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Rozgon, Svetlana
Я твой партнер по спектаклю «Эй, кто-нибудь!». Вместе играли в Волоколамском ДК. Вместе репетировали и вживались в роль…...
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author Дмитрий

Kurbatova, Christina
Такие красивые, такие молодые,навсегда. Меня ещё не было,когда произошла эта трагедия. Помню,мама,рассказывала,её однокл...
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author Катя

Chernykh, Dmitry
Черных Дмитрий
Я познакомился с Дмитрием в 1980 году перед поступлением в институт в Туле. После поступления мы жили на квартирах по ра...
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author Соловьев Игорь

Borisova, Elena
Борисова Елена
Мы с Леной жили в одном подьезде, учились в одной школе - 512. Она было старше меня на два года, но мы дружили. Ходили д...
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author Елена

Zakharov, Pavel
Помню Павла
Помню Павла, учились вместе на военной кафедре МИФИ.
27/10/22 16:24 more...
author Михаил

Kazakhstan & terrorism

Мужчины не плачут...Once, while watching the events in Budennovsk on the television set, I thought, as many in Kazakhstan do now - that this was all far away and it would never touch me. But the three huge acts of terror in the world - the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, the seizure of hostages at the Moscow theater at Dubrovka, and the seizure of hostages at the school in Beslan - each of them brought grief to families in Kazakhstan.

Many in Kazakhstan have relatives, children, friends, and loved ones who travel to Russia and to Moscow. At any moment one of them can find him or herself in the same situation that we, Svetlana Gubareva and Natasha Gutnova, did.

I could not save my family, and I lost that, which I held most dear in life. No amount of money can ever replace this. What I am now doing is an attempt to protect others, so that they might not be poisoned with gas, as was my daughter Alexandra Letyago in that Moscow theater, so that they might not be blasted by tanks, as was Zaur Gutnov in that Beslan school.

The ‘Nord-Ost’ tragedy': S. Gubareva tries to get the truth
Written by РИА «Новости»   
Четверг, 05 Май 2005

The Zamoskvoretskiy court in Moscow has found that all investigative decision in the criminal case of the 2002 terrorist attack on Dubrovka were legally correct, according to the Russian information agency ‘Novosti’.

Kazakhstan citizen Svetlana Gubareva, who lost her husband and daughter as a result of the assault, had demanded that the investigators’ decisions be declared illegal. Investigators discontinued criminal proceedings against the security services, which gave the order to storm the theater, and refused to initiate criminal proceedings against the physicians.

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Written by Наталья Фомина   
Среда, 24 Ноябрь 2004

'Noviy vestnik'

Relatives of 'Nord-Ost' victims obtain access to 'secret' materials


Svetlana Gubareva, who has been searching for the truth about the tragedy in the Dubrovka theater where her daughter Sasha and American fiancй Sandy Booker perished, has celebrated her first victory.  Her letter to the president of Kazakhstan helped her gain access to 'declassified documents' from the 'Nord-Ost' investigation.

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To Beslan to her son's grave
Written by Наталья Фомина   
Среда, 15 Сентябрь 2004

ImageKaraganda boy was shot during the terrorist attack

Zaur Gutnov, a ten year-old boy from our city, was slain by terrorists. Right after an explosion in the school gym, when a collapsing wall opened an escape route for the hostages. The boy, however, did not make it. His mother, who lives in Karaganda, could not find the money to make a dash to Beslan. Natalya Gutnova watched the explosions and shootings at the Ossetian school on television, but only after the funeral of her son.

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A Hostage from Kazakhstan
Written by Светлана Коханова   
Четверг, 09 Сентябрь 2004

ImageAmong those killed in Beslan was a boy from Karaganda


Natasha, if you were face to face with the killers of your child…

“I would tear them to pieces.  These aren't men and not even animals,” says Natalya Gutnova. The woman is calm and in control of herself. Her ten-year-old son, Zaur, was among the hostages in Beslan. After the explosion in the school gym of the school that had been captured by terrorists, he was among the slain.  He tried to escape. He was shot. In the head.


Zaur's mom could not make it to Beslan for his funeral. For one thing, she was unable to borrow the sum needed to buy round-trip tickets.  For another, her Ossetian relatives warned her that because of martial law the road to Beslan was closed.  And Natalya had no documentation; all she had was a divorce decree.  They would not have let her in, so that was that.

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Written by Наталья Фомина   
Среда, 01 Сентябрь 2004

'Noviy vestnik'

The Attorney General's Office explains to a former hostage why she should not count on receiving any compensation.



Dubrovka terror attack survivor Svetlana Gubareva does not believe that her country supports her.  In reply to a direct question to President Nazarbayev on his promise of help, the former hostage was dryly reminded of the money she had already received after the tragic events.

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