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Grishin, Alexey
Памяти Алексея Дмитриевича Гришина
Светлая память прекрасному человеку! Мы работали в ГМПС, тогда он был молодым начальником отдела металлов, подающим боль...
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author Бондарева Юлия

Panteleev, Denis
Вот уже и 21 год , а будто как вчера !!!!
26/10/23 12:11 more...
author Ирина

Ustinovskaya, Yekaterina
24/10/23 17:44 more...
author Аноним

Bochkov, Alexei
Терракт в Палестине, Сектор Газа
Сегодня в гражданскую больницу Палестины прилетела ракета, погибли до 1000 человек, весь мир взбудоражен. И я оказался н...
18/10/23 02:13 more...
author Андрей

Radchenko, Vladimir
Дядя Володя, я тебя помню и буду помнить всегда!
04/09/23 22:05 more...
author Елена

Interior ministry and FSB officers participated in the murder of Anna Politkovskaya
Written by РосБизнесКонсалтинг   
Понедельник, 27 Август 2007

In RosBiznesConsulting

An organized criminal group whose members included former and active officers of the FSB and Interior Ministry prepared and carried out the murder of Anna Politkovskaya. Yuri Chaika, the Prosecutor General of Russia, declared this at a press conference in Moscow.

In his words, the preparation of the murder, which was solved over the course of 10 months, was carefully planned with the help of two groups. One of the groups followed the journalist around while the other provided cover for the first group. The head of the criminal gang is a Chechen émigré businessman who provides murders for hire.

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A book about Anna Politkovskaya is published
Written by Мы — родные, близкие и коллеги...   
Пятница, 04 Май 2007

Анна By us – her relatives, loved ones, and colleagues…

May 4th, 2007

One thousand pages: Politkovskaya’s articles, the recollections of her relatives and loved ones, and unique photographs. From mid-May on the best book stores in the country will be selling it. This is the first book about Anna Politkovskaya that has been published after her death. We – the relatives and loved ones of Anna Politkovskaya, as well as journalists from Novaya Gazeta — have put this book together. We took various pieces, or more accurately, pieces on various subjects.

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“Mother’s murderers should get life in prison”
Written by Александр Елисов, Юрий Зайнашев, Наталья Алексеева   
Воскресенье, 08 Апрель 2007

By Alexander Yelisov, Yuri Zainashev, and Natalya Alexeeva, in Gazeta

The son of two celebrated journalists, Alexander Politkovsky and Anna Politkovskaya, 28 year-old Ilya always steered clear of journalists. In college he turned down all attempts to persuade him to enter the college of journalism, and he still refuses to participate in politics. He works, as he always has, in private business. Since October 7th of last year, Ilya Politkovsky has refused interviews with Russian journalists, but made an exception for Gazeta correspondents Alexander Yelisov and Yuri Zainashev, on the day when a half-year had passed since his mother’s death.

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Anna Politkovskaya posthumously receives a UNESCO award
Written by Лента.ру   
Пятница, 30 Март 2007

Анна Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was killed in the entrance to her house in October of last year, was posthumously honored with the Freedom of the Press award from UNESCO, the organization stated on its web site.

At UNESCO they explained that her selection was because she had demonstrated unbelievable courage and perseverance in bringing to light the events in Chechnya after the rest of the world had long ceased to pay attention.

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Современные информационные войны: жертв становится все больше
Written by Михаил Мельников   
Пятница, 12 Январь 2007
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Крестовый поход против шпионов, инициативников и их прикрытий в лице «многочисленных международных фондов и организаций, связанных с Россией», а также — против ряда СМИ, объявил 19 декабря директор ФСБ и глава Национального антитеррористического комитета (НАК) Николай Патрушев.

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