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Памяти Сергея Карпова
Наш дорогой Сергей
Наш дорогой Сергей, Ты оставил нас, став жертвой пандемии Ковида 19, почти в ту самую дату, когда мы планируем собрат...
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author Kristian Maton - Robert Prospe

Памяти Сергея Карпова
Памяти Сергея Карпова
Светлая память замечательному человеку. Царствие Небесное. Не смогу сказать без слез нас обьединило огромное горе 18 лет...
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Памяти Сергея Карпова
Отпевание Сергея Карпова состоится 8-го октября в Храме на Дубровке в 11-30
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author Светлана Губарева

Памяти Сергея Карпова
Памяти Сергея Карпова
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author Ирина Халай

Shifrina, Anna
Как тепло написано о маме, друге, коллеге, учителе. Я по вашим воспоминаниям, представляю воочию, какой она была! Собо...
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author Ольга

Matyushkin appointed presidential envoy to the ECHR
Written by Полит.ру   
Вторник, 05 Август 2008
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued a decree appointing Deputy Justice Minister Georgiy Matyushkin as the representative of the Russian Federation at the European Court of Human Rights. This was reported on Tuesday by the Kremlin press service.

As already reported on Polit.ru, last July Justice Minister Alexander Konovalov withdrew the candidacy of St. Petersburg parliament member Viktor Yevtukhov, who was to represent the Russian Federation at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg. Yevtukhov was to replace Veronika Milinchuk, who held that office for about a year. (During this period the ECHR ordered Russia to pay its citizens more than 2.5 million rubles (Ed: about $100,000) in approximately two hundred complaints).
The Kremlin reported that the replacement of Yevtukhov is not political. It is due to the fact that his appointment as Russia's representative at the European Court would require him to resign from the St. Petersburg legislative assembly. The session is over, and, since it is impossible to relieve Yevtukhov of his parliamentary powers at this time, they had to pick another candidate. It was decided to replace him with the president's former representative in the Volga District, Georgiy Matyushkin.

Georgiy Matyushkin was born in Moscow in 1966. He graduated from Moscow University in 1988, and in 2002 he completed the Russian Federal Academy of National Economics. He worked as a lawyer, doing an internship at the U.S. law firm of Baker & Botts (Houston, Texas) in 1991. From 1993 to 1997, he was deputy chairman of the Moscow lawyers' association known as 'Klishin and partners'. Prior to 2000, Mr. Matyushkin was deputy chairman of the inter-territorial judicial group for 'Klishin and partners'. In April of 2000, he was the deputy chairman of the cabinet of ministers in the Chuvash Republic, at the state property ministry. On November 16th, 2000, he became deputy chairman of the cabinet of ministers for state property relations at the Chuvash Republic. In April of 2002 he was chief of staff for the Russian envoy there. In 2003, he worked his way up to deputy presidential envoy under the above-mentioned Alexander Konovalov, but, in June of 2008, Georgiy Matyushkin was forced to resign. A new envoy, Grigory Rapota from the Southern Federal District, had offered Matyushkin's job to a colleague from the SFD, Alexei Kubrin.

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