But why write “about anything all”? Why write about abstract things, when you live in such a specific country?

Sometimes she – more often at the request of her editor than of her own initiative – wrote other, completely unexpected pieces. Lyrical masterpieces, about the last royal wedding of the 20th century, about traveling to the end of the earth, about her dog, about Paris, about the Argentinean tango that is way of expressing love.

This book is made up of various pieces. Or more accurately, of pieces on various subjects.

We – her relatives, loved ones, and colleagues – put this together in memory of Anna Politkovskaya.

It is hard for us without her.

P. S. The book will be on sale in two weeks. Look for it in the best bookstores in your city. In Moscow you can find the book at TDK Moskva, the Moscow book house, Biblio-Globus, Molodoi Gvardii, the Book Berry bookstore chain, the Republic bookstore chain, and the Noviy Knizhniy bookstore chain. Wholesale books available at: Book Club 36.6 Inc, on Rzhansky Alley 3, telephone: (495) 540-45-44, email: club366@aha.ru (this email is protected from Spam bots). Online: http://www.club366.ru/books/html/politkovskaya.shtml (to examine this online you need to enable Java).

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