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On Saturday, October 7th,Anna Politkovskaya
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, 08 2006

She was beautiful, and through the years became only more beautiful. Doyou do know why? Atfirst we merely receive our countenance from God, and then the rest we make of it ourselves in the way that we live.

Still, they say that in maturity the soul begins to appear on face. Hersoul was beautiful.

She was amazingly courageous, much more courageous than those many macho types in their armored jeeps, surrounded by bodyguards.

They threatened her, they tried to intimidate her, and arranged shadows and searches. Shewas arrested in Chechnya by our own airborne forces, and they threatened to shoot her. Theypoisoned her when she flew to Beslan. Sheclawed her way back to life, and, though afterwards she was never really as healthy as before, her conscience was all the stronger.

Many people, even well-wishers of Novaya Gazeta, now and then said: Well, your Politkovskaya she's too much already Not too much! Shealways wrote the truth. Itis another matter that this truth was frequently too terrible, that many people's consciences refused to accept it. Andso, as a protective reaction, they said she was too much already. Sometimes even our editorialstaff.

For the average person, probably, the most difficult thing is to turn away from a terrible fact. But, if we were to look evil directly in the eye, it cannot remain; it will pass. Anyalooked evil directly in the eye, and, perhaps, she remained the conqueror in the worst situations. Perhaps she remained alive where her lowered eyes would have meant herdeath.

For us she is still alive. Wewill be never accept the death of our Anya. Whoever undertook this brutal murder in the center of Moscow, in broad daylight, we ourselves will search for the killers. Wehave a good idea where they can be located

In Europe, and in America, right now the question is being discussed: what is the state of the independent media in Russia? Novaya Gazeta in recent years has had three of its leading journalists murdered.

Igor Domnikov. Hiskillers because of the efforts of honest detectives and this newspaper were brought tocourt.

Yuri Shchekochihin. Eventhe authorities in his homeland refused to look at the results of his autopsy but we are continuing our investigation, and his killers will be punished.

Now they have taken our Anya Politkovskaya Theykilled not just a journalist, not just a human rights advocate, or a citizen, they killed a beautiful woman and mother.

While there is still a Novaya Gazeta, her killers will not sleep quietly.

She was feminine. Sheknew how to laugh and joke and cry from injustice. Anyinjustice, no matter with respect to whom, she took as her personal enemy, and she fought it with all her strength.

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