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Welcome to Absurdistan, or three women and eightmen
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, 11 2008
Svetlana Margiyeva is exactly 7years younger than Putin: she was also born on October 7th. Svetlana, however, looks much older. Itis not her fault, though: for three days she was held hostage in the Beslan school, losing her 12-year-old daughter, her only child. Shewas also seriously injured in the terrorist attack. Twoyears ago she became a member of 'Voice of Beslan' in order to investigate the Beslan terrorist attack. NowSvetlana Margiyeva is accused of beating seven bailiffs and a judge in a Beslancourt.

Svetlana Margiyeva worked in Beslan as an ordinary accountant. OnSeptember 1st, 2004, she took her daughter, 12-year-old Elvira, to school, as well as Anna, her husband's granddaughter from a previous marriage. Annawas the same age as Elvira, and had arrived in Beslan on vacation from St. Petersburg. OnSeptember 3rd, Anna was to return home. Allthree were taken hostage and spent three days in hell. Svetlana's daughter, Elvira, was killed when the first blasts thundered in the gym. Itis now known that these were the result of shots fired from outside the building, directed at the gym's roof and a window.

I don't know how much time had passed when Icame to after the explosions, said Margiyeva during hearings in June of 2005. I looked and saw that someone was lying in my arms. Irecognized her from her things. Itwas my daughter. ThenI looked at her face. Hereyes open, and blood was coming from her throat and her jaw was gone. Shedied in my arms. Iheld my daughter. Ihugged her and cried. Idon't know how long Ilay there, but Ilay there for a long time. Iwas wounded in the leg. Itried to move it, but Icouldn't. Itried to get up, but Icouldn't stand. Itried to pull my daughter, drag her, but Icouldn't do it. WhenI couldn't drag her, Istarted to crawl. Along the way Isaw a small child lying under its mother, kicking its feet. AndI took it, the baby, Idon't know if it was a girl or a boy. Idragged it by the leg with me. Thelittle child, Idon't know, it was a year or two old, and Icrawled out with this child, but at the gym door there was another blast, but this one not as big. Iwas wounded again, in the stomach. Iheld my stomach and let go of the child, and they grabbed there by the door and dragged me out.

For a long time Svetlana was in a hospital in Moscow. Anya, who managed to escape the gym after the first explosions, was also hospitalized for a long time in St. Petersburg. Elvira died.

graniSvetlana could not sit still after all that had happened. Shebegan to fight for an objective investigation into the terrorist act, an investigation into the guilt of members of the operational staff. Svetlana became a member of 'Voice of Beslan', and participated in trials with the others, signed petitions and complaints, and took part in demonstrations and hunger strikes. InDecember of 2006, Svetlana appeared before the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, during an appeal of the verdict in the Kulayev case. Shespoke softly and slowly, choosing his words. Shesimple talked about what happened in the gym for three days, and how it became a nightmare after the first explosions. Manypresent in the courtroom, for the first time in their lives, saw one of the judges, a man, crying. Journalists also were crying. TheSupreme Court judges, however, denied the appeal, but at least their consciences bothered them a little. Perhaps.
In September of 2007, Margiyeva spoke every bit as quietly at a rally in memory of the Beslan victims. Again she simply talked about her nightmare, when she had tried to drag her little girl out of there, but could not. About how she had left her daughter in the gym, dead, but intact, and how later she received her daughter's body: unrecognizable, charred and black. Shedid not talk about how a mother might feel when she is injured and cannot get her child out. Shedid not say it, but somehow you could feel it anyhow. Andonce again, many, for the first time in their lives, saw 300people who had come to remember Beslan all crying.

For these past two years 'Voice of Beslan' has continuously initiated new trials, and tried to protect their rights and achieve justice. Butthis could not go unnoticed; the reaction of the authorities soon followed. Atfirst, a few former members held a meeting, forged the signatures of other organization members, and pretended to elect themselves as the leadership. Thiswas in reality a seizure of the organization, together with the office and all constituent documents. Asthe 'hostage takers' explained it, they were unhappy that the organization had taken a tough stand by blaming the staff and leadership of the operational headquarters, as well as FSB generals, for deciding to fire on a gym full of children. Every court in North Ossetia, all the way up to the Supreme Court, sided with the 'raiders', and on February 7th, 2008, the 'Voice of Beslan' public organization ceased to exist in its previous form. Thepurpose of the seizure was simply to silence the independent organization, to take away its name and simply destroy it. Nowthe 'Voice of Beslan' must to reorganize itself from a North Ossetian organization into a nationwide organization. Itcontinues with its activities, but it is not officially registered. It wouldn't matter, since they can just destroy it anytime they want, said the organization's co-chair, Ella Kesayeva.

In addition to destroying of the organization, soon active operations against its members and leadership began. Atthe end of November of 2007, administrative legal proceedings were initiated against Ella Kesayeva. InJanuary of 2008, the Prosecutor General of Ingushetia initiated hearings into one of the published appeals by 'Voice of Beslan', which they wanted to be declared extremist. Theapogee was reached on February 10th, 2008, when it became known that three members of 'Voice' were accused of beating up seven bailiffs and a judge in a court in Beslan. Svetlana Margiyeva, Ella Kesayeva, and Emilia Bzarova are the three Beslan women who were summoned on February 11th to the Office of the Federal Bailiff Service of the republic of North Ossetia-Alania to testify. Isit even necessary to say that these women did not even lay a finger on any of the police officers, or the judge? And, by the way, these three women were not involved in the incident that occurred about six months ago in the same courtroom, when several women, outraged by an unjust verdict, as well as the violation of the law and procedures on the part of the judges, ransacked a courtroom. Atthat time the other women were fined.

Margiyeva, Kesayeva, and Bzarova, for the imaginary beating up of the police officers and a judge, are faced with much harsher punishments, depending on which article of the Penal Code will succeed in 'rolling up' their case: anywhere from a large fine to 10years imprisonment.

Here one must digress and describe what these bailiffs look like, since Ihave been there several times for hearings. Bailiffs who work there are young, strong Ossetians. Eachof them is dressed in a bulletproof vest and carries on their belt a pistol and a Taser. Icannot imagine beating up even one of these bailiffs in full uniform, let alone seven.

The absurd charges against the three women have a simple goal: to finish them off. Tofinish off all who still have the strength to even move after losing their children, after three days of hell in the gym, and three years of fighting prosecutors and courts for the restoration of truth and justice. Emilia Bzarova had two children taken hostage in the school: Zaur, age 13, and Aslanbek, age 10. Aslanbek died. EllaKesayeva's only daughter, Zarina, age 13, was also among the hostages. Shemanaged to escape. Ella's sister, Emma Betrozova-Tagayeva, who heads 'Voice of Beslan', lost her entire family in the school: husband Ruslan Betrozov, age 44, and two sons, 16-year-old Alan and 13-year-old Aslan.

These are whom our government fights against. Notagainst bandits, not against thieves, but against a small group of Beslan women who were caught in this maelstrom not of their own volition. Thegovernment forces them to suffer, and humiliates and tortures them using the courts, prosecutors, police, and the media.
I don't blame the terrorists as much as Ido our government, said Svetlana Margiyeva in court in 2005. Because the terrorists were also created by our government. Our. Gorbachev ruined the country. Yeltsin was the father of terrorists he started the war. Theyneed to be put on trial. Putin should be judged. Aswell as those people who would not come in order that they could be swapped for 150hostages each. Inexchange for Dzasokhov, they would have released 150children. Zyazikov too. Aswell as Aslakhanov and Roshal, 150people each. Isummon them all to answer for it, everyone. For now, however, she is the only one being summoned to answer for something.

In 'The Daily Journal'

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