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Organizer of Stavropol attack receives life
Written by Лента.ру   
Вторник, 13 Март 2012

Цветы на месте взрыва в Ставрополе. Кадр "Первого канала"On March 13th the organizer of the terrorist attack in Stavropol, Cherkes Rustamov, was sentenced to life imprisonment, according to the website of the Stavropol territorial branch of the Investigative Committee of Russia. According to RIA ‘Novosti’, Rustamov's defense plans to appeal the verdict.

According to attorney Zhala Fatullayeva, her client had nothing to do with the blast and never acknowledged his guilt. According to investigators, Rustamov, acting together with two accomplices, transported the bomb and chose the site.

Rustamov was arrested in the autumn of 2011. At the same time it was reported that both of his accomplices were killed before the case was brought to trial. One of the accomplices, Abibulla Abdullayev, was killed during the robbery of a shop in Stavropol in 2010, while the second, Farid Misri, was killed during a raid in 2011.

The terrorist attack on Stavropol occurred May 26th at the municipal Palace of Culture (concert hall and recreation center). As a result of the explosion of an improvised explosive device equivalent to 400 grams of TNT, eight people were killed and about 60 injured.

The blast occurred 15 minutes before the start of a performance by the Chechen dance ensemble «Vainakh.» Investigators originally put forth two theories on what happened, suspecting that the bombing was carried out either by a nationalist organization, or by extremists.

In ‘Lenta.ru’

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