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Terrorist arrest operation takes place in Kazakhstan
Written by Лента.ру   
Вторник, 01 Ноябрь 2011

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

ImageIn the Kazakh city of Atyrau, where the morning October 31st two explosions took place, an operation was carried out to apprehend terrorists. This was reported by 'Interfax'.

Security forces cordoned off a five-story building in a densely populated area of the city, and evacuated all residents within a radius of 40–50 meters of the area. They declared that they were preparing to arrest terrorists. According to witnesses, no shooting was heard in the area of operation, but upon its completion three minibuses with tinted windows left the yard.

Tenants are returning to their apartments at this time. There has been no commentary from law enforcement agencies as of yet.

Explosions took place in Atyrau early in the morning of October 31st. The first incident occurred near the city administration building, where a device planted in a garbage can went off. A few minutes later a suicide bomber destroyed himself near a building in the Saryarka region.

There were no injuries as a result of incidents, other than to the suicide bomber.

In Lenta.ru

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